Professional Candle Making Starter Kit

The craft of candle making dates back over 4,000 years to Ancient Egypt and has since been used as offering to the gods in religious ceremonies throughout the ages. Today, crafting a candle is still a popular practice employed to soothe spirits, meditate or create decorative centerpieces for any household. With the professional introductory Candle Making Starter Kit, aspiring enthusiasts can easily get started on their journey to becoming experienced candle makers.

The kit includes supplies like a wax melting pot, thermometer, one pound of beeswax pellets, five pre-tabbed cotton wicks and 25 1/2” dixie cups – providing all the necessities for creating an entire collection of candles in various styles and sizes. The directions provided also supply helpful advice showing beginners how to select appropriate sizes and types of containers for holding the wax and correctly printing out labels for sealing each candle when completed.

Although it’s not necessary, additional tools like centering devices or wick bars can be purchased separately if users want to obtain even results and increased control during the process.

Before beginning their project with the starter kit, users should familiarize themselves with the basics of melting wax, setting up molds safely and different types of wicks available – each which influence the design of candles produced. Once comfortable with fundamentals of candle crafting there are endless combinations that can be made whether adding colors or scents according to personal preference or exploring finishing techniques like layering or marbleizing by blending multiple layers of wax together.

With dedication and this Professional Candle Making Starter Kit however you will quickly able to transform simple ingredients into stunning handcrafted display pieces that are truly yours.

Types of Candle Making Kits

Gel Wax Candle Making Kits

Gel wax candle making kits are becoming increasingly popular for experienced and novice candle makers alike. The kit typically includes a heated gel wax container, wicks, a thermometer, fragrance oil, and molds for creating colorful designs and shapes. Gel wax is able to hold more fragrance than traditional waxes and can produce interesting color effects.

Moreover, because the heated containers are designed to be airtight, the gel wax does not emit vapors when burning. This makes gel wax candles ideal for anyone looking for a safe option that still offers a lot of creative potential.

The downside to using a gel wax candle making kit is that the candles can be more expensive than regular ones due to the cost of the gel container and supplies. Additionally, while you can achieve beautiful results with gel wax candles, they do require much more knowledge and technique than regular candles if you want them to look perfect.

Soy Wax Candle Making Kits

Soy wax candle making kits contain all of the necessary items to create soy-based candles safely and effectively. The kit usually includes soy-based scenting oils such as essential oils or fragrance oil blends, wicks, pouring equipment (such as double boilers or melting pots), molds for shaping your desired shape or design as well as optional colorants if desired.

Soy-based candles have become popular in recent years due to their natural ingredients which make them safe options for those sensitive to petrochemicals found in paraffin-based products. Furthermore, since soy burns cleaner than other types of waxes it produces less smoke which creates a longer lasting scent throughout your home or office environment.

On the other hand, soy wax can be difficult to work with since it melts at different temperatures depending on its state – solid vs liquid form – thus needing special temperature regulation during the pouring process so that it holds its desired shape perfectly without leaking out any of the scenting oils inside it before fully solidifying.

As such this limits the room for mistakes for amateur users who do not have much experience working with this type of material in conjunction with delicate pour temperatures that need to be kept constant throughout each application cycle otherwise you risk ruining your project from start if not monitored properly at all times devoid of any distractions during key steps thereof.

Paraffin Wax Candle Making Kits

Paraffin is one of most commonly used in candle-making because it tends to be easier to work with than soy or gel. Paraffin based kits comes along with further fewer items compared to other types such as paraffin was cubes, ready complete melting pots, wicks, fragrance oils, dyes & glitters, heating elements, thermometer equipment just like any other.

Unlike tricky gel versions that require highly technical devices machines for pumping melted substance out into place whilst attaining prefect measures, paraffin cubes turn much simpler job cause all user needs are just melt cubes into pot then disperse agents upon cool off phase while utilizing attractive yet easy molds designed upon easy pour tabs around mold outsides.

However those same easy tugging factors bring some price responsibility therefore extra cost within certain proportions assembled up against other modes might look somehow expensive anyways bearing take away stylish shapes cube size blocks offer simultaneously whereas cost average eventually make sense regarding decent presentation our hands can deliver over time through sensible practice investments invested beforehand.

