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The Storagemaid Candle Making Kit is the perfect choice for those who are new to candle making, or those looking to broaden their skills. This all-in-one kit includes all of the materials you need in order to create beautiful candles: a double boiler, wicks, wax beads, molds, essential oils, dyes and more. Not only this, but the kit contains an easy-to-follow guide outlining the entire process of candle making so even a beginner can have success.

With this kit, you can create unique results with each candle that are tailored to your own personal style and preferences. Whether it’s sweet lavender scents or calming chamomile aromas you’re after, you’ll be able to customize the fragrances exactly how you want them! You don’t even have to limit yourself just to candles; once your mixture is made and cooled down enough, it can be used as lip balm or hand lotion too. In addition to this already versatile project kit, Storagemaid provides tips and tricks on their website so users of any level can get creative with their projects without fear of failure.

Product Benefits

The Storagemaid Candle Making Kit offers a comprehensive package of tools and materials to help anyone make their own hand-crafted, personalized candles. With an included set of measuring tools, wax dye and scent chips, colorful wicks, pre-tabbed containers, and detailed directions, the kit is the perfect way to explore candle making like never before. Plus, the kit comes with enough components to make up to 15 gorgeous candles!

Beyond just the included pieces in the kit, there are other advantages that can be enjoyed. First of all, due to the inclusion of various sizes and shapes of containers as well as an array of colors for dye and scents for chips, crafters have plenty of opportunities for creative expression with each candle making session. In addition to this freedom of artistic expression afforded by the kit’s components,the numerous safety features built into it ensure that any enthusiast who takes up candle craft will be doing so in a safe environment. Furthermore, all materials included in the Storagemaid Candle Making Kit are made from eco-friendly sources and renewable energy ensuring that users can craft with a green conscience. Last but not least, once you master the basics, with each candle making session you get better results allowing more satisfaction when looking at your finished product

Product Overview

The Storagemaid Candle Making Kit is the perfect way to bring the beauty and ambiance of handmade candles into your home. With this comprehensive DIY kit, you have everything you need to create 15 stunning scented candles in just a few easy steps.

Each Storagemaid Candle Making Kit includes natural soy wax, five fragrances and essential oils for scent, 15 votive containers for a variety of candle sizes, and cotton wicks for each container. To help craftspeople create their own unique designs, clear melting instructions are also included along with a wax thermometer to ensure optimal temperatures when melting the wax. The kit also comes with three specialized tools; an ounce measurer, slotted spoon and pouring pitcher so users can craft professional-looking candles without any additional materials. Plus, two bonus warning labels to adhere onto finished projects allow crafters to share their homemade items safely with friends and family.

Creative Project Ideas

The Storagemaid Candle Making Kit is the perfect place to start creating unique, beautiful candles. With this kit, you can make all sorts of candles in different shapes and sizes. You will be able to experiment with different waxes, wicks, and fragrances to suit your style and personality. If you’ve ever wanted to create a personalized gift for someone special, this is the kit you need! The possibilities are limitless with the Storagemaid Candle Making Kit as you can combine these items to make unique decorative jars, tapered candles with various dyes, or scented soy votives. With all the tools needed at your fingertips, you’ll be able to craft a wide range of unqiue candle designs that will definitely impress friends and family alike. Plus, if you’ve always been interested in candle-making but weren’t sure where to start or what materials would be necessary to get the look you want – investing in the Storagemaid Candle Making Kit is a great way to get started on your journey into candle crafting.

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The Storagemaid Candle Making Kit provides everything you need to create unique and beautiful candles in your own home! With easy instructions, you can make quality products without the fuss of going to a specialty store. To begin, first choose among the available scents and colors offered by the kit. After selecting your desired combination, use the provided measuring cup to accurately pour an even amount of wax into the double boiler. Heat the wax until it melts completely and add desired coloring and scent to the melted wax. Then, carefully pour the prepared liquid into whatever candle molds you’ve chosen for your project (choose your molds according to where you plan on placing these finished products). Allow the liquid wax to cool by setting the mold away from any heat sources before gently removing them from the mold. Light your new candles ” either as decoration or during special occasions ” and enjoy them safely!

