Soy Candle Making Kits Nz

Introduction to Soy Candle Making Kits NZ

Soy candle making kits in NZ are a great way to create beautiful, clean-burning scented candles. They provide everything you need to get started with candle making, including wax, wicks, and other materials. The soy wax used is eco-friendly and safe for the environment. Some of the different types of candle making kits available in NZ include beginner’s kits for first-timers, advanced kits for experienced enthusiasts, and scented jar candles kit for ambitious home decorators.

The special techniques included in these work by combining unique scent combinations complemented with attractive colors to form a one-of-a kind design. Special materials can be included such as essential oils and natural dyes to enhance the aroma of the candles. Different size jars should be used depending on your desired outcome such as tealight jars for single dozen sets up to large imprinted glass vessels for wedding parties. Therefore no matter what type or size candles you are interested in creating, soy candle making kits in NZ have something to suit everyone’s requirements.

Choose Quality Supplies When Making a Soy Candle

When making a soy candle, one needs to consider the supplies they will use. The type of essential oils you want to use will depend on the candle’s purpose, the desired scent and any potential allergies you or the recipient may have. Recommended wicks include flat braided cotton core wicks and paper-coated wicks for natural waxes like soy. To determine how much fragrant oil and dye is needed for each batch, guidelines should be followed for each recipe: typically 5-10% fragrance oil concentrates and 0.5-1% dye by weight. Keep in mind that both fragrance oils and dyes are water-soluble so if adding too much of either it can cause your candles to not hold their shape as well as you would like them to when cooled. Additionally, when working with scents and dyes, always wear protective gear such as gloves, eyewear, and a mask; these items can easily be found in most at-home soy candle making kits NZ crafted specially to provide all the tools necessary to get started with candle making today!

Creating Attractive Designs with the Right Size Candle Jar

Soy candle making kits in NZ come with a variety of sizes available for you to choose from. It is important to pick the right size jar for your soy-based candle projects, as it can make a huge difference in how attractive the final product looks. Here are some tips to help you choose the right size candle jar:

1. Consider what type of container fits the style and personality of your project. For example, a large or rounded-edged glass jar may be better suited for a romantic design while smaller containers (like cups or teacups) are ideal for creating an eclectic look.

2. Measure out the amount of liquid wax required beforehand so that you can buy an appropriate-sized vessel that will provide room for all ingredients while still allowing enough space at the top of the container to make trimming and finishing touches easier. Some candle makers prefer wider containers with larger walls that allow more control when pouring and forming candles, whereas some opt for taller and narrower vessels that can make thinner and longer candles without wasting wax in filling too much space upwards.

3. Think about how different colors, patterns, scents, textures, and embellishments like ribbons, beads or jewels could enhance your design and ensure you have enough room left within the vessel to accommodate these elements after adding wax if desired.

To make your finished soy candles extra special, it’s also worth considering decorative items such as removable labels or tags which offer a nice way to personalise gifts or add special messages when gifting your creations. You could even decorate the outside of your containers with ribbons and bows for an extra splash of color!

Beeswax & Oil Candle Making

Burning Tips for Your Soy Candle

Proper Ways of Lighting the Candle

1. Make sure the wick is trimmed to approximately 1/4 inch long after each burn. This will help avoid smoking issues and ensure the candle burns properly.

2. Before lighting your candle, be sure the surface of wax is free of any debris or other material that may impede proper burning.

3. To light your soy candle, use a long stemmed lighter or match held away from your face and body to avoid overheating or an accidental fire hazard.

4. After lighting for more than a few seconds move the flame of the lighter/match across the surface of the wax, this helps reduce smoke and sparks from forming on low temperature wax burning occassionally during it’s use.

5. Gently tilt and rotate your soy candle accordingly in between burns to allow wax pool to reach all areas for a longer even burn time and prevent it from tunneling into one area only as it does with parfffumated candles where all fragrance oils are completely burned away too quickly leaving no remaining scent after some time during burning process

Guidelines to Optimize Burning of Soy Candles
1. Burn your soy candles within sight, never leave unattended while lit or out of reach of children or pets in order to avoid unnecessary heat buildup when they burn excessively long periods of time
2. Place the candle on a level heat-resistant surface, away from kids, pets , windy windows or drafts to help prevent flare up’s;and clean off any spilled wax before relighting again otherwise it can cause smoke production by air currents disturbing how biofuel soaks wick for effective combustion process..
3. Refrain from adding extra wicks as this causes too many points for fuels disperse and may generate more smoke than intended leading potential risk when burning such combustible products..

