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Ottawa Candle Making is an art form that has held a special place in Canadian culture for many years. Candles have played an important role in religious ceremonies and other meaningful gatherings, offering a warm atmosphere of comfort and joy. Ottawa Candle Making is known for its stunning beauty, quality craftsmanship, and unique scents that can create the perfect ambiance to any moment.

From traditional methods passed down from generations to hand-dipped creations using beeswax or soy wax, Ottawa Candle Making offers something unique for all tastes. Local candlemakers use only premium-grade materials for their wicks, fragrances and waxes to ensure quality and create incredible designs like glassworks and intricate carvings. Customers also appreciate the personal touch of each artisan which can be felt as soon as you enter an Ottawa candle store.

With the advances of modern technology there are now more ways than ever to create beautiful candles using specialty molds, flavors, colors and scents than ever before. This has been tremendously beneficial to the local scene of Ottawa Candle Making as it continues to expand; with larger more diverse offerings on both online marketplaces and physical retail stores popping up across the city. Long time favorites include Rekindle Candle Company located in Westboro Village and The Lantern Room operating inside a heritage building on Sussex drive downtown.

In conclusion, Ottawa Candle Making continues to be an integral part of our community with many local merchants offering expertise that’s unmatched anywhere else in Canada. Customers have access to all kinds of products from classic designs combined with luxury presents such as gift baskets or spa kits -all while supporting small businesses at home. As such it’s no surprise that this craft has seen a resurgence in popularity here in the capital over recent years!

A Summary of Ottawa’s Candle Making History

Ottawa’s candle making history dates back more than two centuries. Since the early 1800s, the city has had an abundance of tallow and beeswax and a steady population of craftsmen dedicated to the craft. The city was renowned for its skilled candle makers and even welcomed Pierre Chabot from Montréal in 1829 as a resident wax-chandler. By mid-century, they had began importing large amounts of raw materials to supplement the local supply. This enabled them to provide fragrant candles that were sold around North America at comparatively lower prices than what you would find in cities like Boston and New York.

Production went into overdrive during World War I when Ottawa’s wax and oil resources became essential for the war effort. Factories across town turned out millions of candles to assist with illuminations overseas. As technology moved on and electric lighting took precedence, Ottawa’s candle industry slowly declined though some manufacturers stayed in business until the 1970s.

Nowadays, technology has been replaced with artisanal techniques fiveide artisan candlers are dedicatedly reviving old methods including a wick-dipping process, dipping molds, rolling beeswax tapers into shape as well incorporating fragrances, plants or herbs into hand-poured creations for various products such as scented votives or tealights. Additionally, old chandleries have been refurbished in central locations such as The Ale House Market which include demonstration workshops shared by experienced artisans who continue spread traditional skills while bringing prestige to a largely forgotten craft within the region..

Top Candle Making Supplies to Acquire in Ottawa

To craft your own candles, you’ll need supplies and products such as wax, wick, melting pots, molds, fragrance oils and dyes. Start by getting the basic materials pre-assembled in a candle making kit – these are ideal for beginners. There are several candle making stores in Ottawa that provide all the necessary components to craft an awesome candle. For example, Candlemakers Supply offers a wide range of partially assembled candles kits with great deals of both standard and luxury waxes alongside scented fragrances oils for customization. Apart from that, The Ontario Candle Supply has large selections of molds and accessories for the most creative inspiration. Other stores like Eco Candle Company offer a family selection line minus any traces of toxic additives and artificial fragrances that make them not just aesthetically pleasing but also safe to use around children and pets. If you’re looking for quality beeswax as your main wax supply choice then check out Pickering Wetlands Beekeepers that have high grade beeswax blocks to give your product added texture or aromatherapy benefits. Also worth mentioning is High Noon Creations that provides luxurious containers such as glass jars in different sizes and shapes after-which you can dress up your finished product with matching lids or tags at no extra cost.

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Exploration of the Best Candle Making Supplies Shops in Ottawa

Ottawa is home to some of the best candle making supply shops in Canada. Whether you are a novice or a pro, these stores have fantastic selection of waxes, powders, dyes, and fragrance oils to make unique and custom candles. There are also many tutorials to help you along the way. From traditional tapers and ornate pillars to wonderfully scented tea lights and artisanal wax melts, there is something for every candle enthusiast.

One of the most popular shops located in Ottawa is Candle Creations by Dona. This store has been operating since 1997 and carries all types of supplies necessary for creating beautiful handmade candles. Not only does Candle Creations by Dona offer quality supplies, but they also offer classes where those interested can learn about scent blending techniques and custom design options for their own wax creations.

For those looking for more of a hands-on experience, The Melting Pot Candle Studio is perfect! Here you can customize your own jar or container candles from wick size to coloring. A great feature at The Melting Pot Candle Studio is the opportunity to learn about pouring techniques as well as combining fragrances for a personal signature scent.

If you’re just starting out in your candle-making journey Aux Cutters Wax Craft Supply will likely be your best bet. Here you’ll find all the necessary items such as thermometers, double boilers, and measuring cups with helpful advice provided by their friendly staff on all things wax related! They not only provide the basics but they also stock specialty items like soy and natural waxes, glass containers (perfect for upcycling), reed diffusers, and more!

Whether you are trying your hand at candling or are an experienced crafter looking to expand their knowledge and skill set Ottawa offers plenty of opportunities with some excellent candle making supply stores.