When pouring any hot wax, it is important to use caution as it can reach high temperatures quickly when exposed directly to heat sources. Use tongs or other protective measures when adding ingredients, stirring a mixture, or transferring any liquids between containers – especially if using metal tools or bowls given their tendency to hold onto heat for extended periods of time. Allowing your finished candles ample time to cool is necessary before attempting removal from their designated molds – depending on their size this can take anywhere from thirty minutes up to an hour for larger models. Additionally, keep a fire extinguisher close by at all times when working with open flames as a precautionary measure in case of accidental fires.

Best Practices for Candle Making

When using the Storagemaid Candle Making Kit, it is important to ensure the best possible results by following some simple guidelines and tips.

No matter your skill level, start by reading the instructions that come with the kit. Make sure to follow all directions carefully- if a recipe calls for specific wax, wicks or scents never substitute them. Different recipes often have very different results based on the type of wax or scent combinations used; deviating from this could lead to unsatisfactory outcomes.

In addition, make sure to measure ingredients properly and avoid short-cuts or guesswork; even small amounts can affect the quality of a candle’s burn or scent throw. Take temperature into account while mixing waxes and other ingredients as this can also greatly impact your final product.

Finally, always let candles cool before moving them so as not to disrupt their shape or leave wick adjustments that don’t last. Also remember to keep away from any heat sources while cooling in order to reduce risk of melting or sinking once they are fully cooled and removed from their molds.

By following these simple steps you are ensuring that you create the best possible candles with your Storagemaid Candle Making Kit!

Tips and Tricks

The Storagemaid Candle Making Kit is your go-to for creating beautiful, handcrafted candles with ease. Whether you’re a candle-making beginner looking for helpful tips and tricks or an experienced maker wanting to take candle creation to the next level, the kit supplies the essential tools to help you create masterpieces of your own.

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The kit comes with everything needed to jumpstart your creative pursuits: moulds, waxes, dyes, fragrances etc. With these supplies and your own creative touch, you can craft beautiful centrepiece candles or make candles in bulk for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. Take pride in making something unique by customizing each candle with different wax and dye colours or adding playful designs. Assemble adequate materials beforehand and lay out protective work surfaces such as wax paper to keep the space clean while experimenting with melted wax and fragrances oils. Many recommend using a double-boiler method when melting wax; this way you can maintain control over temperature settings while gently incorporating all ingredients without rushed steps (which leads to a better finished product!). Once ready, pour the mixture into moulds under constant tweaking until it reaches desired texture before letting it set.

With practice and patience, creating beautiful candles becomes simpler and more entertaining! Get creative with this versatile kit by mixing colours or trying out shapes – have fun discovering what makes perfect sense for your project! Soon enough you’ll be crafting amazing candles with confidence!

Troubleshooting Common Problems

The Storagemaid Candle Making Kit provides everything needed for a successful wax crafting journey. That being said, there are certain common problems that can arise when making candles – too much smoke, wicks too short/long, lopsided candles, etc. To avoid any common issues and achieve the desired results, it is important to research the processes of candle-making and be informed on traditional techniques.

When lighting your candles, always use long matches or a long-stemmed lighter so you don’t burn your fingers. Also make sure to keep an eye on the flame and extinguish it if needed; extinguish quickly with a candle snuffer for best results. For optimal burning conditions, place your candle in an area away from drafts and keep the wick trimmed between 0.5 to 1 cm after each burn cycle. Finally, you should use caution when pouring your wax into the container of choice; aim for the center of your containers in order to achieve even surface burning results.

By being aware of proper safety procedures and researching tips & tricks prior to beginning your craft project, you’ll be sure to have satisfying results in no time! In addition to following these steps, make sure to read through any included instructions that accompany your Storagemaid Candle Making Kit ” they’re there for good reason!


The Storagemaid Candle Making Kit provides a valuable investment for those interested in crafting their own candles. For a reasonable price, you can purchase all the necessary materials needed to create beautiful and unique candle designs. The kit includes wax, wicks, melting tools, and decorative adornments that allow crafters to easily customize each candle they make. With the reusable tools and accessories, theability to make candles is practically endless. Plus, buying this kit eliminates most of the guesswork when it comes to acquiring supplies which makes starting out much more straightforward. Whether you’re looking for a creative hobby or wanting to explore a new entrepreneurial venture as a candle maker, investing in this kit is a great option.

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