Making Your Own Labels For Candles


Making your own custom labels for candles is an exciting way to express your creativity and show off your personality. It’s also a great way to customize the look of store-bought candles, making them look unique and special. With just a few simple tools, you can make labels that really stand out on any candle!

The first step in creating custom labels for candles is gathering the supplies that you’ll need. You’ll want to purchase a quality wax paper that is intended for crafting projects such as this. You’ll also need some printer-friendly transfer paper, which you can buy at most craft stores. Printer ribbon is another essential tool, as this will be used to add text or pattern designs onto the label. Finally, you’ll need a computer with printer access, order to print out your designs onto the transfer paper.

Once you have all of these supplies in hand, it’s time to start designing! Use template programs like Adobe Photoshop or Canva to create eye-catching label designs with words and images that follow the theme of your candle project. Feel free to experiment with different fonts and sizes until you find something that looks just right ” remember: practice makes perfect!

Next comes printing ” carefully place the transfer paper into your printer and then send the file you’ve been working on from your computer using the desired settings. Once it has printed successfully , slowly remove it from the tray and allow it to cool before adding it onto your candle surface. Make sure that everything lines up perfectly by first adding a few scraps of wax paper underneath ” this will not only help ensure accuracy but also prevent any ink or patterns being transferred over onto other areas of your candle wax or vessel itself.

Now comes attachment – Slowly start pressing down on each corner of the label with even pressure until all edges are firmly set against the surface before peeling back carefully towards one direction (this takes patience!) If necessary use a pair of tweezers or toothpicks in order to align any stubborn sections during this process as well; once completed step back and admire how beautiful your work looks!

FinallyIn addition, if desired use die cutters or punches in order to cut out decorative shapes like stars, circles etc. around each edge so as to add further character (make sure no sharp edges remain after doing so) . Finally finish off by spraying on some varnish or sealant in order protect it against moisture (helpful if using outdoors) and there you have it ” a unique label that expresses exactly what kind of message you wanted for yours – oneof-a-kind candles!


If you are making your own labels for candles, the best place to start is by creating a professional-looking label with style. Consider what type of message you would like to convey and create an eye-catching logo or design that stands out. If you choose bright colors, make sure they complement each other and represent the nature of the product ” candles need to have a warm, cozy feel. Once you have decided on the design, you can use a program like Adobe Illustrator to set it all up into a printable format. Don’t forget to include details such as basic information about the candle (such as scent and color) plus directions on how to burn it safely. Make sure your font choices are readable from a distance and give some thought to the shapes and sizes of your labels too ” anything too big will look cluttered when placed on smaller candle jars or tins. Finally, if you want your labels created professionally, there are plenty of companies who offer custom label printing services so you can get exactly what you want with minimal hassle!

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Preparing the Materials

Before you make labels for candles, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary materials. First and foremost, you’ll need some kind of adhesive paper or fabric that can be printed on. This could be a heavy-weight good quality label stock or fabric iron-on transfer sheets. Additionally, if planning to use fabric, consider bringing scissors, an iron and an ironing board to help with the process.

In addition to the materials mentioned above, you will also need a printer. Most modern printers are designed to print on adhesive paper like Avery’s 8 1/2 x 11 adhesive label sheets. However if printing directly onto fabric, some experimentation may be required to find the right balance of heat and time settings in order to properly transfer the design onto the fabric without bleeding or incomplete transfers.

Lastly, have your design ready before beginning this project! Once everything else is prepared, select the file from your computer and print it onto either the label stock or the fabric iron-on papers. After that it should just require cutting around the edges of your designs and pressing them into place onto their respective surfaces; whether your candle containers, jars or tins!


It is important to use the right kind of ink when making labels for your candles. Using the appropriate type of ink for your labels will help ensure that they last over time. The best choice of ink depends on the type of paper you are using and the purpose of your label, as well as environmental factors like sunlight and moisture.

For example, when printing on glossy paper or other synthetic materials, dye-based inks with good coverage should be used, as these dry quickly and produce clean and vibrant colors that stand out against light backgrounds. On the other hand, for thick papers like cardboard or water-resistant stocks such as vinyl, pigment-based formulations are often preferable since they provide long-lasting results. Two-part epoxy inks also work well in protecting candles subjected to high heat conditions because they resist a variety of temperatures and remain durable even if exposed to direct sunlight.

When choosing inks for your candle labels, remember to take into consideration both the surface material and any external conditions they might need to withstand in order to protect your design from fading or smearing over time. Consider also whether you plan on using special finishes with each printed piece, such as varnishes or laminates; opting for pigmented inks will further improve their longevity when doing so. Finally, consider adding some sealant coating onto all finished labels: this will ensure that no accidental spills affect the design you’ve worked so hard to create!

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Attaching the Label

One way to secure a label to a candle is by using double-sided tape. Choose a tape that is strong enough to hold the label firmly, but not so strong that it cannot be easily removed later. Alternatively, you can use regular adhesive glue, but make sure to let the glue dry thoroughly before adding anything else. Another strategy for securing your label to the candle is using heat shrink tubing or shrink wrap. Heat up the tubing or wrapping with a hair dryer until tight and it will fit securely around your candle while holding any label in place. Finally, if you have access to a hot glue gun, you could use that as well. Carefully run a bead of hot glue along the edges of the label and press it firmly onto the wax candle for an extra strong bond.

Quality Assurance

When you create your own labels for candles, it is important to ensure that the final product looks exactly how you envisioned it. Before sticking on any labels, lay them out on a flat surface and double-check that the colour, size and textual information are all as you want them to be. If not, you can make simple adjustments such as changing fonts or re-sizing components instead of attempting to remove the old label from your candle container. Quality assurance doesn’t stop there – once your label is in place, take a step back and evaluate the look from afar to make sure everything is perfectly presented. Taking into account how everything fits together with the style of the candle is essential so that when customers come across your product, they will be drawn in by its professional presentation.

Final Steps

Making your own labels for candles is a great way to customize your candles and add a unique and personal touch to your finished product. It also allows you to save money, as you don’t have to purchase pre-made labels from an outside supplier. Additionally, creating your own labels gives you complete control over the design process and allows you to use creativity in coming up with attractive and eye-catching designs. Finally, by making your own candle labels, you can ensure that all of the branding information will be accurate and relevant to your business.

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