Essential Candle Making Tips for Ottawa Residents

There are some important tips to keep in mind when making candles in Ottawa. First, safety is paramount. Make sure you have a designated area away from children and pets to make your candles. Invest in quality materials such as wicks, waxes, and dyes that are formulated specifically for candle making. Carving molds and other shapes may be a fun way to create interesting designs, but always use the correct tools for the job and wear protective gear such as goggles and gloves. Once your candles have been made, allow them to cool completely before handling or transporting them. Be aware of the scent intensity of essential oils or fragrances used in the wax; too much can overwhelm the senses! Also, test a small amount of each dye on an inconspicuous area before using it heavily – you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin or eyes! Finally, never leave your burning candles unattended and keep them away from any flammable materials. By taking these steps you can confidently enjoy creating beautiful pieces of artful décor with candle-making in Ottawa!

Basics of Wax Used for Candle Making in Ottawa

Candle making is a fun craft to pick up in Ottawa, with many local retailers stocking a variety of waxes for the purpose. Beginner candle makers can start by experimenting with basic paraffin wax, a popular option due to its flexibility and easy-to-work-with form. Beeswax is also a common pick for candle makers in Ottawa, as it produces long burning candles with an attractive honey scent. Soy wax is an environmentally friendly choice that some may prefer over its traditional counterpart, while palm wax has become particularly popular recently as it creates unique “pillowed” formations on the surface of the candle. Finally, other eco friendly options include rapeseed, candelilla and bayberry waxes. All are fairly easy to find locally- however researching techniques and properties of each can be beneficial before attempting any project. With access to materials readily available in Ottawa’s array of stores and markets, candle making can make for a lovely addition anyone’s hobby list!

Creative Scenting Options for Ottawa Candles

Ottawa candle making is a fun and creative way to enjoy the aroma of scents near and far. From floral fragrances, to fruity aromas, the options available from Ottawa candle makers are almost endless. Floral scents such as Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Lavender can provide a beautiful bouquet of smells for your home or office. For something more invigorating, you might opt for more citrusy options such as Bergamot, Orange blossom or Lemon zest. If you prefer a sweet scent try Maple syrup and Vanilla bean or Ylang Ylang combined with Coconut or Raspberry. You can also get creative by combining different essential oils to create unique scent combinations. Whether it’s adding Sandalwood to Rose or Cedarwood with Neroli, there are virtually unlimited options to choose from when creating your own special scent blend. Get creative with Ottawa candle making and let your repertoire of signature home fragrances bloom!

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Candle Making Techniques Commonly Used in Ottawa

Ottawa candle making is an art that can be used to create unique, beautiful decorations for your home or to give away as gifts. The wide range of techniques and materials used in Ottawa include dipping, rolling, pouring, shaping, and sculpting.

Dipping is one of the oldest and most popular methods used by candle makers in Ottawa. This technique involves dipping the end of a wick into melted wax repeatedly until the desired thickness is achieved. It’s the perfect method for creating traditional shapes such as tapers, pillars and votives.

Rolling involves forming candles by wrapping heated wax around a wick on a spindle or rollers. This method enables Ottawa candle makers to produce larger pieces with intricate designs more quickly than with other methods. It is also suitable for candles that contain ingredients such as scented oils and herbs.

Candles made using pouring are created by pouring pre-melted wax into molds. Once fully cooled, these candlesticks can be colored and adorned in whatever way you desire. They are the perfect choice for those wanting to create candles that are truly unique since they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on your customized mold design.

Shaping requires much patience but it’s great fun too! To start this process few simple tools such as rubber gloves and scissors are needed followed heating up blocks of wax which can then be melted down before being shaped onto metal skewers into whatever design suits you best before applying finishing touches like ribbons, feathers or any other decorative element available.

Sculpting gives Ottawa candle makers an opportunity to explore their creative side when designing candles with three dimensions or realistic elements like animals or faces! Using this technique requires working with hot liquid wax; therefore it’s important adhere to safety guidelines like wearing protective eyewear at all times while handling the hot material.

Highlighting the Advantages of Candle Making for Ottawa Residences

Ottawa residents of all ages and abilities can benefit from learning the basics of candle making. For example, seniors can use candle-making as a way to stay active and socialize with a community that comes together in shared creativity. Furthermore, this activity promotes physical activity by requiring wax-melting, wick-cutting, pouring and molding while teaching patience as candles must cool off and harden before inspection or final touches can be added. Since the activity is relatively inexpensive to set up – with only a few materials needed – it makes it ideal for budget conscious families who are looking to find a child-friendly craft without adding to their expenses. Candle makers may even save money on gift-giving. When creating candles for friends and family, skillful crafters may create something more meaningful than store bought items can provide. Learning how to make candles can be both educational and therapeutic for youth of all ages. With careful supervision from adults, kids from kindergarten to high school can explore the magic of candle-making as an enticing way to develop practical life skills such as measuring, problem solving, design experience and more! Ottawa residents should consider exploring the art of candle making in order to gather with community members in moments of creative wellbeing!


Candle making in Ottawa can be a great way to express your creativity. From picking out different colors, scents, and sizes of candles, to finding the perfect container for them to burn in, candle making offers countless choices for you to explore. There are a plethora of local shops which will provide you with all the materials necessary for creating your own masterpiece. Whether it be as a hobby or a profession, candle making is something everyone can enjoy. Once you have created your candles, use them to light up dinner parties or romantic evenings at home-the possibilities are endless when it comes to getting creative with Ottawa Candle Making!

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