Plans For Making Wooden Candle Holders


Making beautiful wooden candle holders is a great project for any home crafter.The process of making these candle holders is quite simple, once you know the basics. With just basic carpentry skills and minimal materials, you can create stunning pieces that are sure to add charm and style to your home. In this tutorial we will go over step-by-step instructions on how to build your own wooden candle holders.

Before you begin, it is important to make sure you have all the necessary supplies and tools at your disposal, such as wood glue, nails, a saw or jigsaw, sandpaper, varnish, candles and any decorative hardware or designs you may want to add. Gather all of these items together before starting the project.

Next, measure out the desired size of your candle holder and mark off the desired dimensions onto the wood that you plan on using for your project with a pencil and ruler. Using a jigsaw or saw, cut out the shape of the desired dimensions that have been marked into the wood—it is helpful if you have a miter box set up in order to make proper cuts. If not, handheld saws also work fine for this stage.

Once your candle holder pieces are cut out correctly it’s time to start piecing them all together—splice two sides together with wood glue on one end only (this ensures flexibility in case something goes wrong). Make sure it fits perfectly before continuing on by adding more glue along both sides where they meet so they stay tight upon drying. Finish off by nailing each connection secured with glue firmly into place in order to ensure extra stability for years to come.

Once glued and nailed properly together, use sandpaper to smooth down any protruding edges with quick strokes until desired smoothness has been achieved. From here you can finish off however you’d like – use wood varnish or paint if desired or leave natural – whatever suits your décor best! Finally add candles and display proudly! Congratulations –you’ve just made some beautiful wooden candlesticks perfect for decorating any room in style!

Gather the Tools and Supplies Needed

To make wooden candle holders, you’ll need to start by gathering the necessary tools and supplies. These include woodworking tools such as a saw, drill, sandpaper and clamps as well as materials like lumber, screws, nuts and bolts. You may also need additional items like glue, paint or finish depending on your project’s design. Once you have all of these items in hand, it’s time to begin preparing a work space and beginning your project. Start by clearing out any clutter from the area and putting down protective cloth or paper to protect surfaces from sawdust and debris. Lay out the wood pieces for your design and begin cutting them to size. Be sure to double check measurements before making each cut. Drill holes in the designated spots for screws or bolts and add those elements along with pieces of plumbing hardware or other decorative accents if desired. Use sandpaper to smooth any rough spots or edges then apply a layer of paint or sealant before adding candles into their holders. Finally, make sure the assembled candle holders are level and stable enough to withstand strong winds without toppling over before displaying them proudly!

Selecting the Right Wood

When making wooden candle holders, it is important to choose the right wood for the project. It should be a strong and durable hardwood capable of holding the weight of the candles placed in the holder. Some popular choices are walnut, oak, cherry and maple since they are strong enough to hold up against frequent use. Other woods like pine, birch or poplar can also work if they are properly treated before being used. Before starting the project, make sure to sand down any rough spots or splinters on the wood to ensure a smooth surface.

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The Basics of Designing Your Candle Holder

For those wanting to craft their own unique set of wooden candle holders, there are a few considerations one must take into account before beginning the project. First, what type of wood will you need? There are many types available – from the traditional oak and pine to sleek walnut and cherry. It’s important to consider what type of finish you’ll want your created pieces to have. Do you prefer a natural look or something more polished? Depending on the design, using different color stains or paints may give the wooden candle holders a nice change of color for interest as well.

Once you’ve decided on the type of wood and finish, think about measurements – make sure that your chosen candles fit snugly inside so that they are secure against any potential tipping. If making multiple holders of varying sizes, use a caliper tool to ensure accuracy when cutting each piece. Furthermore, be sure to plan out where any holes should go so that it lines up with your finished products. Finally, when it comes time to put the pieces together, use a strong adhesive like wood glue or epoxy resin; this will help make sure that your creation stays in tact over time – even if used often!

