What Supplies Do You Need For Candle Making


When it comes to candle making, there are many supplies needed to create beautiful and unique candles. From waxes and fragrances to molds and safety equipment, having the right supplies can make all the difference in creating quality candles. In this article, we’ll discuss all of the key supplies needed for candle making, from beginners just starting out to veterans who have been making candles for years.

Wax: The most important supply you will need when it comes to candle making is wax. Most beginners start off with a standard paraffin wax that is readily available at most craft stores. Alternatives such as beeswax, soy wax, and vegetable waxes can also be used to achieve different effects and scents.

Fragrances: To really bring your candles to life you will need a range of essential oils or candle fragrances that give your candles their unique scent. Different fragrances can often be blended together with natural elements such as herbs, spices or flowers to achieve many specialized effects.

Mold: Depending on the type of candle being made you may need a mold either for multiple candles or for one single large one. Many materials can be used depending on the desired effect such as metal, glass or even silicone baking molds which allow intricate patterns and detailed shapes.

Safety Gear: As with any craft project involving heated items there should always be adequate safety gear used such as protective eye wear along with oven mitts or hot pads when handling hot items like melting wax mixtures or wicks that are placed under tension upon setting up large candles molds. This ensures a safe environment for the candlemaker and anyone else nearby during crafting projects.

Tools: Other tools required include thermometers, timers, double boilers/pots and stirring tools like spatulas when combining certain ingredients whilst crafting certain types of decorative processes during production of different sizes/shapes etc.. Various other pieces of equipment may also be needed depending on what kind of effect you’re aiming for such as wick holders if attaching wicks by hand requires precision placement in difficult areas . Colourants like dyes may also be needed depending on if/what colour pallet you want for your creations amongst other associated items/pieces of equipment!

Wicks and Wax

If you want to start making your own candles, the two most fundamental items you will need are candle wicks and wax. Wax is the main component of all candles, it supplies the fuel for the flame in a votive, container or pillar candle. Candle wicks provide a way to transfer that burning wax into a beautiful flame.

Choosing the right type of wax and wick are essential factors when making candles, because they ultimately control how your finished product will look and perform. Popular types of waxes include beeswax, paraffin, soy and palm waxes, each with their individual benefits and characteristics. You can use a range of materials for candle wicks such as cotton string or coated metal wire.

Other supplies needed for candle making include molds used for shaping containers or pillars; dyes for adding color; fragrances for adding scent; thermometers for monitoring temperatures; double boilers which allow you to melt wax safely; pouring pots if you don’t already have a double boiler; and tools including spoons or sticks used to stir contents together safely. Finally, safety equipment including safety eyewear and gloves should always be worn when making candles to avoid any burns from melting wax.

Candle Making Tools and Accessories

There are a few essential tools and accessories you will need to get started with candle making.

Firstly, you need some kind of melting device. This could be either a double boiler, microwave, or wax melter. This is used for heating your wax so that it can be poured into molds for your candles.

Secondly, you will need a pot or pan to heat up your wax in the double boiler or on the stove top. If using a microwave, then it is best to use a glass bowl designed specifically for microwaves.

Thirdly, you will need appropriate molds that match the shape and size of your candle. Flexible plastic molds are usually the easiest and most economical option. Alternatively, if you opt for container candles then these would require jars specifically designed for candle making in order to provide good air flow while preserving heat.

Fourthly, you will also need a thermometer so that temperatures are kept constant because too much heat can burn out the fragrance oils which leads to little fragrance in the finished candles.

Candle Making Ideas For Gifts

Finally, don’t forget wicks! Self-trimming wicks tend to be the preferred choice when it comes to convenience since they are already pre-waxed together with tabs on each end so all one needs to do is simply attach them onto the desired container before pouring in the melted wax.

Choosing the Right Colors and Scents

When selecting colors and scents for your candles, it is important to carefully consider what look and feel you want the finished product to have. If you plan on adding wax colouring or scent, buy enough wax to prepare your candle batches with the same colors or fragrances each time. There are a variety of color dyes, powders, liquid colorants and fragrances available in candle making supply stores or online. Before pouring the wax into its container, be sure to stir in your color and scent until completely mixed together. As a safety precaution, wear protective gloves and goggles when working with dye and fragrance oils. Additionally, it is important to remember that each type of wax best carries certain types of colorants and fragrances due to the differences in the melting point temperatures between them.

In addition to choosing colors and scents for your candles, there are other supplies needed for candle making as well. Depending on which type of wick you want to use – wood wicks or cotton wicks – you may need to purchase one or both types. Wicks should be at least double the height of whatever vessel you are pouring your wax into, so make sure you have enough length in order to properly install them. Furthermore, you will need various options for poured vessels such as glass jars, tins or molds depending on whether you’re creating votive candles or container candles; these can also be found at craft stores or online retailers that specialize in candle supplies. You will also need thermometers for measuring temperature in order for proper mixing as well as stirring sticks for combining all ingredients before pouring into a vessel; stainless steel stirring spoons work great for this purpose!

Crafting Molds and Containers For Your Candles

If you are looking to make your own candles, there are a few essential supplies that you will need. First, you need candle crafting molds or containers to pour the hot wax into. These can be made from a variety of materials, from metal and plastic molds specifically designed for candle making, to glass, ceramic and silicone containers that give the finished candles a unique shape. If using non-traditional molds such as jars or teacups, make sure they are heat-proof and pour boiling wax in carefully.

