Social Enterprise Making Candles In Boston With Iraqi Women


The social enterprise of candle making in Boston, MA is an inspiring and unique collaboration between Iraqi women and local volunteers. Through this program, the Iraqi women are working to build more secure livelihoods for themselves and their families in a new country. This project has brought young and old from the local community together with a common purpose: to make handmade candles with all natural ingredients and using traditional methods, while helping to empower those who otherwise would not have access to such economic opportunities. In doing so, these Iraqi women are developing important skills that will help them become more self-sufficient as they transition into life in America. The candle making process is a creative outlet for the Iraqi women and also allows them to earn a steady income every month. The candles made through this initiative are sold locally at farmers markets, online stores, craft fairs, boutiques, and other outlets across Boston. Not only does this program combat displacement and poverty experienced by these women immigrants, but it also enables the integration of diverse culture within the greater Boston area.

History Of The Iraqi Women In Boston

In the 1980s, a large number of Iraqi immigrants began coming to Boston in an effort to escape from their country’s violent conflicts. This wave of Iraqi refugees first settled in the predominantly Arab neighborhoods located in the Greater Boston area like Somerville, Brookline, and Everett. These communities provide cultural support for those who come from Iraq as well as a strong sense of identity and communal solidarity.

Over the past few decades, Iraqi women have helped establish themselves in Boston’s culture and economy. They have found jobs in technology, finance and education while also working to create small businesses. One example of a woman-owned business that has been successful is a social enterprise making candles run by an Iraqi woman entrepreneur. The company works with other refugee women from Iraq and beyond, employing them to make hand-crafted candles using natural ingredients like oil, shea butter and beeswax sourced from Iraq. The majority of employees are refugees themselves who use their skills to supplement their income while helping rebuild their community’s economic stability through a shared entrepreneurial venture. The enterprise has been very successful given the quality of its craftsmanship and luxurious designs, inspiring many others in similar situations around Boston while shining light on the importance of supporting refugee women’s economic empowerment initiatives.

Creation Of The Social Enterprise By Iraqi Women In Boston

A group of Iraqi women in Boston recently created a social enterprise venture, focused on candle-making. The business has allowed these women to use their existing knowledge and skills to craft unique and beautiful creations, while also helping them to support their families through the sales.

The idea for the venture emerged when the women noticed a shortage of handcrafted Jordanian candles in Boston. After months of close cooperation and discussion, they decided that this opportunity was something they had the skills to take on as a social endeavour.

Since then, the business has been steadily growing, and gaining interest from adorers of all kinds — including local gift shops and retailers who are seeking out bespoke pieces for their customers. In fact, the success has been so great that it’s even caught the attention of nearby universities looking to commission custom pieces for use in their research.

The women behind this enterprise see it not only as an excellent way to support themselves financially but also as an avenue that allows them to recognize and showcase a skill from their home country: candle-making. They hope that this business reaches a broader audience and that it is able to continue providing for its creators and investors for many years more.

Factors That Make Candle Manufacturing Successful

To ensure success, there are several key factors to consider when running a social enterprise that manufactures candles in Boston with Iraqi women. First, it is essential that the team has a clear mission and purpose for the business. This should include a detailed business plan that outlines the goals of the social enterprise, along with the means of achieving them. Additionally, training and mentoring programs for the Iraqi women should be put in place which focus on candle-making techniques and philosophies. This will allow them to understand the proper techniques of producing quality candles that meet customer demands. Further, sourcing appropriate materials and supplies is also important so that production is efficient while also keeping costs low. Finally, having an effective marketing strategy in place is necessary to promote the company’s products and services to customers so they can reach their desired levels of success. With all these pieces in place, it’s much more likely that this social enterprise has what it takes to become successful and achieve its mission.

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Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Candlemaking Process

Located in Boston, this social enterprise empowers Iraqi women to use their traditional candlemaking skills to make handmade candles. The candles are created with natural products such as beeswax, essential oils and pure cotton wicks. Every item is made with careful attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality product possible.

To understand the behind-the-scenes process of creating these unique candles, one must gain an appreciation for the complexity and dedication required by these women craftsman. To begin, the candlemakers acquire high-quality raw materials as mentioned above. They carefully proportion each ingredient, and then use a combination of hand-pouring and hand-dipping techniques to form each candle into a variety of shapes including pillars and columns – although no two are ever exactly alike. Once cooled and hardened, the stems are trimmed neatly to create a smooth finish. Lastly, each production batch is tested for scent throw and flame intensity before being finally approved for sale. This arduous but thoughtful process serves as an example of what can be accomplished when tradition meets modern creativity and skillful craftsmanship!

Benefits Of Supporting This Social Enterprise

This social enterprise is a unique opportunity to provide meaningful, lasting opportunities for Iraqi women in Boston. By supporting this social enterprise, you are helping empower these women through work and education. Additionally, the noble cause of creating sustainable jobs for refugees aligns perfectly with the values of most people within the Boston area, who want to help individuals rebuild their lives in a safe environment. This, in turn, helps achieve an overall sense of inclusion and belonging within the local community. By purchasing candles made by these brave refugees, you’re not only showing your support for a great cause but also contributing to sustainable job growth in your local economy. Furthermore, it reinforces that refugees have valuable skills that they can bring to our communities; this encourages other businesses to provide similar job opportunities so more refugee women can find meaningful work.

