Soy Blocks For Candle Making

Soy Blocks for Candle Making: A Comprehensive Guide

Candles have been charming and mesmerizing humankind for centuries, from cozy and intimate settings to religious ceremonies. Early candles were made from materials like animal fat, plant extracts, and beeswax, but today’s world has shifted to more sustainable and from-scratch candle materials. Enter soy blocks, an all-natural, vegan and better-for-the-earth option for creating beautiful candles.

What Are Soy Blocks for Candle Making?

Soy blocks are exactly what they sound like – blocks of soy wax designed specifically for candle making. Soy blocks are made from a renewable and sustainable natural resource, 100% pure soy wax. Soy blocks come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your needs, whether it be making several tea lights or a large pillar candle.

The Benefits of Soy Blocks

Soy blocks are perfect for candle makers because they boast several incredible benefits.

  • Toxin-Free: Soy blocks are naturally toxin-free, creating a candle-burning environment with zero toxins.
  • Renewable Resource: Their natural and renewable resource means that the production of soy blocks does not harm the environment.
  • Long-Burning: Soy blocks burn for a long time – up to 50% longer than paraffin wax candles!
  • Better Scent Hot Throw: The hot throw of a soy wax candle is superior to paraffin wax candles, due to the lower melting point that preserves scents better and creates a much fuller scent when the candle is lit.
  • Easy To Clean: Washed away with warm soapy water, soy blocks are incredibly easy to clean up after using!

Soy Blocks for Candle Making – The Basics

  • Storing Soy Blocks: Store soy blocks in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and humidity.
  • Melting Soy Blocks: Use a double boiler to securely heat your soy blocks. It is recommended to not exceed 180–200°F (83–93°C) when melting, as the wax can become brittle if it goes beyond this temperature.
  • Adding Scent: Scented soy blocks can be purchased but you can also easily scent the wax yourself. When the wax is liquid at 180–200°F (83–93°C), add your favored fragrance oil while stirring the wax with a spoon.
  • Container Candles: When pouring container candles, stick to a single pour of wax and let the container cool for at least 24 hours. Another pour or overpour can cause too much wax to be added, causing tunneling.
  • Molds: Use quality molds which are made for use with soy wax, as this type of wax has a lower melting temperature than other waxes.

Making candles with soy blocks is a wonderful way to make your own candles form scratch, and it’s a great option for reducing your chemical and carbon footprint. Plus, learning to make your own candles is therapeutic and fun!

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