Preparing the Template

Making wooden candle holders requires some careful planning and preparation before getting started. The first step is to create a template. You can use either a paper template or draw the shape directly onto the wood with a pencil. Make sure that your measurements are accurate and the shape of the candle holder looks symmetrical. Once you’ve finished drawing, trace it onto the wood using a bandsaw or other accurate sawing technique. This will help to ensure you have an even line throughout your project. Once you’ve cut through all of your wooden pieces, make sure to sand them down in order to get rid of any rough edges or uneven surfaces.

Using Techniques to Make Accurate Cuts

Making wooden candle holders can be a fun DIY project. Having the right supplies and techniques before starting out is key to making accurate cuts and creating sturdy candle holders. To make your wooden candle holder, you’ll need woodworking tools such as saws, sanders, drills, and wood glue for assembly.

When selecting the type of wood for your project, think about both structural support and aesthetics. Hardwoods are more durable than softwoods and will provide more stability for the wooden structure. However, certain softer woods, even if not as strong, may be more attractive for a finished product.

Once you have chosen the appropriate wood and provided yourself with quality materials like screws or nails to assemble your candle holder, it’s time to focus on accurate cutting techniques to ensure that all components of your creation fit together perfectly. Bandsaws or table saws should be used when making long straight cuts or curved lines that could pose difficulty using a circular saw blade. The addition of spacers can help maintain exact measurements while cutting multiple pieces at once. A planer or belt sander can be used to attain the perfectly smooth finish to each component prior to assembly.

With reliable tools in hand and the proper cutting techniques in mind, you now have all the resources required for an excellent do-it-yourself homemade candle holder setup!

Connecting the Pieces Together

There are different ways of connecting the pieces of wood together to make wooden candle holders. One way is to use screws and nails, which will help hold the pieces securely in place. Another option is to use glues and adhesives that can provide a good bond between the wood pieces. A third way is to use dowels, which involve creating holes in the two pieces of wood that will fit tight around the dowel when it is inserted. There may also be other methods or combinations of these techniques that can be used depending on what type of design you are trying to create.

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Finishing and Finishing Details

After the base elements of your wooden candle holder have been assembled, you should finish the piece with a protective coating. The primary goal of a finish is to protect it from dust, dirt and moisture. Depending on the type of wood used for the project, you will need to use either oil or lacquer based finishes.

Start by sanding down any rough spots or chips on the surface using both a fine-grain and medium-grit sandpaper. Once complete, wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust particles. Then apply an even coat of finish following the specific instructions on the canister. Allow ample time for drying before progressing with successive coats if needed.

Once sufficient layers of finish have been applied and allowed to adequately dry, you may want to add peripheral details such as decorative trim or painted decorations to the completed piece. If opting for painting instead of staining and finishing in one step, prepare and prime surfaces first – then apply desired colors or artwork as desired. After all surfaces have dried properly seal them with a final clear layer of lacquer for protection.

Time to Get Crafting!

The tools you will need to make wooden candle holders are: a jigsaw, drill, hammer and nails, sandpaper, and wood glue. To begin, select a type of wood for your project. You could use recycled wood from an old pallet or furniture piece, or purchase finished lumber at a home improvement store. Be sure to get enough wood to make two sets of holders – one for each end of the candle.

Once you have the wood selected, it’s time to measure and cut it into pieces. Using a tape measure and pencil, mark where you want the pieces cut with a jigsaw. Make sure that the four pieces match up when assembled together. Once the cuts are made on each piece of wood, sand all sides until smooth to create uniform shapes.

To assemble the candle holders, line up each piece so they fit snugly together in a circle shape. Use wood glue along with nails hammered into place into predrilled holes to secure them together firmly. Wait for the glue to dry completely before trying out your new creation! Lastly you can stain or paint your wooden candle holder however you like—the possibilities are endless!


Once you have assembled your wooden candle holders, you can enjoy their beauty and the satisfaction of having made them yourself! Place candles inside the holders to complete their look. Lighting these candles provides a warm glow from within and an inviting atmosphere. They make lovely accents in any home. Adding a few decorative carvings or designs to the holders will give them an even more special touch. You could also consider staining the wood for a unique effect. With just some wood, tools, and time, you have created a beautiful way to enjoy the ambiance that candlelight provides!

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