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Glow candle making is a popular and creative hobby enjoyed by people of all ages. Everyone loves the cozy ambiance that candles create in any home or special event, so it is not surprising how many people are now captivated by the art of creating their own unique candles. With just a little know-how and supplies, you can create glowing creations to share with your friends and family.

There are many different types of glow candle making, ranging from smaller pillar candles to elaborate tapers. Selecting the right materials and tools will help beginners get off to a good start while experienced makers can further explore their creativity by trying new techniques. Some endearing projects include simmering pots with melted wax, layering multiple colors, or infusing essential oils for added scents. A variety of decorative touches including glitter, crayons, dyes, and herbs also provide ample opportunity for artistic expression. Candle makers can also make dramatic changes with weathering and crackling techniques to get an antiqued look on the finished product. With trial and error plus plenty of practice along the way, you will soon be crafting the perfect piece!


Glow candle making is a craft dating back to the Middle Ages when craftsmen in France would use colored wax to make intricate and decorative pieces. This was done mostly for religious ceremonies, with certain colors signifying different parts of stories and themes from the Bible. In Eastern Europe, they used beeswax and crafted it into sculptures of botanical shapes or objects associated with urban legends. In England, craftsmen favored tallow candles which caused sooty markers that clung to walls and ceilings.

As candle making became more widely popular, in the 1700s makers began using paraffin wax, allowing the candles to burn brighter, longer and cleaner than before. By the 1800s candles began being produced on a commercial level in factories around Europe while traditional methods still continued in some households. Companies like Colonial Candle Company started making paraffin candles beginning in 1902 onwards starting up their own factories to mass produce them.

With the onset of electric lights toward the end of 19th century, candle making lost its place as primary light source but continued to be associated with decorating homes for ceremony and pleasure as well as creating artistic pieces. Today many artisans are reviving traditional candle-making methods such as dipping wicks into hot liquid wax or pouring beeswax over a mold creating new forms with modern tools to achieve luminous results that signify a time honored craftsmanship. Glow-candle makers now use a combination of traditional materials like soybean oil, beeswax and palm wax paired with new materials like gel suspension for brightening interiors and exteriors -all contributing to adding beauty within everyday life!


Glow candle making is an exciting and creative way to express yourself. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, there are a number of lesser-known but equally important benefits to this popular craft.

First and foremost, glow candle making can be an excellent stress reliever. The process of creating something with your own two hands allows you to put your focus into something meaningful and calming. Crafting also provides a chance to practice mindfulness, which involves being present in the moment and letting go of stressful thoughts or emotions that can build up throughout the day.

In addition, glow candle making encourages one’s creativity, allowing for the exploration of different shapes, sizes and colors to create beautiful pieces that will make any room glow with warmth and charm. Glow candles also require few materials and tools in comparison to most other crafts, which makes it an accessible activity for people from all walks of life.

Finally, crafting these luminous candles with friends is a great way to bond together. Whether it be for birthday parties or special occasions like wedding anniversaries, gathering around the warm glow of candles has been proven to encourage feelings of comfort and joy between friends or family members. Therefore, whether alone or with others, glow candle making is undeniably an appealing craft to explore!

Candle Making W Measuring Cup


Glow candle making is a creative and fun activity for people of all skill levels. To get started, you’ll need to have the right materials on hand.

These materials include wax (paraffin or soy), wicks, containers, thermometers, a double boiler, colorants or dyes, fragrances (essential oils and natural blends), herbs and flower petals, molds which can be purchased or made from various items like condiment bottles or egg cartons. You may also want to purchase special equipment such as a wax melter and pouring pan.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, measure out your wax into the double boiler before melting it at the appropriate temperatures; generally between 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the wax has liquified completely, you’ll be able to add dye and fragrance in small increments; anywhere from 1/8th tsp to one drop per pound of wax depending on the desired strength.* Afterward mix thoroughly using a bamboo skewer for stirring around the edges and bottom of the pan until all colors are incorporated into an even shade. Next add any extra ingredients such as herbs or flower petals then slowly pour into your molds until it begins setting up. You may also want to leave some space at the top of each candle for any possible discolorations that can result from under-mixing certain dyes with certain waxes. Finally when applying wicks use an adhesive glue gun for securing them but make sure they are firmly attached to prevent them from falling off in the future.

Once your candles are finished let them cool completely before burning! Enjoy creating beautiful handmade candles with friends or family members — remember safety should always come first!

*It’s important not to add too much since this could lower melt point of your candles resulting in a droopy flame and sloppy shape once burned.

