Soy Flakes For Candle Making

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Here is a list of companies and websites providing soy flakes and other candle-making supplies:

1. Bethlehem Bees – They offer a wide selection of natural soy wax flakes, premixed tins, wicks, and essential oils for candle making.

2. Bulk Apothecary – They have an assortment of vegan friendly waxes made out of coconuts, soybeans, sunflower oil, and beeswax.

3. Candle Making Fun – This website offers soy wax flakes with different dyes to choose from such as golden rose and antique blue. They also sell molds and tools to help you make the perfect candle.

4. Nature’s Garden Candles – They offer natural and organic soy wax flakes along with specialty blends that contain oils, pheromones, and color dyes for varied effects.

5. HomeCrafts UK – A British store offering five sizes of pasteurized vegetable soya element-crafted candles at low prices with more than 10 colors to choose from for decorative purposes like birthday parties or art projects.

Adding Color to Soy Flakes

Soy flakes are a great option for making candles because they burn cleanly, without producing any soot or smoke. To personalize candles made with soy flakes and make them even more vibrant, it is possible to dye or color the flakes. One way to do this is by adding some premium liquid candle dye or pigment powder directly into the hot wax. To achieve an even color distribution, stir vigorously until the desired shade has been achieved.

To make colored layers in the candle, you can use pre-dyed plain soy flakes which can be purchased in different colors and stacking them during the layering process. Another way to dye soy flakes is with Rit fabric dye which can be added while melting the wax – mix well to get an even color disbursement. For individual coloring of soy candles – add some liquid silicone release agents into your dyes first before incorporating it into the wax. This helps in preventing slipping problems from occurring on molded candles later on.

Ultimately, whatever method you choose for coloring your soy candles made with soy flakes, making sure that all ingredients used are safe and listed for use in candle making is key for achieving clean burning and long lasting results that everyone will love!

Experiments & Ideas

Layered Candles: Making layered candles with soy flakes requires careful measurements and timing. Begin by creating your base layer of wax. Measure out the desired amount of soy flakes, usually about one ounce for larger pillar candles and half an ounce for smaller votive candles. Stir in the soy flakes to create a pouring consistency. Be sure to stir thoroughly and constantly so that the layers form correctly. Slowly pour your soy flake-infused wax into your jiggered candle mold and allow it to sit for about twenty minutes or until it sets. As soon as you can touch the surface without burning yourself, carefully begin adding additional layers of different colors and scents in the same fashion until you reach your desired candle height.

Candle Making Troubleshooting

Color-Swirled Candles: To create beautiful color swirls with soy flakes, start by melting down two or more separate batches of wax. Add up one ounce of flaked soy wax to each batch when they are between 160-170 degrees Fahrenheit. Once melted, slowly pour both melts at once into your desired candle containers, alternating streams side by side as you go to create a unique pattern that will be visible once the candle hardens completely. Finish off with decorative labels and coordinating wicks, if desired!

Q & A

Q: What is soy wax flakes?
A: Soy wax flakes are a waxy substance derived from hydrogenated soybean oil. The flakes are used as an ingredient in making candles as they scoop easily and melt at a lower temperature than other waxes, such as paraffin. The clean-burning properties of soy wax make it an eco-friendly alternative to candles made with conventional petroleum-based waxes. It also produces little soot and provides a longer burn time than the traditional paraffin candle.

DIY Projects

Soy flakes are an excellent choice for candle-making projects as they can be used to create all kinds of wax designs and products. With soy flakes, it’s easy to make room diffusers, scented wax melts, and other items that can either be sold or given away as gifts. Soy candles are renowned for their long burning times and ability to retain fragrances and essential oils. Many crafters prefer soy flakes over beeswax due to the lower cost of production and its abundance in the market.

To create room diffusers with soy flakes, simply melt some flakes in a double boiler or in a microwave and scents the melted wax with your desired fragrance oil mixture; next, place reeds into the cooled mixture before it has had time to set. After twenty four hours you will have created a natural-looking diffuser that releases an exquisite aroma into any living space.

For scented wax melts – which are becoming increasingly popular due to their simplicity, mess-free nature, and availability of aromatherapy options – you will need a silicone or metal mold of your choice along with your preferred scents or essential oils for added complexity; melt the soy flakes in a double boiler until completely liquid then add your scent choices before pouring the melted wax into molds. Within two hours you will have made unique scent cubes that could be used within oil burners or proudly displayed around the house.

Cheap Candle Making Supplies


Soy flakes for candle making have been gaining in popularity recently due to their high-quality and low cost. Customers speak highly of their results and the ease of use when making candles. According to Sarah, a customer who has been using soy flakes for candle making over the past few years, “I find that the consistency really helps to make sure that my candles are consistent each time I make them. The clean burn also means they last longer and they don’t smoke like cheaper paraffin wax options often do.”

Another customer, Linda, speaks of her experience with soy flakes for candle making: “I’ve tried a few different kinds of wax for my candles and found that soy flakes gave me the best results by far. The price is great compared to other options, and I get far better results with soy than any other types of waxes I have tried.”

Finally, Jeff tells us about his experience: “When I started making candles a few weeks ago I wanted something that would be affordable but still high quality; so I bought some soy flakes and was really impressed with how easy it was to work with. My first batch turned out perfect! And the slightly sweet smell was beautiful.”

These reviews and others show just how effective and convenient using soy flakes as wax can be when it comes to crafting your own candles at home. There are many benefits to using soy flakes in comparison to paraffin wax – they burn cleaner and longer, produce less smoke when burned, are more likely to stay ignited throughout their entire life cycle, emit fewer toxins into the air during burning, are easier to clean up once used (paraffin melts need strong solvents), have longer shelf lives than paraffin waxes, require less energy than paraffin waxes during production so come at a lower cost price point ,and are also an eco-friendly alternative compared to traditional petrochemical derived paraffin versions!

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