Natural Candle Making Supplies Nz

Introduction to Natural Candle Making Supplies Nz

Introduction to Natural Candle Making Supplies Nz: Natural candle making has become increasingly popular in New Zealand in recent years. Many people are opting to make their own candles using natural, sustainable supplies as an opportunity to create something meaningful and unique. By using natural wax, oils, pigments and wicks, the user has full control over the ingredients they use and the properties of the final product.

Benefits of Using Natural Supplies: Using natural, sustainable supplies for your candle projects can offer a number of benefits including lower emissions associated with manufacturing processes, reduced waste production and access to a wide range of colours and fragrances. Furthermore, they can be cheaper than synthetic materials and more reliable over extended use-life. In addition, these types of supplies are generally renewable or recyclable meaning reduced environmental costs associated with their use or disposal.

What Supplies are Needed: To get started with making soy wax candles you will need: soy wax, fragrance oil/essential oil blends for scenting your candle, pigment powder for adding colour (optional), wicks with pre-tabbed wick bases for easy insertion into containers or molds, melting pot (double boiler) for melting wax in a safe way without burning it; thermometer which can help you ensure that the correct temperatures are used when pouring on individual layers of candles; wooden skewer or chopstick for stirring the melted wax; pouring pitcher or jug for transferring melted wax from double boiler to container/mold without creating spills; tumbler (container) or mold(s); labels; and safety equipment like safety glasses/mask when working with hot liquids or powdered colorants.

Types of Natural Supplies: There are several types of supplies available specifically designed for natural candle making available in New Zealand such as soy wax chips or flakes and grain free was such as coconutwax buttershells. Other types include beeswax granules which produce eco-friendly and long lasting candles as well as palm kernel flakes that produce excellent results similar to traditional paraffin candles but without soot release. A large selection of scented oils made from blends of essential oils can also be found locally along with dye chips and blocks formulated using environmentally friendly pigments that ensure minimal impact on both human health and the environment.

Exploring Natural Waxes

For those interested in natural candle making supplies NZ has a wide range of wax options available. Most of the top candle suppliers offer various types and blends of wax from sustainable sources including soya, beeswax, rapeseed, and plant-based waxes. The selection includes options that are paraffin-free, non-GMO, and with low smoke emissions ideal for those looking to maintain their environmental concerns with their hobby.

When it comes to blending waxes for candle creating there are numerous techniques to choose from such as layering different fragrances or colors to creating a complete blend (to create an interesting texture). Wax blending also allows one to adjust the burn times or strength of smells but can involve trial and error as there is no one perfect ratio that works for everyone. Furthermore, some popular methods when working on natural waxes are compounding which uses natural additives such as essential oils and herbs; personalizing by adding objects like gems; creating layers or patterns; combining diverse shapes; and so much more! With natural candle making supplies NZ provides sufficient options to experiment with different styles and come up with something unique that fits one’s own creative expression.

Natural Wicks

When it comes to natural candle making supplies, the wicks are a critical component. There are several types of natural wicks available for candle makers, including cotton and papercore, bamboo, jute, and hemp. When selecting wick for your candles, it is important to choose the correct size for the size of your container or mold. Generally speaking, a larger container or mold will require a thicker and longer wick than a smaller one; using a too-small wick can cause poor burning performance or even worse – make the wax harder to extinguish as proper fuel isn’t being provided.

Making Candles With Eco Wax

When switching between different types of natural wicks (as some may perform differently in different containers or when used with different waxes), always make sure you test out how they burn before creating an entire batch of candles with them. Make sure they burn in an upright position around the surface of your candle and that they aren’t smoky or flaring. If at any point you notice either abnormality occurring when testing a new wick size – discard that one immediately and try another with more promising results before proceeding with further production.

Natural Eco-Friendly Dyes

By using natural pigments and herbs for coloring, you will bring vibrant colors to your hand-crafted candles. Natural eco-friendly dyes are derived from plants, fruits, flowers, barks and veggies. These alternatives can add hues of reds, yellows, oranges, blues and greens. They create a range of shades that can be used for homemade candle making supplies in NZ. Certain leaves and petals can infuse a minty green color while certain spices or edible ingredients can bring on unexpected tones like yellow ochre or crimson red combined with an earthy hue. Incorporating dried flower petals into candle making mixtures can add a unique elegant look to any DIY project due to its sheer visual effect as well as long-lasting scent!

Where to Find Natural Candle Supplies in New Zealand

Online Stores – There are numerous online stores in New Zealand that provide candle making supplies, ranging from wax, wicks and dyes to essential oils and fragrances. Many of these sites offer discounts for bulk orders and/or kits that contain all the supplies needed to make candles.

