To Be Calm Candle Making

## To Be Calm Candle Making
Candle making can be a great stress reliever, not to mention producing beautiful decor pieces that can provide a unique personalized touch to any space. Whether you’re a beginner or consider yourself a professional wax artist, the process of candle making is one that is both calming and naturally nostalgic.

If you’re looking for a way to relax that can also produce a beautiful end product, then candle making is an art worth exploring. From selecting fragrances, to choosing your preferred style of wax, there are lots of ways you can make candle making unique to you.

### Gather Materials
Candle making supplies can be purchased at most craft stores and also come in wax kits. Everything from wicking to wicks, containers to candles, if you want it, you can find it.

#### Supplies

* Wax
* Beeswax
* Gel Wax
* Soy Wax
* Paraffin Wax
* Wicks
* Fragrance Oils
* Essential Oils
* Additives
* Coloring
* Containers/Molds

### Prep
Once you’ve gathered your materials and supplies, it’s time to prep for the pouring process. Making sure that your containers are prepared and ready for the wax pour is essential. If you have any containers with uneven rims, you can use a dab of hot glue to adhere the wick to the bottom and then ensure that it is standing upright.

### Melt and Tune
Melt the wax over low heat and let it cool. This process is called tuning. At this stage adding fragrance, additives, or color can be done.

### Enjoy
One of the great perks of candle making is that you can have fun with it. You can choose all sorts of scents, colors, or add texture to your candles by swirling the wax, making patterns, and including interesting additives such as glitter and more. Don’t forget to enjoy the process and share that tranquility with those around you.

Jo Malone Candle Making Video

Overall, candle making is an easy and accessible craft that anyone can learn and enjoy. Share the warmth with friends and family, create a feeling of comfort, and enjoy a much-needed break from pressures of everyday life.

What ingredients are needed to make a to be calm candle?


-4 ounces of beeswax

-4 ounces of lavender essential oil

-2 ounces of sweet orange essential oil

-2 ounces of ylang-ylang essential oil

-2 ounces of chamomile essential oil

-Wicking material, such as cotton wick

-Containers for the finished candles

-Decorations for the container, such as dried herbs or essential oil drops (optional)

-Flammable safety equipment, such as a fire extinguisher or a bucket of sand, for controlling any fires (optional)

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