Candle Making Supplies List

  • Wax Melting Pot OR Wax Melter: A wax melting pot or melter is used to safely melt the wax for your candles. The melting process is monitored by a controlling thermostat and should be regularly maintained.
  • Metal Pouring Jug OR Plastic Pouring Pitcher: A metal or plastic pouring jug is essential for measuring and transporting melted wax from the wax pot safely and effectively. The pouring jug will also protect you against direct contact with melted hot wax.
  • Thermometers: Temperature-controlled instruments are absolutely essential in the candle making process. They must be accurate thermometers that provide readings of candle wax temperatures throughout the entire process.
  • Fragrance Oils: Quality fragrance oils are an important part of candle making. To appease personal preferences, many practitioners prefer to blend their own scent combinations using high quality essential oils.
  • Mold Sealant: Before pouring hot melted wax into a mold, it’s necessary to protect the sides with some type of a barrier. Mold sealant prevents candles from sticking to molds when fully solidified, and provides an extra layer of protection against potential burn injuries.
  • Candle Wicks: A strong wick will hold up better in hot melted wax and burning flames. Synthetic wicks are less expensive than cotton wicks, though they’re not as popular due to their lack of natural properties.
  • Laboratory Beaker: Laboratory beakers can come in various sizes and design depending on what kind of a mixture you wish to measure. They make cleaning up spilled wax much easier during production processes.
Candle Making Supplies Needed

Aside from these core supplies, additional tools such as digital scales, double boilers, rubber spatulas, stirring rods, dyed color crayons for coloring purposesm tin snips (for trimming off errant wicks) should also be considered for quality results in candle-making. In certain cases, backers may also require containers such as jars or tins that can withstand higher temperatures without compromising quality safety standards when burning.

Depending on whether you’re creating container candles or household pillars both require different types of moulds that need to correctly work together in order for successful end-products.

Candle Making Steps

Candle making is a rewarding and creative activity, with the potential to make beautiful pieces of art. Professional-level candle making supplies can help aspiring artisans take their craft to the next level. However, a successful and enjoyable candle-making experience requires more than just supplies – one must know how to use them in an effective way.

Fortunately, the process does not need to be intimidating. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions for creating candles out of pro-level supplies, along with images that show what each step should accomplish.

Heating Wax

The first step to professional candle making is heating wax properly. If the wax is too hot or too cold while working with it, it may crack and have trouble holding shape when cooled. To avoid this, use either a double boiler or melting pot specifically designed for candle making.

Place desired wax in the top pan or pot and fill bottom container 1/2 way with water before turning flame on low/medium heat and stirring constantly until smooth and liquidy (wax will smoke around 140 degrees F). Using gloves or tongs to safely handle heated wax is recommended as it will remain hot during pouring.

Pouring Wax

Once wax has melted, it can carefully be poured into prepared molds or containers. Be sure to have prepped these prior by ensuring they are clean, dry, and free from debris/dust that could affect curing time or leave bumps on cool surfaces of finished product (or heat resistant mats if not using special molds).

Practice letting wax evenly coat interior surfaces of mold(s) until all sections reach expected level before starting cooling process (which begins immediately after pouring). Make sure pouring temperature does not exceed 175 degrees F for optimal pour results as well as safe handling potentials afterwards.

Adding Scent & Colour

When ready, add essential oil based scent (up to 2% ratio) or gel colours as desired before allowing candle(s) to completely cool down so wax hardens around container edges – usually about 24 hours post pour depending on cooling environment/conditions; 72 hours being optimum curing time prior to test burning sample piece(s).

Be aware that dyes can ‘bleed’ into other sections of casing during cooling process; placing wick in centre once cooled helps keep everything in place and adds extra layer of safety against stain spreading further inside sample piece’s walls while also serving its main purpose when lit – indirectly helping fuel candle’s warmth beyond simply burning wick itself.

Advantages of Using a Professional Candle Making Starter Kit

Using a professional candle making starter kit has many advantages, as it offers a great way to obtain all the necessary materials needed to start crafting beautiful candles in one convenient package. These kits offer excellent value for price, saving users from having to invest in each component of the process separately.

The comprehensive range of high-quality products which come with the kit allows for an easier and more streamlined approach to creating unique candles that will have a longer lasting, professional finish.

The convenience which comes with this kind of kit makes it ideal for those looking to craft premium quality candles without needing to do extensive research about what materials they should be using. These kits typically include a selection of eco-friendly waxes, wicks and dyes or fragrance oils so users can create luxurious scented or coloured products with ease.

For experienced beginners and amateur makers alike, these kits are designed for professionals who demand only the best materials and results from their creations.

