Scented Candle Making Kit By Lunar Oceans

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If you love making candles, then the Scented Candle Making Kit by Lunar Oceans is just what you need! With this all-in-one kit, it’s easy to create a full range of unique and decorative scented candles.

The kit includes two sizes of wax melts, two different colors of dyes, wicks, and scent chips that can be used to make lavender, white tea and jasmine candles. Each candle will last up to 10 hours with an average burn time of 8 hours after being poured. In addition, there are complete directions on how to set up your candle area and begin creating your own custom-blended scented creations right away.

To help guide you through the process, informative videos have been included for each step. These videos show viewers how easy it is to melt wax, select colors from the dye chart provided in the kit, add scent chips for desired aromas and mix ingredients together using a stir stick before pouring the candle wax into its respective mold.

After following these steps as outlined in the video tutorials, customers will find that they have created their very own special scented candles; whether it is for themselves or as a gift for someone special. The possibilities for creative designs are endless with this Scented Candle Making Kit!

Tips & Tricks

1. Ensure the wax is at an appropriate temperature when pouring the candle molds. If it is too hot, it could cause bubble build up and impair the scent of your candles.

2. Allow candles to cool down completely before removing from mold. The wax shrinks as it cools and if removed prematurely may collapse in on itself and ruin your design!

3. Preserve the life of your candles by trimming the wick prior to lighting each use to about 1/4 inch. This stops flare up, smoke and possible sooting that can impact burn performance and scent throw.

4. Place the scented oil droplets evenly around the melted wax surface before cooling for more even mix and representation of the scent blend throughout your candle.
5. If a particular scent isn’t holding, add an extra drop of essential oil or fragrance to maximize strength while still ensuring a pleasant aroma that won’t overpower a room!
6. For best results, position pillar candle in location not exposed to direct sunlight or drafts which can lead to uneven burning or tunnelling!
7. Keep any unused unscented wax stored away in a cool dark place – do not leave out in a warm environment as this can slim down the wax consistency making it too runny for casting properly into molds!

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Before and After Photos

Before Photo: This photo should show the components of the Scented Candle Making Kit. The kit includes a candle wax, wick, a container, different scents such as lavender or citrus, and decorations like glitter and dried herbs.

After Photo: This photo should show an example of a finished scented candle created with the kit. The candle could show off some of the possible customization possibilities ” for example, one section of the container could be decorated with gold glitter while another area contains dried rose petals to make a beautiful flickering light in any room.

Recommended Supplies

• Glitter: Adding glitter to the wax in your candle making kit can add a festive, sparkly look.

• Stencils: Using stencils to create patterns on the wax can give it a personalized and decorative touch.

• Embeds: Adding eye-catching embeds such as jimmies or wax shapes, subjects, etc., can add that something special.

• Wax Coloring: Flavoring and coloring the wax itself can create beautiful and unique color combinations that are sure to impress your guests.

• Decorative Containers/Jars: Selecting different containers or jars will give your candles a one-of-a-kind look. You could also choose to use mason jars or Mason jar lids for an even more rustic appeal.

• Wax Additives: Choosing additives such as beeswax, paraffin wax, stearine flakes, coconut oil, essential oils, and vegetable oils will add various properties to the finished candle giving it that extra something special!


The Scented Candle Making Kit from Lunar Oceans contains an enjoyable selection of fragrances, giving users the opportunity to pick their favorite scents and create beautiful and unique candles. Customers can choose from a range of traditional scents such as lavender, sandalwood, almond, vanilla, and jasmine, as well as more contemporary aromas including coconut lime verbena, eucalyptus mint, gingerbread, cranberry zest and fresh linen.

For those looking to find their best scent match, comparisons can be made between the different fragrances that are available. For instance, while both sandalwood and almond offer warm earthy notes that evoke comforting qualities sought after in many candles, they differ in terms of complexity ” almond has a slightly sweeter character with hints of marzipan and cinnamon with a slight citrus flavor while sandalwood has more depth with spicy undertones. Coconut lime verbena has an uplifting perfume due to its combination of herbal top notes with a hint of fruity sweetness at the base; meanwhile eucalyptus mint creates an invigorating ambiance thanks to its crisp herbal aroma which is combined with a cool and refreshing finish. In contrast to these two sublime blends is the classic gingerbread which takes us back to holiday memories of baking sweet treats at Christmas or Thanksgiving; it’s robust spiciness will bring warmth into any room no matter how cold the winter weather outside may be! Additionally those seeking something lighter or fruitier would benefit from selecting cranberry zest, which offers balance between sweet tartness and subtle acidity on the nose; alternatively for a feeling of serenity fresh linen perfumes offer also incredibly relaxing properties distinguished by floral nuances.

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In conclusion then by choosing this elaborate collection you are sure to find something perfect for your tastes ” cuddled up on the sofa during cooler months or opening your windows wide during summer days; whichever way you can take delight in these rich aromas through the Lunar Oceans candle making Kit.

User Testimonials

1. “I purchased the Lunar Oceans Scented Candle Making Kit and have been really impressed with the results! After using the kit I made two beautiful scented candles that burned wonderfully. Highly recommended!”- Joe P., Amazon reviewer

2. “I’ve always wanted to try my hand at candle making and the Lunar Oceans Scented Candle Making Kit was a great starting point! I’m so pleased with how my first candle turned out that I’m already planning on making more.” – Emily L., Etsy customer

3. “The instructions that were included were detailed and easy to follow. All in all, this kit was worth every penny! The candles I created were light, smelled great, and burned for hours!” – Gina J., Facebook review

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