Wicking Needle For Candle Making

What Is A Wicking Needle?

A wicking needle is a tool used in creating candles. It is slimmer and longer than a regular needle and its purpose is to draw the wick up through the wax of a candle, so it is properly secured and in the right combusted position prior to burning.

How To Use A Wicking Needle

Using a wicking needle is easy. Here are the steps you need to take to get the optimal results:

  • Ensure the candle is at room temperature before beginning.
  • Insert the wicking needle through the wick at the base of the candle.
  • Apply gentle pressure on the needle to move it through the wax/wick.
  • Try to keep the needle centered, as this helps achieve a consistent and even burn.
  • Continue applying pressure to the needle until the wick is visible at the top of the candle surface.
  • Once the wick is visible, gently pull it through the wax.
  • Trim the wick at the desired length and make sure the top of the wick is visible above the wax.
  • You now have successfully used a wicking needle and your candle is ready to burn.

Benefits Of Using A Wicking Needle

  • It helps to ensure that the wick of the candle is correctly secured and aligned, leading to an even and efficient burn.
  • It greatly reduces the risk of sooting and having the candle sputter and extinguish.
  • It also prevents any disturbance or disruption of the wax, which can lead to a misshapen candle.
  • The needle makes it easier to draw the wick up through the wax, saving you time (and your sanity!) when making candles.

Wicking Needle Types


Metal wicking needles are usually made from steel and are the most popular choice for candle makers. They are heat resistant and can be used multiple times, making them suitable for larger batches of candles.


Wooden wicking needles, made from bamboo or other wood, have slightly more flexibility and are less likely to break if they are dropped. While they are more expensive than the metal alternatives, they provide a more natural finish.


A wicking needle is an essential tool for candle making. It not only helps to keep your candles burning in an even and efficient manner, but also helps to give them a professional finish. It is wise to invest in good quality tools as they will improve the performance of your candles drastically.

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