You will also need an appropriate wax for your candles. Depending on the type of container or mold being used, different kinds of waxes can best suit the particular shape. Soy candles work best in glass jars while paraffin is suitable for any type of mold due to its flexibility when cooling, although more brittle when exposed to extreme temperatures (such as lightning). Beeswax should also be considered if fragrances aren’t desired as it creates a pure scentless candle.

Finally, you’ll need wicks and adhesives like glue dots or glue guns to securely attach them inside the containers or molds before pouring in the melted wax. These must be chosen according to the type of wax so it does not overheat and prematurely extinguish the flame once lit. Essential oils can also be added to create unique fragrances that enhance the atmosphere desired by its users.

Step by Step Guide

1. Candle Wax: It is the base of your candle and comes in many varieties ranging from soy, beeswax, paraffin, and other types. Be sure to select the wax that works best for your desired outcome.

2. Wick: Candle wick is important because it must be able to support the weight of the molten wax, as well as hold the flame once lit. Select quality wicking material such as natural cotton or paper-core wicks rather than pre-tabbed wicks to ensure a quality product.

3. Wicking Supplies: A good quality double boiler steaming pot and thermometer will help you properly melt and temper your wax along with wick holders, tabbing tools, glue dots, scissors or snips, wax pouring pitchers and stirring sticks.

4. Colourants & Fragrances: Natural colourants such as herbal powders, spices and dried flowers can add a vivid touch while scents can be added by incorporating essential oils or fragrance oils into the melted wax mixture.

5. Containers & Molds: Mason jars make great containers for your candles while many unique mold designs can also be used depending on what type of effect you are going for (or create your own!).
6. Equipment & Safety Supplies: Protective gear such as safety glasses and heat-proof gloves should always be worn when working with hot melted wax or open flames; always keep an appropriate fire extinguisher handy in case things go wrong! Lastly, have plenty of towels on hand in case of any spills or mishaps and enjoy candle making safely!

How To Make Wax Candles

Troubleshooting Tips for Candle Making

When making candles, having the right supplies can make all the difference. To ensure success, here is a list of what you will need for candle making:

• Wax. Different waxes have different properties that determine how your candle will look and burn. Either paraffin wax or beeswax will give you a good starting point for your projects. Soy or vegetable waxes also do very well in many applications.

• A double boiler or melting pot. This will be used to melt the wax without burning it.

• Wicks. Make sure to get pre-tabbed wicks so you have something to hold onto while dipping or pouring into your molds.

• Candle Molds. Depending on the type of candle you’re making, you’ll need either metal molds, silicone molds, glass containers with lids, or other heat-resistant materials (such as ceramic).

• Fragrance oils and dyes (optional). If you want scented candles, be sure to use fragrances formulated specifically for candle making and check each one to make sure it doesn’t contain additives which can reduce burn time or cause smoke when lit! For color, use dye formulated specifically for candle-making purposes only and use them sparingly since they can affect fragrance throw when added in large amounts.

• Stirring tools such as spoons or spatulas and thermometers (optional). These come in handy if wanting a precise temperature while heating the wax and good mixing of fragrance oils or dyes throughout the melted wax..

Troubleshooting Tips:

• You may experience some smoking when first lighting up your freshly made candle. Placing it in an area with lots of air circulation may help reduce this effect; however, being aware of too much scent also plays a role in this occurrence as too much added fragrance reduces how long a flame can burn safely before expelling black soot/smoke from its combustion chamber.

• Air bubbles may appear during cooling times”these are usually minor but should be addressed by adding more melted wax before the final pour just at pouring temperatures to seal any gaps from these bubbles that could hinder how well burning takes place later on

Creative Ideas and Inspiration for Candle Making

When embarking on your candle making journey, there are some basics that you’ll need to have in order to get started. Candle making supplies can vary depending on the type of candles you plan to make. Generally, you will need wax, wicks, containers to hold the wax (like jars with lids or tins), pot where you can melt the wax, thermometer so that the wax won’t overheat, dyes and fragrances (optional), wooden stirring utensil/spoon such as a chopstick or dowel. You may also want to purchase an inexpensive heat gun for blending waxes and for smoothing out the tops of your candles after pouring them. Additionally, double boiler pots are great for melting and mixing waxes together. Be sure that one pot fits snuggly into another one when used as a double boiler to avoid burning your wax. Finally, safety glasses are good for any kind of molten-wax project in order to protect your eyes from potential splatters. With these basic supplies at hand and some creativity and inspiration from books, YouTube tutorials or Pinterest boards, you will be well on your way to being a wonderful local candle maker!


Making your own candles can be an enjoyable, rewarding craft activity. To get started you will need the basics like wax, wicks, dye, and fragrance oil. You also need a mold or container to hold the finished product. Depending on the type of candle you are making, you may need other supplies as well, such as molds, scent throwers and wax melters. Once you have everything set up, it’s time to start making some fun and creative candle creations! With careful consideration of each step in the process and a little practice along the way, soon you’ll be able to show off your beautiful creations with pride. Now go get started – it’s a great way to put your creative skills to use while learning something new!

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