Used Candle Making Supply In Utah

When it comes to used candle making supplies in Utah, it’s easy to discover why the state is home to a thriving crafting and artistic culture. Utah has a long tradition of candle making that dates back centuries.

Indigenous peoples of the region burned cedar and spruce candles and early Mormon settlers crafted beeswax tapers for use in church ceremonies. Purchasing used candle making supplies in Utah means more than just buying supplies; it’s also about embracing the cultural heritage of this beautiful, unique state.

Utah offers many unique options when buying used candle supplies, each with its own distinct cultural roots. In Orem, shoppers can find vintage wax and wick remnants from an old North American Salt Co. factory, while those looking for something special might choose to pick up jars of vibrant scented wax at a Provo farmer’s market.

Salt Lake City boasts several stores specializing in pre-made or custom-crafted candles along with all the materials needed for creating your own handmade creations.

Jones Candle Supply located in Delta adds the finishing touches to any search for used candlemaking materials with an impressive collection of antique glass vessels originally acquired from Europe during World War II era Liberty Ships coupled with wooden molds from ancient Chinese dynasties. Whether searching for inspiration or traditional goods, finding used candlemaking materials is an exciting adventure brimming with historical significance as well as contemporary applications in art.

A quick browse through online resources will connect shoppers with a variety of vendors offering this beloved craft – one sure to spark creativity in any artist or enthusiast of Utah’s colorful history and local culture.

Common Supplies Used in Candle Making

Wick Selection: In candle making, a wick is essential because it is what draws the melting wax up through the candle. There are many different sizes and types of wicks available on the market, so when selecting one, it’s important to understand the size of your candle and other factors such as type of wax being used and fragrance load.

For example, in Utah, you would be able to find cotton-based coreless wicks that are suitable for medium-sized jars or tins.

You should also consider your desired burn time. Generally speaking, wider diameter wicks provide a faster melt with little to no sooting whereas narrow diameter wicks will last longer and produce less heat.

Types of Wax Available: After selecting your preferred wick it’s time to move on to choosing which type of wax you want to use.

In Utah there are multiple options such as paraffin waxwhich is probably the most popular choice due its easily accessible nature and low price tag; soy wax that is biodegradable, eco-friendly and has great scent retention qualities; as well as palm wax which has bee gaining attention recently for its beautiful crystalline texture when cooled down correctly.

Varieties of Scent & Other Supplies: Now that you have chosen both types of wax and a suitable wick, trying out various fragrances is where all the fun begins. Aside from scents derived from essential oils or synthetic fragrances, there are also additives such as stearic acid which can increase hardness and hot throw performance – allowing your candle to smell further across a room.

As far as other supplies go, cannot forget about vessels such as containers or molds for shaping your candle prior to decorating it with optional finishing touches like labels or dyes. Also container adhesives like silicon sealants and glue guns may be necessary if you plan on using more delicate vessels such as mason jars or shot glasses.

Where to Buy Used Candle Making Supplies in Utah

There are many places to purchase used candle making supplies in Utah. Whether you’re looking for vintage, antique, or second-hand materials, there are stores both online and locally that can provide the supplies you need.

Vintage candles and candle-making supplies refer to items that were available between around 1940 and 1990. They may be sold in antiques stores or thrift stores. Vintage materials aren’t typically as expensive as antique ones, and they tend to still be high quality with minimal wear.

Antique candelabras and candle-making materials are much older than vintage items-they’re typically at least 75 years old-and they also tend to be much pricier due to their age. Many of them are delicate objects made from porcelain, glass, or silver, so it’s important to take extra care with these pieces.

  • Second-hand Stores – Goodwill, Habitat ReStore
  • Online Shop – Etsy, Amazon
  • Local Stores/Shops – Dixie Candle Maker Supply Co., K&G Craft Supplies

Cost of Used Candle Making Supplies in Utah

Buying used candle making supplies can be a great way to save money when creating your own candles in the State of Utah. Not only will sourcing used supplies help you keep your costs down, but it can also help support the local economy by visiting area thrift stores and resale shops that specialize in candle making items.

