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Candle making is a popular craft and hobby. Creating your own hand-crafted candles can be very satisfying. To get the highest quality finished candle, it’s important to use the right type of containers for pouring and storing the wax. There are many options available for purchasing candle containers, depending on your needs and budget. Below is an overview of types of containers available, some key benefits of using containers in candle making, as well as helpful shopping tips to keep in mind when you purchase your containers.

Types of Containers

When choosing a container for your candle, you’ll have several types from which to choose. Containers include expandable tins for votives and tealights, glass jars for mason jar candles, wide bowls or cups for wax melts and pillars, fancy crystal holders that look like tea light globes, glass cylinders with lids or tops to hold votives or tealights and colorful wax warmers that let you add a soft glow without the use of an open flame. If you’re looking to go green then consider using reusable ceramic or terracotta vessels instead of plastic molds that are often used in votive work.

Benefits Of Containers

Containers offer several features that benefit those crafting candles: They prevent leaks; they reduce mess; they provide plenty of room for different sized candles; they protect against heat damage when placed near other items; they make laundering easy; they allow varying levels of decorating detail; they help promote uniformity in size and shape if multiple batches are created at once; finally, many holders come with covers to keep dust out while being displayed in homes or shops.
The presence of these characteristics ensures that all steps involved in candle creation have been completed properly without any additional wear and tear on the product itself over time due to environmental stresses such as warmth or air pollution.
Shopping Tips
When purchasing containers for candling making be sure to look at the dimensions carefully so you know exactly how much space your wax will take up inside the container before deciding what type to buy. Furthermore, consider where you plan on showcasing your finished products – as this will influence both material consideration (e.g., heat resistance) as well as aesthetic appeal. Finally be sure you shop around ” examine different offerings from various vendors to find the most suitable option for your needs and budget!

The Benefits of Using Containers for Candle Making

Using containers for candle making is a great way to create aromatic and beautiful candles with the wax of your choice. Containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. You can find containers at craft stores, local retail stores, or online through certain suppliers.

The benefits of using containers for candle making are many. Depending on the type of wax you choose, soy wax or paraffin wax, there are different advantages and drawbacks to each option. Soy wax is all natural, Eco-friendly and renewable. It burns cleaner and longer than paraffin wax and produces more scent throw when combined with fragrance oils. On the other hand, Paraffin wax is petroleum based which releases toxins when burned at high temperatures, resulting in soot build up and pollutants in the atmosphere. Both types have their own sets of benefits that should be considered before purchasing a container for candle making.

In addition to choosing between soy or paraffin wax, there are also various Eco-friendly options available out there that can help reduce your impact on the environment. Beeswax candles have been around for centuries due to their natural elements: it does not contain any toxins derived from production processes nor release any toxins while burning–making them a healthier option compared to paraffin or even soy candles. Additionally, beeswax has a slower burn rate than other forms of candle wax which makes them inherently cost effective too.

Finally, one great advantage to using containers for candle making rather than using an open flame like a regular candle stick is the overall health benefit they provide by reducing impurities present in the air such as allergens, dust mites and pet dander while also releasing natural minerals like limonene which can act as an air purifier agent when lit up!

Where to Buy Containers for Candle Making

When looking to buy containers for candle making it is important to consider several factors. In addition to style, durability, and safety it is important to determine the intended purpose of the container. For example, are you using the Candle container for burning or simply as a decorative item? If you plan to burn the candle, then you must consider heat resistance and flame retardant ratings.

It is important to consider where the containers will be made from when selecting them for candle making. Plastic, glass and metal are all popular options as they can offer different benefits such as variable temperatures or attractive designs. While some of these materials may not be suitable for open flame alternatives like wax melts or tea light candles; other materials such as ceramic can withstand higher temperatures. Additionally, ceramics often come in an array of beautiful colors, textures, and shapes making them an excellent choice for decorative purposes.

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When deciding on a supplier to purchase your containers from there are a few considerations that should be taken into account; legitimacy, terms and conditions of purchase, cost and customer service. To ensure both longevity and peace of mind it is wise to purchase from reputable suppliers with robust testimonies from previous customers and a good record of delivering quality products in a timely manner at competitive prices.

Local Craft Stores

Local craft stores can be a great place to purchase containers for candle making. When shopping for containers, you will often find a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials from which to choose. Depending on the store, they may also have helpful staff members who are knowledgeable in the art of candle making and may provide expert advice on the perfect types of container to use or how best to work with specific kinds of wax. Many local craft stores also have supplies like wicks and thermometers which could be useful during your candle making process. Furthermore, you can oftentimes get discounts when buying in bulk, so it’s often much more cost-effective than purchasing individual items online. Local craft stores provide an opportunity not only to browse products before you buy but also ask questions from knowledgeable experts in the field of candle making.

Online Retailers

Online retailers provide a great option for those looking to buy containers for candle making. Whether you’re making a single scented candle as a gift or creating dozens of candles for retail sale, you can find everything you need with just a few clicks at an online retailer. With their increased selection and customization options, you’ll be able to choose the perfect container size, shape and style to match your vision. If you’re looking for more personalization options, many online stores will even allow you to upload your own artwork onto the jar labels or print on shrink wrap bands. Additionally, these retailers offer competitive prices, which makes it easier to stay within budget and get the best value for any candle-making supplies. Finally, most online stores have speedy delivery options so that you can get your containers quickly without having to wait in long lines at the store!

