Silver Dollar City Candle Making

Introduction to Silver Dollar City Candle Making

Silver Dollar City Candle Making offers a process that is ideal for all those interested in making their own, handmade candle. This specialized process allows individuals to handcraft their candle from start to finish. People can come in and pick from a selection of high-quality wax, scents, and vessels for their candles. Users are shown how to assemble the ingredients into the vessel, and then how to properly melt the wax. The benefits of having a handmade candle go beyond just physical aesthetics. Handcrafted candles often provide a psychological benefit and connect people with nostalgic feelings or emotions tied to a scent or design choice. Once completed, users can bring home something they have created themselves – something unique meant just for them.

As an example, imagine somebody selecting a warm cherry blossom wax and pouring this into an antique ceramic rose dish as the vessel. To set the atmosphere even further they can also add some dried flowers that enhance the floral theme of the candle, producing a bouquet right in their living room when lit! No matter what one selects or chooses to do with it – Silver Dollar City Candle Making offers all those interested the chance create something personal and powerful through scent, touch, and sight.

The History of Silver Dollar City Candle Making

Silver Dollar City candle making has a long and proud history. Its roots are believed to stretch back to the days of European settlers who used beeswax and tallow to create candles. Over time, these settlers developed new techniques, taking inspiration from Native Americans, who already had a wide array of handmade candles in the region. In the 1800s, candle making evolved further as craftsmen turned their artistic talents towards creating beautiful hand-dipped and carved creations.

The traditional style of Silver Dollar City candle making has been passed down through generations. Every region has its own distinct style and traditions and this is true for this craftsmanship as well. The most common type of Silver Dollar City candlestick would feature a flared base with multiple detachable arms that could spin freely around it, creating mesmerizing patterns of light. This is called the spinning wheel technique and remains popular even today. While some styles have evolved due to modern technology, many shops still stick closely to traditional methods when creating these unique works of art.

Supplies Needed for Silver Dollar City Candle Making


1. Wax (Paraffin or Soy): Wax is the base ingredient for making candles and it can be bought in bulk from many online vendors. Examples include Bulk Apothecary, CandleScience, and Michaels.

2. Wicks: An essential part of candle making, the right size of wick can make or break a candle! They can be purchased in packs or individually from places like Acsentials and CharmCountryCandles on Etsy.

3. Container: This could be a glass jar, tin container, Mason Jar or even an old soup can! Many craft stores, such as Joanns or Michael’s and some thrift stores sell empty containers specifically for making candles that you could use for your project.

4. Dye & Fragrance: This is used to give the candles their desired color and a pleasant aroma when lit! Colored dyes specifically designed for use in candle making can be purchased from most craft stores and online vendors such as Luxury Lane Candles. Fragrances designed for use in candles are available from many online sellers as well including Meadow Creek Candle Company and Natures Garden Candles.

Soap and Candle Making Supplies Calgary

1. Melting Pot: A melting pot is usually preferred over microwaving wax to melt it since it helps heat wax evenly without burning it or high temperatures that might damage essential oils added to the mixture. You can find melting pots at most craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc or you could look into AmazonBasics stainless steel melting pot or Kombuis Stainless Steel Double Boiler Pot on Amazon which are great options!

2. Thermometer: Using thermometers to keep the temperature of melted wax at a certain level ensures consistency when pouring the candles. If a thermometer isn’t used accurately then your candles may end up with air pockets which will prevent them from burning properly so having one of these handy makes life so much easier! Thermometers can be found in most home improvement/hardware stores or alternatively check out Winco DP25 TC Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer on Amazon too!

3. Pouring Pitcher: When pouring two different types of wax together having a pouring pitcher will help keep things neat and tidy instead of having drips down the side of your workspace! Most hobby shops should have small pitchers available but if not then try searching on Etsy with keywords “ceramic pouring pitcher” – there’ll definitely be something that’ll get the job done here!

Step-by-Step Guide to Silver Dollar City Candle Making

Silver Dollar City candle making is a fun, creative activity you can enjoy with friends and family. It’s easy to get started! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Gather your supplies: You’ll need wax, wicks, containers, fragrances of your choice, dyes (if desired), a thermometer, stirring utensils (wooden spoon), and a double boiler or electric melting pot.