Challenges Faced By The Iraqi Women and How They Are Overcoming Them

The Iraqi women that are part of the social enterprise making candles in Boston are facing many challenges. This includes learning how to make the candles, adapting to living in a new country, dealing with communication barriers, and connecting with a new culture. These women must learn to overcome language barriers, access resources for employment opportunities, strengthen job skills, and become self-sufficient.

To help these women overcome these hurdles, the social enterprise has created an intensive training program. This program provides them with education about candle-making techniques as well as classes for job readiness and preparation. They also have access to resources on how to write resumes and prepare for interviews when looking for employment opportunities. In addition, the social enterprise helps connect each woman with people from her cultural background who can provide her with moral support to help her adjustto her new environment. To ensure success of their endeavours, the team offers mentorship while they set up their businesses which includes instruction on business etiquette and ways to better understand customer needs. Finally, they provide connections through community workshops so they can be empowered by inspiring stories of successful immigrants like themselves.

Importance Of Keeping Up With Sanctions Imposed On Iraq

In recent years, a social enterprise in Boston has been making and selling candles with the help of Iraqi women. By employing these women, the goal of this social enterprise is to help them become economically independent while also gaining knowledge and skills in candle-making. As Iraq continues to suffer from economic hardship due to sanctions imposed in 1990, it becomes increasingly important for citizens to receive aid and support that safely encourages self-sufficiency. To avoid endangering Iraqis as much as possible, global citizens must remain informed about said sanctions prescribed by the United Nations and must adhere to them: meaning any company providing aid or assistance to Iraq cannot provide direct investments or loans, send weapons, military equipment or technology, export luxury goods (such as caviar), or receive Iraqi deposits or provide financial services. Any type of material assistance granted within the country can only be humanitarian (there are no political goals or strategic offers) or technical cooperation related to civilian activities; any agreement regarding investment with Iraq must be in line with UN resolutions. By remaining up-to-date on said sanctions as well as best practices when providing assistance to democracies affected by war—such as Iraq—it is possible to promote economic development while simultaneously safeguarding against contributions made in vain.

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Donations And Support For The Social Enterprise In Boston

The social enterprise in Boston, making candles with Iraqi women, is the result of an inspiring mission among many members of the community. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) launched a project aimed at sustaining refugee women’s livelihoods by providing them start up kits and technical training. This initiative served as a platform for the local NGO to launch their own social enterprise dedicated to empowering refugee women in Boston. The social enterprise focuses on teaching Iraqi women about candle-making and business skills related to weaving, tailoring, and baking so that they could be economically independent and self-sufficient.

The social enterprise has received significant donation and support from members of the local community of Boston. Local organizations have provided financial aid as well as essential supplies such as wax, wicks, dyes, and molds that are necessary for candle making. Other organizations have been offering free classes on business management basics so that these women can learn more about running their own businesses safely and efficiently. Furthermore, several online fundraisers have been organized where people from around the world can donate money for this cause; allowing much-needed funds for rent on factory space and materials needed for production. Without such generosity from so many people, this aspiring endeavor would not be possible today.

Social Media Activities To Spread Awareness

A social enterprise in Boston is creating a meaningful impact by providing training and job opportunities to Iraqi women. This organization uses the sale of handmade, unscented candles to employ and empower women who have fled Iraq, offering them flexibility and stable incomes to support themselves and their families. To spread awareness about their project, they are using social media activities including live video stories and interviews, press releases highlighting individual Iraqi women’s stories and accomplishments, and direct messages via their website announcing the launch of new candle collections. They also publish blog posts that showcase community activities such as pop-up events hosted by local businesses. Additionally, they have developed search engine optimized (SEO) content that highlights the unique aspects of their candles with catchy headlines to keep readers engaged. These campaigns give a voice to the voiceless and serve as an example for other initiatives looking to support refugees from all over the world.

Ways To Get Involved With This Social Enterprise

1. Volunteer Your Time: Volunteers can help the Iraqi women produce candles or to promote the business, as well as provide support structuring the business and strategic planning.

2. Support The Enterprise: You can buy the candles from this social enterprise and gift them to friends, family and colleagues. Additionally, you can also spread the word about this project in your local community by sharing their story on social media and at events.

3. Donate Funds: Donations of money will help cover start-up costs for materials required for candle making, investment in new equipment, or support structural and staffing requirements of operating a successful business.

4. Provide Professional Support: This program could benefit greatly from professional fundraising advice to monitor progress of donations, plus key support in marketing to connect with consumers, increase product visibility and reach larger audiences beyond Boston.


The social enterprise model of local production with the vision of creating global impact has put into action a unique initiative in Boston. It began with an idea to create sustainable employment opportunities for Iraqi women who had experienced displacement and prison-like conditions after being forced to flee their hometowns. Through a combination of government grants, non-profit donations, and corporate support, the initiative has been successful in helping women build skills and progress in the workplace while producing handcrafted items.

With such creative solutions built out of community efforts to support more vulnerable populations, the possibilities are endless. Over one hundred participants have earned professional training and economic empowerment through this program in Boston alone. Moreover, production costs have been cut by two thirds due to smart decisions made around resource sharing and close coordination between project leaders. The hope is that other communities facing similar challenges can draw inspiration from this example and find strength through collective action. With a commitment to solidarity and globalism, it is possible for us to work together towards a better world for all.

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