P & J Trading Scent For Candle Making

Introducing P & J Trading

P & J Trading is a family-owned company that has been servicing the candle making industry since 1989. Their primary focus is providing high-quality scents for use in candles at affordable prices. They are known for their extensive selection of fragrances, each of which conveys different aromas and smells perfect for any occasion or season. They strive to bring joy to people around the world with their wide variety of scents while maintaining a commitment to superior quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

The mission of P & J Trading is to provide top-notch scent and fragrance products that are accessible, sustainable, and enjoyable for the candle making community worldwide. Their team works hard to ensure the best selection of fragrances on the market today so customers can create unique and calming sensory experiences for themselves or their customers’ needs. The company maintains a commitment to using natural ingredients whenever possible and produce fragrance with care. By creating an eco-friendly business model, they work to protect our planet by reducing waste and emissions without compromising quality or pleasure.

The vision at P &J Trading is to continue being a leader in scent-making while delivering an exceptional experience with all their customers. They want to remain an essential part in promoting beautiful candle makers globally who can offer budding craftspeople supplies they can rely on anytime. Their goal is also inspire candle makers at all levels of skill achieve success and enjoy opportunities in this wonderfully creative art form through ongoing learning and networking efforts backed by unbeatable service standards.

The Different Kinds of P & J Trading Scents

P&J Trading offers an extensive range of scents for all your candle making needs. These scents are broken down into various categories, such as essential oils, fragrances, wax additives, and diffusion.

Essential Oils: Essential oils are natural compounds that are extracted from certain plants. These all-natural oil scents from P&J Trading range from calming lavender to uplifting citrus and invigorating eucalyptus oil.

Fragrances: From sweet and spicy notes to woodsy aromas, you can find all kinds of synthetic fragrance at P&J Trading. A variety of candles and other products may benefit from the addition of one or more of these special fragrances.

Wax Additives: Wax additives are substances that can be added to the wax mixture before melting it in order to enhance the scent. Soy wax blends often benefit from adding fragrance oil or a liquid dye, while beeswax candles may require paraffin solution water or a wax thickener to enhance the scent when lit and create longer burn times.

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Diffusions: Diffusions are semi-permeable materials that allow fragrances to exist as a vapour without residual liquids remaining in the candle’s wax mixture. Common diffusions include vegetable glycerin and emulsifying bases which allow for long lasting scent release without any excessive wetness affecting the consistency or lifespan of the candle too much

Natural vs. Synthetic Scents

The main difference between natural and synthetic scents when used in candle making is the source of the scent and its composition. Natural essential oils are derived from plant sources and have a more complex, layered fragrance than their synthetic counterparts that are created through chemical processes. Synthetic fragrances tend to be more consistent, which makes them easier to control, but they may lack the aging process of natural scent materials which can often produce a richer scent. Natural scents also breakdown easily and faster than synthetic scents when exposed to heat generated by a burning wick; this means that you need to choose your wax based on how these materials interact with each other, as certain waxes burn hotter or slower and can impact the overall scent throw. Natural scents are also unique from batch to batch due to changes in crop production, climate, and seasonality; this variation in quality needs to be factored in when formulating your recipe for optimal performance.

The Benefits of Using Quality P & J Trading Scents

P & J Trading offers natural, non-toxic scents made with organic essential oils and all-natural ingredients. These products are much better for your health and the environment than artificial fragrances. The air surrounding you will be free of chemical compounds that can be potentially harmful. Furthermore, the vapors released by these natural scents tend to help improve air quality, reduce allergies, mitigate asthma symptoms and boost overall wellbeing. Additionally, since these fragrances are derived from earth’s natural resources they are more sustainable than synthetic smells and do not cause environmental damage.

Tips for Working with P & J Trading Scents

When working with P & J Trading’s scents, one tip is to start with a smaller batch size. This gives you a chance to experiment and make sure that the scent works in your product before ordering a large quantity. Another tip is to add the fragrance after the wax has cooled down slightly. This helps prevent it from dissipating quickly when added at too high of a temperature. Additionally, be mindful of the recommended amount of oil needed for each product to ensure the best possible smelling candles. Finally, some fragrances blend better than others so it is always beneficial to research and test out different combinations before making an entire batch of candles with them.

Customer Reviews of P & J Trading Scents

Customers have had overwhelmingly positive reviews when it comes to the scents available from P & J Trading. Many customers have expressed that the scent range is comprehensive and that they can find exactly what they’re looking for in a candle-making scent, whether it’s a profound aroma or something delicate and light. People appreciate the versatility of the scents, as they provide options for both subtlety and intensity. Furthermore, customers often praise P & J Trading’s customer service and speedy shipping times when ordering their tangible aromatic goods. The fact that P & J Trading also provides instructional tutorials on how to make candles has made them even more popular among DIY aficionados with a penchant for craftsmanship using fragrant oils. Consequently, customer feedback indicates that P & J Trading’s selection of scents for candle making is top-notch and easy to order, making them an ideal choice for anyone wishing to create custom candles with luxurious smells.

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Creative Ways To Use P & J Trading Scents

• Adding a few drops to homemade bath bombs or bubble bath.
• Infusing potpourri with the scents for a more intricate smell.
• Adding essential oil blend scents drops to cleaning solutions to freshen areas.
• Making DIY wax melts using melted soy wax and the P & J Trading scents.
• Creating your own room sprays using water as the base and adding a few of the essential oil blend drops for scent.
• Combining several of the scents in a diffuser for relaxing aromatherapy benefits throughout your home.
• Fragrancing homemade candles for aromatherapy benefits, relaxation and gorgeous scent combinations.
• Scenting greeting cards or gift wrapping with a few drops of oil blend scents before sealing them up.


The key takeaways from this blog post about P & J Trading Scent for Candle Making are:
• P & J Trading provides a wide selection of scents for candle making, from essences and fragrances to specialty items like wax blocks and wax chips.
• Their products are perfect for experienced and novice candle makers alike, providing elements that make each candle unique and personal.
• The company offers personalized customer service, friendly advice, and competitive prices for their scent choices.
• They provide safe shipping options for all orders, making sure your purchase arrives in perfect condition.
• Lastly, P & J Trading also offers an extensive selection of bulk items to help any candle makers reduce the cost of supplies while creating a larger volume of candles.

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