2. Melt the wax: Place a few inches of water in the bottom of your double boiler or electric melting pot and bring to boiling over low heat. Put the wax in the top pan and melt slowly until it reaches around 180°F/82°C on the thermometer. Alternatively, you can use hot tap water in place of the double boiler if you are careful not to burn yourself. Note that while melting bath or gel candles will require temperatures between 130°F/54°C to 190°F/88°C.

3. Blend fragrances and colourants: Add an appropriate amount of fragrance or essential oil to the melted wax – typically between 0.5% and 2%. Then carefully add dyes to achieve your desired colour and blend with a wooden spoon until all colour is completely dispersed throughout the wax.

4. Pour into container: Once your wax has cooled slightly (between 150°F/65 °C – 175 °F / 79 °C for jar candles), it’s time to pour it into containers. Place wicks carefully in each container before pouring so they are centered when finished cooling down.

5. Trim wick: Once everything has fully cooled and solidified, take scissors or wick trimmers to remove excess from the tops of each candle. This ensures your candles will burn evenly once lit!

Different Aroma, Color, and Design Options

Silver Dollar City Candle Making offers a variety of aroma, color, and design options to create customized candles with a special touch. Guests can choose from an array of scents such as drops of pineapple, swirls of lavender, or waves of citrus to make the perfect candle. Selecting a color is just as easy with varied hues ranging from creamy white to rich navy and many shades in between. The fun doesn’t stop there; guests can further customize their candle with a unique pattern like polka dots, stripes, or plaid. With so many different combinations to choose from, each guest is sure to go home with a one-of-a-kind piece perfect for gifting themselves or someone else. Do not miss out on the opportunity to create your own masterpiece at Silver Dollar City!

Troubleshooting Common Silver Dollar City Candle Making Issues

One of the most common issues faced by candle makers at Silver Dollar City is a wick that won’t stay lit. This issue is usually caused by a clogged wick, and can be corrected by trimming the top of the wick with scissors or using a lint remover. When trimming, make sure not to cut too close and leave at least 1/8” of exposed wick. It’s also important to keep your wicks free from dust or dirt build-up, as this will restrict oxygen from getting to the flame and cause it to go out. If you are having trouble keeping your candles lit, use a candle snuffer to help limit the amount of air getting moved around the room when burning the candle.

Best Essential Oils For Candles Making

Another common issue faced when making candles at Silver Dollar City is wax that won’t harden. This can often be caused by adding too much fragrance or essential oil to the wax. Start by making a few test batches first before adding any oils or fragrances so that measurements can be adjusted accordingly. If you find yourself still having difficulty with hardening wax, try adding more beeswax or other types of wax such as paraffin or soy to your mixture during melting. With some trial and error these tips should help you come up with a successful candle recipe!

Finishing Up Silver Dollar City Candle Making

Finishing Up Silver Dollar City Candle Making – Once the wax has cooled and hardened, it is time to trim off the excess wick and finish the candle. For a taper candle, you will also want to cut the top and bottom of each end of the finished candle at an angle, so that they fit in a taper holder more easily. Also, if you want to strengthen your candles and keep them straight, it is recommended that adding some lightweight glue to the base before inserting them into their holders or containers.

If you plan on displaying or packaging your candle at home, there are many creative options available. Glass jars are popular to use for beautiful display pieces. If you have molds with interesting shapes or colors, like hearts or stripes, these can be quite eye-catching when presented in a nice container. For a vintage look, try wrapping your candles with brown paper and adding twine for decoration. For fancier presentations, consider getting personalized gift wrappings or gift bags from local craft stores. With a bit of creativity and imagination, your homemade candles can make perfect gifts for all occasions!

Closing Thoughts on Silver Dollar City Candle Making

Closing Thoughts on Silver Dollar City Candle Making – At Silver Dollar City, we are passionate about preserving the craft of candle making and allowing our guests to see firsthand the majesty of this craft. Each visit to the workshop is an opportunity to explore and marvel at the process and art of creating a quality candle by hand. We strive to show our guests that through time and art, it is possible to craft something truly beautiful. We also encourage everyone who visits to further explore this craft, by taking home a few simple tools such as beeswax, molds, and thermometers so they can make their very own candles in their spare time. Candle making doesn’t just have to be a solitary activity; it can be enjoyed with friends or family too! Silver Dollar City proudly offers an experience for all ages who dare enter its workshop gates; an experience filled with beauty, charm, and magic.

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