Crafting Techniques

Candle making is an art form. Though there are many different styles, materials and ways to craft a beautiful glowing candle, having the right ingredients and using the right steps leads to the best results. Here are some pro tips for crafting the ideal glow candle that will help you make a lasting impression:

1. Choose your wax carefully: Paraffin wax has been used for years as it is inexpensive and easy to work with; however, beeswax and soy wax provide more luminosity when combined with other ingredients such as mica flakes or glitter. If you want your candles to be truly special, experiment with different types of waxes.

2. Add pigment/colorant: Natural pigments like activated charcoal or herbs can give your candles some extra color and fragrance depending on which you choose. Synthetic dyes can also be added to manipulate the appearance of your candles. Be sure to pay attention to ratios so colors remain consistent from one batch to another.

3. Incorporate fragrances and essential oils: Take your candles’ aromas up several notches by adding essential oils! Essential oils create scents that linger in the air long after the flame has been extinguished. Be aware though – fragrances don’t always bind easily with different types of wax, so test out what will work best with yours beforehand and judge accordingly.

4. Perfecting wicking: Wicks should always be chosen according to a candle’s size as they need enough length at their core-less side to generate sufficient heat in order to burn properly without producing an excessive amount of smoke ” this can lead to other problems like carbon build-up on walls over time – so choose wisely! Additionally, make sure you tie down your wick before pouring your melted wax into moulds or jars; this will ensure that it stays straight during cooling and burning process for perfect flames each time!


It can be frustrating to encounter common issues when making your own glow candles. Here are some tips for troubleshooting and navigating these challenges:

1. Wax Won’t Melt Evenly: This is a very common issue that can be caused by different factors, such as using the wrong kind of wick or the wrong size of wick for the particular container you are using. To remedy this, try choosing a wick based on your wax type and container size or consider adding ‘wick bars’ that you can purchase online or in-store to ensure uniform wax melting.

Bee Skep Mold For Candle Making

2. Uneven Dripping: This is another common problem that could occur if you’re putting too much fragrance oil into the melted wax, which ultimately leads the wax to overcompensate and have less room to move around while dripping down. If you’re having this issue, try cutting back on how much fragrance oil you add, or alternatively, try experimenting with various pouring speeds to see which one works best for creating a balanced dripping pattern.

3. Cracks and Discoloration in Wax: These types of issues are generally caused by rapid cooling in relation to temperature shock ” i.e., one part of the candle cooling quicker than other parts due to differences in liquid temperature from where you added it into melted wax nearby. To solve this problem, make sure powder ingredients are evenly mixed throughout rather than clumped together before inserting them into melted wax and make sure any excess liquid is drained off carefully before being placed into the wax (to avoid diluting it). Additionally; stirring slow and gentle ” no faster than once every 10 seconds ” should help keep temperatures consistent as you let it cool naturally.*

Fun With Glow Candles

Glow candle making is a creative and fun way to express your ideas, personality and decor. Beyond simply creating a beautiful collection of candles, there are many ways to extend the fun and make your glow candles stand out. Here are some ideas for incorporating glow candles into different areas of your life:

1. Home Decor – Whatever look and feel you want for your home, you can create it with glow candles! Use them to light up pathways, accent furniture or kitchen islands, or place them along mantles or shelves as decorations.

2. Celebrations – Glow candles make any occasion special – from birthday parties to anniversaries and even weddings! For outdoor celebrations like barbeques or picnics, line the area with glow candles placed in lanterns or colored glass containers. For indoor festivities, set up hundreds of tiny tealights scattered over tables to create an unforgettable ambiance.

3. Special Touches – Don’t forget about adding a few pieces of flare when wrapping gifts! Place small lit tealights next to presents for that extra bit of magic on Christmas morning. You can also use glow candles as centerpieces or decorations around the house on various holidays like Christmas and Easter.

4. Romantic Activities – Make a special date night even better by using both scented and unscented glow candle combinations! Light one side of the room with strong-scented vanilla cupcakes while lighting the other half with sandalwood forest scented candles to create an atmosphere that sets the mood perfectly for any special moment between partners..


Glow candle making is an enjoyable and rewarding activity. Not only does it give you the ultimate creative satisfaction, but it also serves many practical uses as home décor or a great gift! The range of colors, fragrances and wax types available gives you the opportunity to customize your own candles to reflect your style and personality while creating something truly unique. There are numerous benefits to glow candle making: crafting a personalized product, cheering up any room with a pleasant aroma, customizing a gift for someone special and giving them an item they won’t forget. As you explore this art form, it is easy to see why so many people enjoy glow candle making!

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