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Michael’s Candle Making is an operation tailored to meet the unique needs of customers looking to craft, create and customize their own candles. Founded by Michael Jenkins in 2016, this business has grown steadily due to its commitment to quality products, superior customer service and a variety of innovative candle-making techniques. The shop offers a wide selection of base waxes and additives, from conventional paraffins to all natural beeswax, essential oils and specialty fragrances. Customers can experiment with one-of-a-kind designs by adding decorative elements such as charms and colored wax chips. Custom orders are also available for customers looking for specific themes or sizes. Additionally, the store hosts regular classes on various candle-making techniques.

With over two hundred reviews on Google, earned within a short period of time in business operations, it is clear that Michael’s Candle Making is going strong. Customers love the friendly atmosphere they receive while browsing the supplies and enjoying their time in the store. Many people have also gone out of their way to express how easy it was for them to capture their desired candle making projects. Of course, this feat would not be possible without Michael Jenkins himself ” he is always available to assist shoppers with their individualized preferences while they explore their creative sides through his fun and inspiring classes! He strives to make sure each customer leaves feeling satisfied with a product matching their taste and expectations – which isn’t always an easy task!

Former students have enjoyed experimenting with different fragrance mixtures; Embellishments including gemstones, glitter and tape; And rolling multiple wicks for extra illumination! Personalizing containers gives candles a special flare as demonstrated in custom examples such as a vase shaped container featuring fairy dust sparkles or personal crests used to adorn pillar style candles. It’s these special touches that make Michael’s Candles truly unique pieces perfect for any occasion ” birthdays or anniversaries ” even corporate meetings or reward programs! Finally, photos showcasing the entire process from ordering supplies to finishing up are available for customers looking for inspiration or guidance on future projects.

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Michael’s Candle Making offers a variety of tips to help aspiring candle makers succeed in their venture. Many novice candle makers may not be aware of the different types and grades of waxes, fragrances, and dyes that are available. Michael’s Candle Making provides customers with helpful guidance on pairing the right material with their project. Additionally, customers can get valuable advice on proper melt point coordination, wick selection, scent loading techniques, and working with additives such as glitter and bits of dried herbs or flowers. Furthermore, considering more creative elements like color blending can improve the aesthetics of the finished product”also something that Michael’s Candle Making teaches through its various educational programs. The overall goal is to provide customers with the necessary knowledge to craft quality candles without spending too much time experimenting with techniques they know nothing about.

Offer Tutorials

In addition to offering tutorials, Michaels Candle Making should also provide detailed step-by-step instructions for each of the candle making processes they offer. These instructions should include pictures, diagrams and easy-to-follow descriptions. The instructions should cover topics such as the different types of wax available for candle making, the best practices for melting wax and the safe use of wick holders. They should also detail how to properly pour wax into a mold and how to adjust safety features such as flame guards and smoke detectors while working with wax. Finally, they should provide advice on different types of scented oils that can be used to scent candles along with best practices for using them appropriately. Additionally, there should be tips on experimenting with adding dyes or glitters to get interesting color combinations.

Unique Features

Michael’s Candle Making is an innovative company that offers custom candle-making services. They are passionate about creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind scented candles, and have been in business for over 25 years. The specialty of Michael’s is to use the finest ingredients to create luxurious scents and exquisite designs. Their talented team of experienced artisans handcraft each item using traditional techniques and the highest quality fragrance oils. They can create anything from simple taper candles, votive, pillars to more elaborate centerpieces with intricate designs using various materials such as clay, wax, and herbs.

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Unique Features: Michael’s also offers a wide range of educational classes and workshops on candle making. They have a deep understanding of the science behind their craft and can assist customers in learning all aspects from how to mix fragrances together to how proper wick sizing will provide the maximum scent throw experience. Furthermore, there are helpful resources for those wanting to start up their own candle business or open their own physical shop such as access to free templates for labeling products and tips on innovative packaging solutions sourced from suppliers like Etsy or Amazon make it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Showcase Inspiration

Michaels’ candle making inspiration section could include step-by-step tutorials that guide customers through the process of creating their own candles. The tutorials could showcase different themes and ideas for customizing candles with colored wax and scented oils. Additionally, there could be a gallery of handmade samples and pictures of previous customer’s creations for customers to get ideas from. The section could finish with a blog detailing helpful tips and tricks from experienced craftspeople in Michaels’ candle making community. Finally, the inspirational section might provide resources such as links to specialty suppliers or vendors that help complete complex projects.

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