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Online retailers such as eBay and Etsy also offer used candlemaking tools and ingredients at discounted prices. There are several advantages to buying used when it comes to creating homemade candles.

The primary advantage is cost savings. Used materials may be cheaper than buying new from retail stores or specialty shops. Thrift stores offer unique and hard-to-find items at drastically reduced prices, so a great deal of research should be done if a specific item is required for particular project. Yard sales and flea markets can also offer excellent sources for lower priced items, such as wicks, molds, jars, and dyes to name a few.

Comparison shopping online versus in-store can often yield surprising results depending on the item needed for one’s candle making project. While online outlets may often have less overhead costs associated with their products they’re more likely to charge higher shipping fees that could offset any price savings gained during the purchase itself.

Meanwhile, local stores can sometimes provide more attractive discounts because of low overhead which could result in large cost savings per purchase in comparison with online retailers who are known to sell new items at premium rates.

It’s important to remember that quality matters more than cost when purchasing supplies for candle making projects so buyers should take these factors into account when shopping around for used items either online or locally before since the best deals may depend on the store or website source itself rather than where one chooses to shop ultimately decide upon ultimately buy from ultimately determines/.

How to Know if Used Candle Making Supplies are High Quality

Steps to Inspect Quality

When inspecting used candle making supplies in Utah, it is important to check for any defects in the materials. Check for any blemishes or evidence of corrosion, such as rust. This can give a sign of how well the supplies have been stored and kept up over time.

Also, be sure to look at the colors and shapes of the candles and waxes. A poor quality material may not produce candles that burn evenly and can lead to a discolored product. Additionally, try to identify if there are dyes or scents that have been added to the material, which could potentially decrease performance.

Tests to Confirm Quality

Not only should one visually inspect used candle making supplies but also test them prior to purchase in order to confirm quality. One test includes examining how easily the wax melts when heated and begins melting point fluctuations during cooling. This will help identify how well it works when poured into molds or containers.

Furthermore, another way to test is by observing how quickly the wick produces flame when lit using a lighter or matchstick. Finally, always make sure that any essential oils used are of high quality and apply some drops on your wrist before use in order to avoid skin irritation from low-grade ingredients.

Benefits of High Quality Supplies

Using high-quality supplies while making candles ensures that much less trial and error will occur while creating your products,. High quality wax has more heat resistant properties than lower grade materials which results in a better burning product overall.

If scents and dyes are being used prior to candle pouring then these too should also be high-grade components as this helps prevent any discoloration due to reaction with heat such as turning yellow or brown during the burning process later on when calculating burn times too superior grade wicks will outperform cheap alternate options undoubtedly.

DIY Candle Making with Used Supplies

Choosing the Right Vessel

The first step to successfully making candles from used supplies is selecting the right vessel. Choosing a glass container or jar is a popular choice for many DIY candle makers as it helps to keep the scent contained and ensures that the flame stays lit. The container should also be heat resistant, as it will be exposed to direct heat when the wax is melting.

Just make sure that you don’t select an overly thick-walled container, or you may find that your candle takes much longer to melt than normal. Additionally, it’s important to choose a vessel with an appropriate shape and size according to the type of candle you’d like to make; otherwise, there may not be enough space for all of your ingredients and they could overflow when heated.

Prepping the Wax

Once you have your vessel prepared, prepping the wax can start. It’s best to use pieces of your used candle supply – this will save on cost and provide opportunities for experimentation with new scents.

Begin by cutting or breaking up your old wax into small pieces in order to speed up their melting time and fill a heatproof bowl with them before placing this bowl inside another larger bowl filled with hot water (which helps create steam). Make sure that only warm/lukewarm water is used and keep an eye on the heat levels as overheating can cause wax discolouration or produce undesirable scents as some specific elements react differently at higher temperatures.