Local Suppliers – Many craft stores carry natural candle making supplies in New Zealand. Hobby stores such as The Warehouse, Craft Warehouse and Spotlight may stock basic candle making supplies. Additionally, some health food stores may offer natural ingredient options for those who want to go a step further.

Bulk Suppliers – Bulk suppliers are often a great option for those wanting large quantities of natural ingredients for their candles. NatureBee is one business in New Zealand offering all-natural waxes, wicks and essential oils online. BeeswaxNZ is another business offering pure beeswax bricks from Schmachtenberger Farms in the north island of NZ. These suppliers also offer free shipping within NZ on orders above a certain amount, making them an affordable option for those wanting larger volumes of product.

Tips for Using Natural Candle Making Supplies

Preparing Your Supplies:

When using natural candle making supplies it is important to prepare your items prior to use. Be sure to clean and sanitize the wick bases and wicking sticks before threading them through the metal end of the wick base. Inspect all metal parts for sharp edges or any visible signs of rust. Ensure that all Mason jars, votives, wax pots and other containers used for melting wax are clean, free from debris and dried completely. Also check for any chipping, spots or scratch marks on jars which can affect the burning quality of candles. It is also essential to have protective gear such as safety goggles and gloves when dealing with hot wax or working with electrical equipment like heaters and irons.

Making Your Own Wax Variations:

You can create custom blends by blending different types of waxes together at various temperatures until you find a mix you like. You can combine paraffin wax with one or more types of natural waxes like soybean, beeswax, palm oil-based wax or stearic acid derived from animal fat for unique textures and colors. Additionally, you can add fragrance oils, dyes, glitter or herbs to candles for extra visual appeal and aromas. However, not all fragrances will work within all types of wax so it is best to test small quantities first before committing large amounts.

Making A Rock Candle

Safety Tips:
Always ensure proper ventilation when melting down your chosen wax as some fumes may be hazardous when inhaled over long periods of time. When handling large chunks of melted wax use caution as it may spatter or splash onto skin if handled too vigorously or unevenly heated. Lastly always keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case there is an emergency or accidental fire caused by flying sparks from heaters or open flames used in candle making processes.

Common Professional Candle-Making Tools

Melting pots are commonly used for melting waxes, as well as other materials such as chocolate and soap. These melting pots generally have stovetop capabilities, though some models offer digital thermostats for precise temperature control. They usually come in the form of a double boiler where the wax is melted in a different compartment from the heat source.

Mold pans are typically made from aluminum or steel and can come in various sizes to accommodate different types of candles. These pans feature built-in pour spouts that make it easier to release your finished product onto a cooling tray or surface.

Candle tear dippers are another vital tool when making candles, they are essentially ladles which can be used to scoop up melted wax and then pour it into various candle molds. It helps maintain an even flow so you don’t end up with your poured liquid overflowing beyond the confines of the mold ” leaving you with too much mess and potentially wasted material.

The essential piece of equipment for candle making is a candle-making machine which consists of two separate parts: the heater and wax mixer. The heater melts down large chunks of wax at room temperature before transferring them to the mixing tank to ensure even distribution when added to fragrances, coloring, or additives like stearic acid (a wax-like component found in most candles). Finally, this mixture gets poured into molds ready for curing ” once set our candles waft their perfumed scent through our homes!


When it comes to natural candle making supplies in New Zealand, there are several advantages. Firstly, you can rest assured knowing that any candles created using these materials are made with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Natural supplies like beeswax, vegetable waxes and soy-based waxes reduce plastic waste and do not emit toxins or pollutants when burned. Secondly, natural supplies offer longer lasting candles for your creations as they are better able to hold color and fragrance than those made from paraffin waxes. Thirdly, these natural supplies often have the added benefit of being easier to work with as they don’t heat up as quickly as paraffin-based products.

When buying candle making supplies in New Zealand, one should research suppliers who specialize in supplying premium quality items designed specifically for the craft person. Some well known brands include Simply Candle Supplies NZ (who offer a broad range of materials) and Cozy Candles (who specialize in luxurious aromatherapy candles). In addition to branded products, local suppliers may also be able to offer unique options suitable for handmade creation endeavors.

Once you have sourced all your required materials, the next step is to begin creating your own unique candle collection. With some patience and practice soon you will be ready to launch an entire range of sustainable products. Take advantage of online resources like websites listicles and tutorials to gain knowledge about the best techniques used to make the most of your supplies – then watch your loving creations sparkle brightly across each seasonal celebration!

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