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Feature Testimonials

“I was new to candle making and I wasn’t sure what supplies I needed or even where to start. Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply provided me with everything I needed and made the process so much easier. They have a wide selection of candle making supplies from wicks to wax, their staff was very knowledgeable and helpful! Thanks for all your support!” – Mike G.

“I recently ordered some candles from Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply and they were absolutely gorgeous! They arrived quickly and were packaged with a lot of care. The scent was amazing and lasted longer than any other candle I’ve purchased. Thank you so much for providing such quality products!” – Jessica W.

“Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply is my go-to supplier whenever I’m making candles! Their prices are reasonable, their products are great quality and the customer service is top notch! Highly recommend them if you’re looking for an amazing place to get supplies.” – Nora F.

Recycling and Upcycling

At Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply, we understand the importance and benefits of recycling and upcycling. We are committed to helping our customers meet their sustainability goals. With us, candle makers can find a variety of ways to reduce waste in their candle making process.

We provide tools and resources to help minimize materials used as well as reuse existing materials in innovative ways. We offer materials that are created out of recycled components, like soy and beeswax candles made with recycled packaging material or resin mixing containers made using recycled plastic. Our green packaging options can also be repurposed for various craft projects like melt-and-pour soapmaking or lotion making.

Through our Sustainability Center, we offer tips on reducing waste by truly focusing on the needs of each project while still maintaining budget constraints and quality standards at the same time. We can help eliminate unnecessary energy consumption along with providing helpful information on strategies to lessen environmental impact such as best practices for sourcing supplies or using natural candle additives like essential oils or spices for scent, color and texture instead of artificial chemicals or dyes.

Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply is dedicated to providing our customers with sustainable solutions that not only affect the environment but give them peace of mind in knowing that they’re helping make the world a better place one light at a time.


1. DIY Crafts – This site provides detailed step-by-step guides for guides about making various types of candles, including beeswax, jarred and layered candles.

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2. Common Candle Crafting – This website offers an array of tutorials specifically related to candle making, from soap carving techniques to information about wick sizes.

3. Get Creative Juice – This blog provides tips and advice related to various kinds of DIY craft projects with a focus on candle supplies and techniques for all skill levels.

4. Supplies by US – This platform allows you to purchase the finest quality waxes and wicks from Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply as well as resources related to candle projects such as holder types, colors, textures and more!

5. The Maine Bottle Shop – This online shop provides natural soy wax flakes alongside essential oil options in different sizes, allowing customers to make unique scented candles with a fine-tuned scent profiles.

Compare and Contrast

Waxes – Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply offers several wax types – from natural beeswax and soy wax to paraffin and palm wax. Customers may need to consider the type of wax that will best suit their candles, such as the melting point for specialty applications or aesthetics.

Wicks – Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply carries different wick materials, like paper-based cored wicks for container candles, zinc cores for pillar candles, and metal cores for tapers. Customers will have to assess which type of wick works best with their particular candle form and size as each one has unique burning characteristics.

Colors – Pacific Northwest Candles provides numerous colorants that can make their candles look aesthetically appealing. They offer powder pigments and liquid dyes in an array of hues ranging from traditional shades to neon brights. Customers should take into consideration the colorants’ compatibility with the type of wax they are using and the final overall look they desire to achieve.

Fragrances – At Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply you will find a variety of fragrances either in oil or liquid form that can greatly enhance your candle’s scent profile. It is important, however, to choose a fragrance oil designed specifically for use with candles since regular perfume or essential oils may not burn properly. Customers will also want to think about how strong a fragrance they would like with their candle, considering whether the scent will evolve after burning or stay consistent throughout the life of it.

Other Supplies – In addition to waxes, wicks, colors and fragrances, Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply provides tools such as pouring pots, thermometers, and molds as well as safety items like hemostats and lighters so customers can create beautiful candles safely at home. People can try different sizes of containers for both pillars or jar candles not just depending on visual appearance but also taking in account results of burning tests before buying a quantity in bulk.

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Showcase Local Artists

Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply is excited to announce its new showcase of local artists! Each month, the company seeks out talented craftspeople who use their supplies to create unique and innovative pieces. The show will focus on artisans from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and other states in the Pacific Northwest region. Each spotlighted artisan will have access to exclusive materials from Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply that are not available online or elsewhere. Furthermore, Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply facilities will be used as a workspace where the artist can work with concentration and creativity before they debut their artwork. When it comes time for the grand unveiling event at the end of each month, everyone interested in candle creating is invited to join in and come witness wonderful scented creations!


At Pacific Northwest Candle Making Supply, we take pride in providing excellent customer service. We offer troubleshooting advice and solutions to common problems encountered when making candles. If you do find yourself with a challenge, please reach out to us!

Our experienced staff is readily available to assist you with any difficulty that arises. We can provide tips on everything from properly measuring the right wax consistency to achieving the right scent strength and perfecting the most intricate of decorations. Our team is more than happy to help tackle technical issues related to wicking, pouring and cooling processes as well as safety concerns while using tools, wicks and other materials. Additionally, if your candle won’t burn evenly or smokes when lit, our experts can also provide helpful advice on how to correct these undesirable outcomes.

We believe that it’s important for all of our customers to feel confident in their candle making success and enjoy the process even during challenging moments. So don’t hesitate to contact us for troubleshooting and seeking solutions for your candle making process — we’re here to help you along every step of the way!

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