In addition to being cost effective and convenient, these kits also offer a wealth of inspiration and education about the craft of candle making; ranging from guidance on safety advice when melting wax, to directions about mixing different types of dyes or fragrances together for unique results.

As well as containing everything needed for basic candle making, a professional starter kit often provides access to many more tools such as extra wick sizes or additional blends that will help take your creativity to another level.

What Wax Is Clear For Candle Making?

Using a Professional Candle Making Kit for Gifts and Craft Fairs

Candle making can be a rewarding endeavor both creatively and financially. Unlike a beginner candle making kit, professional-level kits provide the necessary supplies for creators to expand their repertoire and make larger batches. Here is a list of sources for selling or gifting handmade candles with customer reviews.

  • Etsy

    Etsy buyers are used to purchasing handmade goods, so it’s perfect for those who just want to sell a few candles. Customers have reported an easy checkout process and quick shipping times. Most sellers post photos of each product so buyers know exactly what they will be receiving.

  • Facebook Marketplace

    Facebook Marketplace has grown in popularity since its launch in 2016, and now provides an easy way to list items with minimal fees. Buyers noted that customer service was quick and efficient and provided helpful guidance whenever needed. Delivery was also fast and reliable.

  • Craft Fairs/Flea Markets

    Attending Craft Fairs or Flea Markets provides the most direct interaction with potential customers seeking one-of-a-kind items, like handcrafted candles from high quality ingredients made with a professional candle kit. Customers commented on the whimsical designs which caught their attention, as well as rave reviews about the smells, colors, and packaging.

Tips and Tricks for Professional Candle Making with a Starter Kit

Pay Attention to Safety

One of the most important things to consider when starting your candle-making journey is safety. Every year, thousands of homes are damaged due to faulty candle-making procedures, so it’s vital that you take all the necessary safety precautions. Ensure you work in a well-ventilated area and familiarize yourself with how each part of a candle making kit works.

Keep any flammable items away from heat sources, and always wear protective clothing such as aprons and gloves when handling hot wax. Furthermore, make sure your starter kit has all the necessary safety accessories such as thermometers and timers that will help manage temperatures and prevent overheating or burning yourself on hot wax.

Safety for Kids

It is usually advised that children under 10 years old should not participate in candle making activities. If for any reason a minor needs to work with this kit then adult supervision is mandatory. Teaching them about fire safety can also be very effective, showing them how too cautiously avoid dangerous situations involving fire or open flames.

Their hands should never be directly allowed near hot objects without something like an oven mitt or thick cloth in between as direct contact will cause severe burns. Always remember there are many hazards associated with candle and wax making so adults should please pause any activities if they deem the environment unsafe for children or other guests present at the time of the activity.

The Right Wax

Choosing the right type of wax for your project is essential for successful candle making projects. Different types of wax burn at different tempeartures and therefore can vary significantly in hardness, softness and finish quality depending on which one you choose.

Soy wax is especially popular amongst beginners as it melts easily without much fuss and cools down relatively quickly after application so any mistakes can be remedied rather quickly meaning it’s great for novice users who are still getting used to crafting their own candles.

To really give your creations a professional look and feel you must match appropriate wicks with each type of wax too – usually this information can be found on packaging labels but checking up online resources beforehand can offer valuable insight as well if needed.


The Professional Candle Making Starter Kit is a great option for anyone looking to make their own candles. The comprehensive kit includes all the materials and tools needed to produce a high-quality candle from the comfort of your own home. The starter kit allows users to mix fragrances or opt for unscented candles and come up with creative designs.

With minimal start-up costs and everything provided in just one kit, it makes creating a custom candle easy. In addition, there are additional resources such as online tutorials and guides that provide step-by-step instructions on how to properly create beautiful custom candles.

Overall, using the Professional Candle Making Starter Kit provides so many different benefits for those interested in candle making. It is cost effective, providing all of the necessary tools and materials at an affordable price point.

It also offers convenience as all supplies are included in just one single kit – users won’t have to search around stores trying to find separate items needed for their project. Finally, users can learn useful skills like mixing fragrances together and working with specialty waxes while they enhance their creative abilities in regards to crafting uniquely designed candles for any occasion.

In conclusion, the Professional Candle Making Starter Kit is a great way to start making your own candles affordably and easily right at home. It comes complete with everything that you need in order to make reliable, unique creations while learning more about this fun hobby. With access to helpful resources like online tutorials at your disposal-you cannot go wrong. Check out our store today so you can get started exploring some new ideas – you will not regret it.

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