Glow Candle Making Coupon

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Glow Candle Making Coupon
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Expiration Date: April 15, 2021
Discount: 10% off all purchases

Create your own candles with Glow, the leading candle making kit! For a limited time only, take 10% off your entire purchase when you use the promo code GLEAMCANDLE. This exclusive offer is only valid until April 15th, 2021 so don’t miss out on this great deal! Start creating today and enjoy your new custom candles!

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My experience with the Glow Candle Making Coupon was outstanding. I chose to make a soy candle with my coupon and wasn’t sure what scent to choose. The staff at the store were so helpful and guided me toward some really great options. They showed me each scent so that I could decide which one suited me best, and they even recommended their favorite scent! Once I made my purchase with my coupon, I was able to watch them put together my candle in-store, which was really special. When I got it home, it smelled amazing and really made my place feel so cozy. Overall, the quality of the product is top notch and the customer service is unbeatable – I would highly recommend using this coupon!

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Using the Glow Candle Making Coupon:
– 10 packs of scented floating candles = $50.00
– 10 packs of led tea lights = $40.00

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Without the Glow Candle Making Coupon:
– 10 packs of scented floating candles = $60.00
– 10 packs of led tea lights = $50.00

By using the Glow Candle Making Coupon, customers can save:
– 10% off scented floating candles and 20% off LED tealights, for a total savings of $20.00!

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Q: How do I redeem the Glow Candle Making Coupon?
A: To redeem the coupon, simply bring it along to your Glow Candle Making class. Once at the class, please provide your coupon to the instructor and they will discount the price of the course accordingly.

Q: Is there an expiration date for the coupon?
A: Yes, this coupon is only valid for three months after the date of purchase.

Q: Is there a limit on how many coupons I can use?
A: No ” you can use as many coupons as you wish per course! Each coupon is valid for one person per course.

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3. Read tips for DIY candle making: It’s always helpful to have some guidance when creating your own candles at home – there are lots of blogs, articles and videos online dedicated to showing beginners how to use their coupons.

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4. Take advantage of seasonal sales opportunities: During holidays or special occasions, many candle makers don’t just offer discounts ” they also give out free gifts with purchase too!

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