Mixing & Pouring

Now for one of the most important steps in successful DIY candle making: mixing and pouring. Prepare your mixture by adding smaller parts of your used candles supply such as essential oils (to offer more sensory options) or dyes if desired before stirring thoroughly with a large spoon or wooden stick. When all components are blended well together, pour into your selected vessel before allowing it to cool slowly until its solidified back into a wax block form.

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Occasionally check temperature levels while cooling down, making sure not to let it get too cold either which could affect its consistency during reuse later on. Finally, trim off any excess wick from around the edges once solidified – congratulations, you just made a homemade candle.

Safety Considerations when Working with Used Candle Making Supplies

When working with any used candle making supplies, it is important to take proper safety precautions. This includes, but is not limited to, properly using a flame or heat source to melt wax and adhesives, wearing protective clothing and glasses when melting the wax and adhesives over an open flame or heat source, and using silicone tart molds for their superior fire safety as compared to traditional metal tart molds.

Using a Flame or Heat Source

When using open flames or electric heat sources for melting the waxes and adhesives in candle making supplies, it is always important to never leave the melting process unattended. Excessive temperatures can cause fires, so it is necessary to be sure that the temperature of the flame or heater does not exceed what is required for melting the waxes safely. As such, it is also recommended that you use appropriate gloves when handling heated versions of any candle making supplies.

Protective Clothing & Equipment

It is imperative that apart from using appropriate heat resistant protection while holding any heated versions of rubbers and plastics used in candle making supplies, you should wear a long sleeved shirts and pants when dealing with molten waxes and tart molds whether or not you are wearing gloves.

Nothing should ever make contact with a heated tart mold except designated tools such as scissors; regular hands can cause severe burns if they touch hot items used in the production of candles.

Also, when mixing together ingredients for your own candles at home via recipes online etc., you should be wearing safety goggles as many ingredients can fly upward into your eyes if an improper mixture occurs due to excessive stirring.

Silicone Tart Molds

In addition to protective clothing/equipment while dealing with candles made from used supplies, it’s also strongly recommended that you use silicone tart molds instead of traditional metal molds – especially since they are becoming increasingly available at major craft stores throughout Utah.

While metal molds may be easier to use for certain tasks (e.g., installing wicks), they have proven to be less safe than silicone molds due to their tendency to collect heat around them more quickly which makes them much riskier under high pressure circumstances.

On top of this advantage in terms of fire safety benefits – silicone tarts provide much flexibility in terms of product customization because one can easily designs one’s desired shape rather than having restricted shapes/sizes associated with traditional metal molding methods.


The craft of candle making has been around for thousands of years, and the demand for quality products is still high. The use of used candle making supplies in Utah can be a great way to save money and create unique candles. In Utah there are several local stores that offer used supplies for candle making.

Many of these stores take donations from local glass blowers and potters along with retired candle makers who no longer need their used candle-making materials, such as wicks, waxes, beeswax, colors, scents, beads and more. These stores also offer classes in various aspects of candle-making or host home workshops to help people learn the rudiments of candle making.

This can be a great opportunity to get first-hand instruction on all things related to candle making while also getting access to some unique materials difficult to find elsewhere.

When using used materials for your candles it’s important to make sure they are clean and free from dust or dirt which can affect the burnt smell and overall experience when lighting a finished product. Additionally check for signs that the material hasn’t been exposed to too much heat over time which can cause it discoloration that could potentially ruin the look of your candle creations.

Utilizing proper storage techniques can help with this by choosing to wrap unused supplies in acid-free paper or cloths that will prevent excessive exposure to air or light which both have an impact on the lifespan of your wick waxes and pigments.

Supporting those who generate handcrafted items and artistic forms through upcycling is an ecological way to live and provides you with an opportunity to express your creativity through unique pieces while creating meaningful connections within your community at the same time. Shopping at used suppliers helps support crafters who often put their hearts into creating each piece meaning each item may have its own story resulting in a one of kind product you won’t find easily anywhere else.

Supporting these lesser known craftspeople allows them the ability to continue their work with tangible benefits while shopping preloved supplies means you are helping reduce waste by reusing what otherwise would have gone into landfills-allowing us all contribute positively towards environmental efforts together.

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