Are There Any Candle Making Suppliers Near Atlanta


Candle making is the art of creating beautiful, fragrant works of art by combining a wax or other similar material with dyes and scents. Candles are used for decorations, aromatherapy, and to generate light; however, many people enjoy making candles as a hobby. While it is possible to make candles without specific materials or tools, supplies such as moulds, wicks, and dyes can greatly increase the quality. If you’re looking for candle making supplies near Atlanta, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several retailers in the area that cater to candle makers.

These businesses have everything from special waxes and colors to containers like jars and tins; many retail stores specialize in handmade supplies such as those made of beeswax or soy wax. If you’re more interested in purchasing pre-made candles there are stores offering a wide variety of styles with different designs and scents that may fit your needs. For example, some stores offer custom designs such as monograms or pictures printed directly onto the surface of the candle. There also are companies that provide professional services such as custom-made molded creations with intricate patterns along with crafted candles featuring unique decorations such as beads, feathers, stones and glitter. Furthermore, they could help customers design specialized corporate gifts such as logo imprinted wax seals complete with their own personal message made from soy or beeswax candles customized colors and packaging options available. In addition to those services some suppliers may even offer instruction on all aspects of making including pouring techniques and trouble shooting common mistakes which can be very helpful for aspiring enthusiasts just starting out their candle journey!

Benefits of Candle Making

Candle making can be a great hobby and even a side business for individuals looking to express their creativity and make a little extra money. With some basic supplies, you can make different types of candles for your own home or for sale. Supplies like wax, wicks, scents, color dyes and molds can be purchased from candle making suppliers. If you’re located near Atlanta, there are several reputable candle making suppliers to choose from within driving distance.

The main benefit of candle making is the ability to create one-of-a-kind creations that suit your individual style and needs. With various wax types, wick sizes and scent oils, you can customize the end product to exactly what you want it to look and smell like. You’ll also have control over the size and shape of the finished candles by using molds when pouring the melted wax. Candle making allows you to use your creative abilities while crafting something that has practical uses as well.

In addition to being creative, candle makers can use their products as gifts or sell them in order to earn some extra money. That could mean selling craft fairs locally or setting up an online shop with photos of your unique items available for purchase. Making custom orders according to specific occasions such as weddings or holiday decorations can also be profitable venture for skilled crafters.

Tools and Supplies Needed for Candle Making

For those interested in getting started with candle making, there are a few basic supplies that you’ll need. Firstly, candles need to be contained somehow, so you’ll want to invest in molds or holders for your creation. Metal and plastic molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes for everything from votives to large pillars and candles can also be poured directly into holders like jars or teacups. Additionally, it’s important to choose the right type of wax for the job. Paraffin is a traditional choice and is great for beginners who don’t have any prior knowledge of candle making, while beeswax provides a greater variety of colors as well as helping support sustainable agriculture. Lastly, once you’ve chosen your wax, you may also want to add additional ingredients like fragrances and dyes that will give your candles unique colors or scents.

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Fortunately, those looking for supplies near Atlanta won’t have far to travel; The Candle Making Shop in Roswell not only offers an extensive inventory of products but also runs regular classes where those looking to learn more about this fun craft can get first-hand experience from experienced professionals. If that doesn’t appeal, Staples offers several options online that can be shipped directly to your door free of charge. No matter what candles you eventually make and how complex they may become there are plenty of nearby options for obtaining perfect supplies every time!

Sources of Quality Candle Making Supplies Near Atlanta

If you are looking for quality candle making supplies near Atlanta, Georgia, there are many reliable suppliers to choose from. Many popular home improvement stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby offer a wide variety of candle making supplies. On the other hand, if you’re searching for more specialized materials and scents, local craft stores such as The Candlemaker’s Warehouse are ideal. This shop offers an extensive selection of waxes and scents as well as helpful advice on crafting your own candles.

For those interested in soy-based products, Fulton Naturals is found just outside Atlanta in Roswell. Established in 2013, this health-focused store provides top quality all-natural ingredients that are vegan and cruelty free at unbeatable prices. They also sell candle molds for creating beautiful tea lights, pillars and tarts.

Candlemaking Inspirations is another fantastic resource near Atlanta for those seeking quality candlemaking supplies. This knowledgeable retailer stocks a wealth of specialised products including diffusers, floating candles and essential oils with information about creating unique wicks from scratch and beaded containers that come in various sizes perfect for storing your own creams or lotions. Opening its doors back in 2008, Atlanta Candle Supply was one of the original providers of candlemaking supplies in the region catering to both hobbyists and expert makers alike with their premium selection waxes adhesives shimmer powders moulds glitter spritzes and tools to help make the process easier. No matter what type of homemade product you wish to create there is sure to be something here at this excellent shop!