Wholesale Candle Suppliers

Wholesale candle suppliers often carry a large selection of candle containers in various styles, sizes and materials. They offer bulk discounts to candle makers who are ordering larger quantities of containers. Many candle makers find that it is more cost-effective to purchase their containers from wholesale suppliers because they can often buy more containers at cheaper prices. The variety of containers available from wholesale suppliers typically ranges from traditional glass jars and tins to ceramic vessels and votive holders. The larger the quantity of containers ordered, the broader the range available for selection. Popular materials include metal, glass, ceramic and even plastic for special wax types requiring specific conditions. Candle makers will be able to find a container that suits their individual needs such as color, size or shape. In addition, most wholesalers provide free samples so that you can assess whether certain containers match your product offerings before buying them in bulk.

Tips For Choosing The Right Candles Containers

When making candles, choosing the proper container for your craft is an important step in the process. This guide provides information about where to buy containers and tips for finding the best option.

Where To Buy Containers For Candle Making:

Most craft stores or hobby stores will have a selection of candle containers available. The selection will differ depending on the store’s inventory but can include molds and jars of various sizes and shapes to fit any project. Additionally, online retailers such as Amazon and etsy offer a larger variety of candle making supplies, including containers made of glass, metal and ceramic.

Tips For Choosing The Right Candles Containers:

When selecting a container for your candle project, there are several factors to consider such as size, material, overall aesthetics, cost, shape and heat resistance. First decide which type of wax you plan to use– soy wax may require thicker containers due to its slower burn rate compared to paraffin waxes–and make sure that your chosen container is capable of withstanding high temperatures without cracking or melting. Second, decide on the best size for your needs; smaller sizes are great for travel tins while bigger sizes work well with large pillars and jar candles. Thirdly, choose a material that fits with the look you’re aiming for like colored glass or crystal or rustic terracotta pots and jars. Finally, be mindful of costs when purchasing large amounts of containers as it can quickly add up if you’re not careful!

Style and Design of the Containers

When shopping for containers for candle making, style and design should be considered. There are many color options to choose from, such as clear and frosted glass, metallic shades of silver, gold and copper, plastics in bright solid shades or ombre fades, and different styles of natural stone or ceramic. The textures can range from smooth and glossy to rough and bubbly with variations including etched or embossed detailing around the sides or over the lid. Choosing a container for your own unique candle might be something you really enjoy thinking about!

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Types of Materials Used in Containers

Glass containers are an excellent choice for candle making, as it is a clear material which allows light to pass through making the candles look beautiful and inviting. Many types of glass containers can be found that vary in size, shape, design, color and price. Depending on the desired look, jars or votive glasses can be used. Jars with lid are also a perfect addition if you want your candles to last long while maintaining the scent throughout.

Metal containers add a modern touch to your candles and give them a chic elegance which can complement any decoration style. Metal tins come in various shapes and sizes but are often used in rustic decor as they fit in well with natural looks. Additionally, they help preserve the scent of fragranced candles and make them easy to transport.

Ceramics candle containers range from handcrafted urns to intricate patterns that combine pottery techniques with modern designs. These often have earthy tones with soft glazes which look both classy and natural at the same time. Ceramics is great for personalized pieces as it often allows for different shapes and sizes not found with other materials like glass or metal. They are slightly more fragile than other materials though so extra care should be taken when handling them.

Safety Considerations

When buying containers for candle making, safety must be considered first. Heat retention capabilities are of utmost importance when selecting an appropriate container. The material should be able to withstand the heat from the flame and also retain heat so that wax can maintain its pourability. Cleanliness and maintenance requirements must also be kept in mind. Depending on what type of wax is used (such as beeswax or paraffin wax), some containers may need frequent cleaning or replacing to maintain a clean burning candle. Containers such as mason jars tend to withstand the heat better than glass containers that are too thin and may require regular replacement due to chipping and cracking with baking hot wax inside. Most materials like metal, stone, ceramic, or terra-cotta pots work well as long as they can safely handle the heat without changing shape or discoloring over time. It’s better to invest in durable high quality materials rather than buy cheaper materials just to replace them frequently because of the constant wear and tear that comes with using them for regular candle making.


When purchasing containers for candle making, there are numerous factors to consider. Cost is one of the main things to keep in mind when looking for quality containers. Depending on the quality of container you need, there are several budget-friendly options out there, ranging from glass and ceramic jars to plastic tins and metal cans. If you want higher-end products that will last longer, you may need to invest a bit more money. Quality thrift stores are a great place to look for vintage containers at an affordable price. Additionally, specialty craft stores have a wide variety of containers specifically for candle makers such as different colored glass jars with lids or gorgeous metal vessels with unique shapes and sizes. However, if your goal is solely focused on cost savings, dollar stores or discount retailers have plenty of options in the form of plastic or tin cans that usually come with basic lids.


When selecting containers for candle making, it is important to consider a variety of factors, including the size and shape of the container, the specific material and finish that you need, your budget, and any special requirements you may have. Once you have selected the right size and materials for your needs, consider checking online retailers such as Amazon or specialty candle-making supply websites; often they offer better prices than many brick-and-mortar stores because they don’t carry the same overhead cost associated with running a store. Additionally, independent artisans often have handmade containers available at craft fairs or online through their own websites or Etsy shops. Finally, recycling stores are a good resource for collecting used containers ” just make sure to clean them thoroughly before use! No matter which option you choose for finding containers for candle making, make sure that it meets all necessary safety standards so that your candles can be enjoyed safely by everyone.

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