Using Coconut Oil Candle Making


Coconut oil candle making is a unique and environmentally conscious way to make your own candles in the comfort of your own home. Not only does it eliminate the compounds and chemicals associated with commercial, paraffin wax candles, but coconut oil is also renewable, sustainable and natural. Plus, because of its low melting point, it can be melted using an ordinary stovetop or microwave as opposed to needing special equipment.

The cost effectiveness of using coconut oil candle making versus buying traditional taper or block beeswax candles means you can make more candles for less money! With just a few ingredients ” coconut oil, wicks and essential oils “you have an endless range of possibilities when it comes to combinations of scents and colors available. For those who want softer hues, there are many food colorings that melt easily into the liquid wax while stronger shades can be achieved by adding plant-based pigments.

More than that, when lit coconut oil candles emit very calming aromas as well as gentle light that is known to improve sleep quality and aid relaxation due to their nourishing properties. Thus, thanks to this eco-friendly practice you can significantly reduce your environmental footprint and help create a healthier home environment for yourself and your family.

Materials Needed

In addition to the materials mentioned above, there are some other supplies you will need in order to make a coconut oil candle. A double boiler is necessary to melt and mix your waxes. You can use both beeswax and paraffin wax when making a coconut oil candle, but if you choose only one, beeswax is preferable due to its natural attributes and sweet aroma. Also, you’ll need a stirring stick for mixing the melted oils and waxes, as well as a pouring pitcher or ladle for transferring the mixture into molds.

For adding fragrance or color to your candles, you will require essential oils/flavored oils (optional), scent blocks/blended scents/fragrance beads (recommended), and colored dye chips (optional). All of these additives should be purchased from reputable suppliers that specialize in candle-making peculiarities in order for your products to come out smelling beautiful and burning cleanly.

Lastly, all candle makers must wear appropriate safety gear such as heat-resistant gloves and goggles while creating their products. This can help minimize exposure time with any liquids that exceed the body’s safe temperature levels while ensuring proper handling of any potential burning substances.

The Process

Making a coconut oil candle begins with gathering the necessary materials. This includes a mold, such as a recycled jar or bowl, along with coconut oil (refined for best burning results), beeswax and wick material. Make sure to have enough melted coconut oil to completely fill the chosen mold, while also making sure to not overfill the container as it may cause smoke or flare-ups when lit.

The next step is to insert the wick into the mold. Depending on the type of wick used, this could include attaching some kind of metal or wooden tab at the bottom where it meets and can be secured. Once that’s in place, heat some additional coconut oil – either in a double boiler or microwave – until it’s liquid enough to pour into the mold directly over the wick.

Making Candle Votives

Then carefully mix in some melted beeswax until desired thickness is achieved; start small with just a tablespoon before gradually adding more depending on how firm you need your candle finished product to be. Continue stirring with a spoon until all wax has been integrated into the oil mix and no longer appears grainy or lumpy before eventually pouring it into your pre-filled molds.

At this point, keep an eye on things by monitoring temperature stability and making sure there are few to no air bubbles forming on top of the cooling mixture; if there are any air bubble issues, use a gentle flame from your lighter around those spots to help dissipate them (or simply pop them gently with a stick). As an added bonus, you can create colorful scents for your candles by adding favorite essential oils during this part of process! When ready, all that’s left is to let sit overnight until solidified fully before display burning them near friends/family as decoration or creating unique gifts!

Aromatherapy Benefits

One of the most popular and effective ways to experience aromatherapy benefits with candle making is by using coconut oil. Coconut oil candles create a calming, nourishing and restorative atmosphere with their subtle but powerful scent profile. When burned, essential oils are released into the air that can provide multiple therapeutic benefits. These range from relief from stress and anxiety to increasing the body’s natural immunity, improving moods and promoting relaxation. Furthermore, coconut oil candles are made entirely of natural ingredients, free of parabens or any other artificial fragrances and dyes. This makes them safer to use than traditional candles which often contain synthetic fragrances and dyes that have been shown to have potentially harmful effects on our health. When lit, an oil-burning candle fills a room with refreshing aquatic notes while providing an overall feeling of peace and well-being.

Coconut oil candles also offer several additional benefits for both wholesale and retail customers who buy them for their own use or as gifts for others. For example, coconut oil is believed to be highly beneficial for skin health; many people use it in homemade beauty products to soothe dry skin and reduce inflammation. Similarly, when used as a unique gift, recipients may find various health benefits from the coconut scent such as improved digestion and better sleep. Moreover, antioxidants found in the coconut fragrance can combat oxidative damage caused by toxins in the environment for those Candles are indispensable home decorations that help create pleasant atmospheres indoors, especially in rooms where aromatherapy is desired

Relaxation Strategies

Aromatherapy – Introducing calming scents through the use of essential oils is one way to help relaxation during the candle making process. Depending on the desired outcome, lavender and chamomile are two popular choices for their soothing effects. Visualization – Focusing on an image in order to clear your mind and maintain peace while working can be tremendously useful. Try visualizing yourself in a beautiful, relaxing setting in order to remain present and centered in the moment. Music or Guided Meditation – Like visualization, listening to music or guided meditation can help center your attention and eliminate any thoughts that may be distracting you from your task at hand. Guided meditations with calming music in the background can even help take you away from feeling strained by candlemaking’s tasks. Candle Lighting – The right kind of lighting can create a comfortable, tranquil atmosphere conducive to relaxation. For a warm glow, consider tea lights, votives or tapers made with coconut oil. Even without a flame or melting wax, try lighting aromatic candles for subtle scents reminiscent of relaxation and comfort. Decorations – Strategically placed decorations crafted with natural materials like plants, flowers and stones can serve as reminders of nature’s beauty and allow us to observe simple tranquility during our craftwork.

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Decorating Ideas

When making candles with coconut oil, you can add a unique flair and personality to the candles. To get started, you can use either molds or cups made out of stainless steel or silicone – both work great. Then prep your mold with a light coating of vegetable oil to help release the candle from the mold when cooling. When adding scent sticks, you’ll want to suspend them in the melted wax for best results – just place some hooks about halfway up your mold, and dangle scent sticks from these hooks. To further decorate candles you can add colors via candle dye, as well as glitter or sand for texture. Mixing glitter with a neutral colored wax creates an extra sparkle effect which is totally customizable depending on how much glitter and what colors you choose to use. Lastly, adding gems to homemade candles adds one final layer of decoration and shine – plus it brings out any hints of color in your candle too! Remember to experiment until you find decorations that suit your unique style!


In conclusion, candle making with coconut oil provides a number of benefits, such as providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burning options. Coconut oil candles last longer than paraffin wax and release fewer toxins into the air. They also produce a pleasant scent that can be adjusted by adding essential oils. Additionally, because coconut oil candles are easy to make and they can be created with minimal amount of supplies, they make for a great DIY project that gives you more control over your product. Product usage also offers many other benefits such as being economical and completely natural. Finally, when you’re done with your candles, it’s important to store them in cool dark places to prevent them from melting or deteriorating too quickly.

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