Where to Find Affordable Candle Making Supplies Near Atlanta

There are a number of stores and suppliers near Atlanta that sell candle making supplies at affordable prices. Michaels Arts and Crafts often has seasonal sales on wax, wicks, molds, dyes, and fragrances. Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts also carries a wide variety of candle making supplies, as well as having regular discounts on bulk items. Hobby Lobby occasionally carries discounts on select items in specific departments. Local hardware and home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s may also carry the necessary supplies required to set up an at-home candle making studio. If you are looking for specialty items online retailers like Candle Crafters Supply have a good selection of goods to choose from. In addition to that there are many different distributors based in the area with warehouse locations throughout the year where avid crafters can find deep discounts on wax, wicks, containers, and other essentials for making candles.

Types of Custom Candle Making Supplies Available Near Atlanta

If you’re looking for candle making supplies in the Atlanta area, there are numerous suppliers that can meet your needs. From basic wax and wicks to custom-shaped molds and scented fragrances, it’s easy to find exactly what you need. You can find everything necessary to make flair-filled decorative candles of all shapes and sizes, as well as unscented beeswax and paraffin waxes in various colors. Some stores also carry wooden wicks, tins and glass jars for container candles, dye blocks for tinted creations, and soy wax for an eco-friendly burn. Many of these stores also stock thermometers for precise measuring of temperatures when pouring the melted wax. Plus, some stores carry specialty items like wick sustainers, centering needles and even 3D molds for more intricate designs. For scents related to aromatherapy or just added elegance, many suppliers near Atlanta stock containers full of concentrated fragrances such as sweet vanilla or woodsy pine oil scents that can be blended into the molten wax before pouring it into the candle mold.

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Best Place to Buy Candle Making Supplies in Atlanta

If you are looking for candle making supplies near Atlanta, there are plenty of places where you can find what you need. Quality Candles is one of the premier suppliers for all sorts of candle-related products in Atlanta, offering a wide variety of waxes, molds, fragrances, and more. Gotham Candle Company provides top-notch premium candle making supplies from prestigious designers around the world. They offer an array of beeswax sheets and scents that are sure to please any crafter’s palette. Turtle Wax Factory carries essential products like fragrance oils, wicks, dyes and vessels ” perfect sources for those everyday candy makers out there. For a huge selection of soy waxes as well as starter kits and special discounts on bulk orders, visit Magic Candle Makers near Midtown Atlanta. They even offer many local artists’ custom works that you won’t find anywhere else! Be sure to add these southern stops on your next shopping run.

Tips for Getting the Best Price for Candle Making Supplies in Atlanta

When searching for candle making supplies near Atlanta, there are a few tips to consider in order to get the best price:
1. Compare prices between different suppliers. Checking online stores as well as your local craft stores ” like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and AC Moore – is a great way to ensure you don’t miss any available discounts.
2. Buy in bulk if it makes sense. Buying larger quantities of candle making supplies can get you better prices per unit, so it’s worth looking into when the cost savings is significant enough to make it worthwhile.
3. Take advantage of coupon codes or sign up for loyalty programs with certain vendors. Many suppliers will offer discounts that may not be advertised publicly, so make sure to inquire about any available promotions before making a purchase decision.
4. Look into DIY versus pre-made options. It often happens that it’s more cost effective to buy multiple components separately and create your own solution rather than purchasing a complete kit from one vendor or pre-made supplies from another seller; taking time to calculate the total cost can really pay off in the end!
5. Join online forums and Facebook groups related to candle making ” you might find fellow crafters who are willing to lend a helping hand in finding competitive prices!


Yes, there are many candle making suppliers located near Atlanta, Georgia. For example, Stinky Candle Supplies offers a wide range of soy candle waxes, essential oils, dyes, and much more. Another local supplier is Beeswax Products which offer beeswax candles in a variety of shapes and sizes. For essential oil supplies, Aromatics International has an extensive selection of fragrances, waxes and wicks. Finally, Laguna Candle Supply carries everything you would need to make votive or container candles such as the finest colorants, molds and natural waxes. All of these companies are conveniently located within an hour’s drive from Atlanta allowing for quick delivery and quicker turnaround times for your projects!

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