Things to Be Aware Of During Burning Process:
1. The glass container should be kept at least 10cm apart from furniture surfaces and other objects as heating up can lead to breakage resulting in possible injury caused by hot liquid wax overflowing when not attended closely enough
2. Hot glass container may break due rapid temperature increase ‘so Avoid blowing directly to flame instead just melt down around edges gently over time*. This also prevents additional damage caused by cold air hitting hot spot causing cracking noise like firecracker during extreme cases depending upon how often & long its been lit*

Clean-Up Made Easy

Clean-Up Made Easy:
The best way to clean the candle jar and wick once the candle is finished burning is to allow it to cool for two hours before attempting to remove any excess wax. Use scissors to remove any excess wax on top of the jar, then wipe the inside of the jar with a damp cloth or paper towel. To prevent wax from sticking, you can also use rubbing alcohol as well. For larger chunks of wax that are stuck in harder-to-reach areas, use a cotton swab soaked in nylon oil or rubbing alcohol and let it rest for several minutes before scraping off the hardened wax.

Products You Should Avoid When Cleaning Soy Candles:
It is important not to use chemical-based cleaning agents when cleaning soy candles as these agents could damage the surface of the vessel or cause an unpleasant scent when re-melting. Also, avoid using metal utensils when manipulating wax as they may scratch or damage the vessel.

How To Store Soy Candles For Future Burning:
To ensure a longer burning time and better scent performance when lighting your soy candles, you should store them in an airtight container in a cool and dry location out of direct sunlight. If possible, keep them tightly sealed until you’re ready to light them for optimal results.

Display and Packaging Options for Your Soy Candle

Display and Packaging Solution for Your Soy Candle –

When it comes to displaying your soy candle, there are a few different options ” depending on the size and scope of your project. Here are a few ideas:

• Use a dish or stand to create an eye-catching display. This is especially useful for larger candles that require extra support. You can find them online or in craft stores.

Wicks For Candle Making

• Consider creating an arrangement with several candles of varying sizes, shapes and colors. If you have multiple scents then you can also arrange these in a pleasing pattern as well.

• Place candles in designated areas like shelves and desks for easy access. This will make them easier to find and encourage customers to pick one up and smell it for themselves!

• Utilize wooden boxes, baskets or ceramics as packaging solutions for the candle itself. This is more stylish than the standard plastic bag, and gives the customer something they can take home with them as part of their unique gift set or decoration feature in their home.

Ideas for Fragrance and Colour Combinations – When it comes to crafting your own soy candle, you want to be sure to select fragrances that will go together nicely without overpowering each other; while also making sure they look attractive when combined in the presentation container or display surface. Consider using complimentary colors (e.g., blue and green) as well as flavors such as hibiscus and lavender or citrus and lavender, which pair nicely together without being too overwhelming.

Ways to Package the Candle – Great packaging is essential when selling your soy candle creations so users know exactly what product they’re getting when opening their purchase at home. Generally speaking, you may choose from different types of packaging materials such as paperboard boxes, decorative ribbons & bows, cardboard sleeve wrappers, wax paper wrapping sheets etc., according to the size of the item being packaged at the time of shipping it away from facility site location back to its end consumer user beings purchasing group householding end-user owners residence vicinity location dwelling mailing address region ordering parties terminal retail shops outlets store addresses locations annexes sites brick & mortar setup facility spaces marketplaces booths kiosks commercial points dealer centers vendor plazas service centers sales caves street pavilions agglomerations community streets crossroads metropolis boroughs townships cities quarters counties districts regions states countries global continents map coordinates world-wide locations geographical plots divisions venues fields sets spots poles blocks magnets shoppers shopping arenas chambers arcades marts domes etc

Final Thoughts on Soy Candle Making Kits NZ

Benefits of using soy candle making kits, NZ: Soy candles are a great way to enjoy a slow burning and eco-friendly alternative to paraffin wax. Soy candles tend to burn slower and for longer than traditional candles, and they’re also biodegradable. Additionally, soy wax has a softer feel than paraffin wax when used for the wicks of the candle and can provide an improved scent throw that does not overwhelm with fragrance.

Recommended next steps: Once you have chosen to embark on your own DIY soy candle project in New Zealand with a soy candle making kit, it is important to research the required ingredients needed beforehand. Look up the specific type of soy/wax needed depending on the desired degree of heat resistance, as well as scented oils or dyes accordingly. You may choose between liquid dye, powder dye, micas, and embeds depending on what kind of design look you are going for; research which would best suit your project first before buying materials.

Sources to look to for more instructions and information: There are lots of online guides on how to make candles out of soy wax such as Candlelyte’s “How To Make Candles From Scratch” series ( There are also numerous instructional videos from reliable sources such as YouTube channels like Wickelsox – Candle Making Supplies & Tools ( It is best practice to utilize both written content and video visuals for an optimal learning journey into learning about candle crafting techniques

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