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Candles used to be a symbol of tradition, but in recent years they have become much more than that. Along with creating ambiance and mood, candle scents have been proven to provide incredible health benefits. Slow North Candle Making specializes in providing luxurious soy candles with long-lasting scents for aromatherapy treatments.

Scent combinations are key when it comes to aromatherapy benefits and Slow North offers an extensive selection of unique mixtures that can help reduce stress, support emotional well being, & improve physical health. Popular scent combinations include: jasmine + lavender for relaxation; lemon + peppermint for energy; sage + chamomile for focus; and sandalwood + bergamot for calming anxiety.

In addition to these combinations, individuals may also create their own unique blend by choosing 2 or 3 favorite scents! About 20 drops per 6-ounce candle will sufficiently infuse the wax blend with natural fragrance oils, allowing a pleasant aromatic experience when lit. Whether you’re trying to create an inviting atmosphere at home or replenish your depleted energies while on the go, Slow North Candle Making can certainly help deliver the perfect dose of aroma therapy!

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Slow North Candle Making is a candle-making company based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2012 by two University of Texas at Austin graduates, this company has quickly become a beloved part of the city and an iconic addition to the local craftsmanship scene.

The founders of Slow North began making candles as a creative outlet prior to starting the company. After extensive experimentation with different types of waxes and fragrances, they released their first set of scented candles. Word quickly spread around Austin about these new hand-poured soy wax creations that burn longer and cleaner than paraffin candles. People from all over started ordering them, allowing Slow North to expand upon their production and product line.

Since then, Slow North has grown substantially and have broadened their range to include various apothecary items such as body soap, essential oils, and bath salts. All of which are made using only natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced right here in the United States. They also created a unique program called Tincture Collective that partners with local businesses and influencers to develop custom blends that capture a certain place or lifestyle.

Through consistent quality products, thoughtful business practices such as carefully selecting sustianable ingredients and packaging materials, slow north has developed deep relationships with many other popular handmade companies around the area producing some unique collaborations in recent years like their collaboration with Black Faun Chocolates or Plant Provisions retailer store. This dedication to crafting thoughtful experiences for people across all ages has allowed Slow north’s popularity to grow exponentially since its beginnings in 2012″it’s now sold in more than 300 stores nationwide! It’s no wonder why it’s considered one of the best local makers in Austin!

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Slow North Candle Making should be paired with meditation as a holistic way to slow down, tune in, and be mindful. There are many ways to create a calming atmosphere while making candles. Consider playing peaceful music low in the background and burning incense or essential oils to set the right mood. Incorporate calming breathing exercises and visualization imagery into the candle-making process. Focus on connecting with the scent of the wax, which can improve self-awareness and be grounding to your intentions.

Using candles as part of a mindfulness practice can help to focus your attention on something other than disturbing thoughts or feelings that arise while engaging in self-reflection activities. Burning candles may help to signal that it is time for meditating, maintain a moment of presence during stressful times, or signal an end of taking intentional breaths for centering purposes. During meditation, allow yourself to bask in the light of the burning candle”take note of how its flame flickers with each breath you take and feels intimately connected with your movements. Let its mesmerizing qualities settle any chaotic energy into peacefulness and relaxation in body, mind, and spirit.

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Slow North is a family-owned, local candle shop based in Austin, Texas. Not only does the company focus on providing quality handmade candles, but also giving back to their local community. Through volunteer events, donations and partnerships with different organizations, Slow North continues to support the people and places that shape their beloved city.

One way that Slow North gives back is through its yearly charitable program called The Light Giver Society. This program allows customers to buy donation cards to be sent directly to different charities each season to support individuals in need of encouragement and care.

Additionally, Slow North encourages employees to get involved by joining volunteer efforts throughout Austin. The team uses their collective skill sets and resources to assist underfunded schools, feed the hungry and homeless of Austin, help maintain parks for recreational purposes and more throughout the year.

The company’s commitment to giving back extends beyond those items mentioned above: • Each month $2 from each candle purchased is allocated toward funding college scholarships for children from deserving families who demonstrate financial need.• Area schools receive reduced prices on all purchases towards third grade reading initiatives or other educational projects or extracurricular activities.• Least Preferred Produce boxes are purchased each Saturday morning during prime shopping hours at farmers markets around town in order help benefit struggling local farmers and get healthier food options into underserved areas of Austin quickly and inexpensively.

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Through these various charitable efforts, Slow North has shown time and time again that they are active members of their community dedicated to making a positive impact across Austin while empowering people with job opportunities and providing sustainable candles using ethically sourced ingredients whenever possible

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Slow North Candle Making is a concept of creating homemade candles and related projects in a conscious, mindful way. The Slow North approach incorporates sustainable and ethical practices into the process of creating beautiful and unique handmade candles. Sustainable techniques such as using natural waxes, recycled containers, and eco-friendly production methods are encouraged to ensure that your end product does not compromise on ethics or sustainability. DIY projects shared offer practical step-by-step tutorials for candle making, essential oil blending, wick testing and dyeing wax amongst other creative ideas. Additionally, Slow North provides tutorials and advice on incorporating spiritual symbology into your handcrafted pieces. Ideas center around including symbolic elements connected with moon cycles, planets and energies through scent selection and visual design to blend conscious intentions with practicality. The goal of this project is to build community around a slower movement towards smarter candle making enabling everyone from pre-teens to adults the opportunity to join in on the mindful creation process!

Explore Brand Collaborations

Slow North Candle Making has worked with several notable brand collaborations:

1. Madewell – Slow North created limited edition sea-salt and palo santo candles that were sold by Madewell in select stores nationwide. This helped to increase the exposure of Slow North’s products to a more mainstream audience, as well as help widen their customer base.

2. Urban Outfitters – Urban Outfitters recently carried a selection of Slow North’s soy wax candles, which allowed them to reach millennials who may not have previously known about the company.

3. Glossier – To coincide with their new fragrance line, Glossier worked with Slow North to create custom scented pillars for their first-ever launch party in L.A. This gave Slow North an amazing amount of promotion and publicity since many high profile celebrities attended the launch event.

Brand collaborations like these ones allow companies like Slow North to broaden their reach and increase their overall impact within the retail industry, gaining customers from all walks of life and any age group that may have otherwise missed out on their services or products. By collaborating with a variety of different well-known brands in different sectors, they can gain a larger audience while also building valuable relationships in the process!

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