Aromatherapy Candle Making

Aromatherapy Candle Making

The aromatherapy candle making business has long been there to serve as a nice option for those who are looking for a little bit extra cash to go on a cruise or buy a new car.

The concept of aromatherapy candle making had actually all started when the a French chemist named Rene-Maurice Gattefosse performed studies on the cosmetic properties of plants and coined the term “aromatherapy” when he learned that plants contained organic antiseptic elements that worked better than inorganic ones.

Since the formation of the concept of aromatherapy, several people have begun to consider aromatherapy candle making as a profitable alternative. They then started to take the essential oils from plants and used them in forming the beautifully scented candles.

The aromatherapy candle making business then became popular as more and more people are appreciating its benefits, although they know that no one is really going to get wealthy and be ready to give up their job by making aromatic candles.

On its most basic, the aromatherapy candle making does require some forms of artistic talent, although learning the fundamental skills needed is just fairly simple. There are even dozens of varying types of wax as well as candle styles out there. However, in the spirit of the true aromatherapy candle making, it is usually advised to employ beeswax, soy wax, as well as palm wax in making the candles instead of paraffin.

Most of the experts in aromatherapy candle making in fact typically claims that paraffin is not a good material for crafting aromatherapy candles as it contains carcinogenic chemicals.

In aromatherapy candle making, the idea of trimming the wicks of the candles is usually considered. It is as well necessary to note that in order to produce the best aromatherapy candles, the essential oils should be added at the top of the candle, but never on the wick itself.

A number of experts in the field of aromatherapy candle making even commonly consider adding the essential oils after the candle has been lit and there is a small pool of wax at the top of the candle. However, in the aromatherapy candle making, the experts avoid from adding the essential oils to the flame as the oils are capable of catching fire.

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Today, the aromatherapy candle making is so famous throughout the world. The Internet has even made it possible for the candle makers and other craftsmen to sell their aromatherapy candle making products around the world at the click of a mouse.

And, with some helpful aromatherapy candle making resources out there on the web, there is no doubt then that you will get to create something and see the results of your work first hand. The aromatherapy candle making business is but more about fun than it is about money, but there is still a risk of getting burned if you are not carefully when you work.

Perhaps the oldest method of aromatherapy is in the form of candle burning and aromatherapy candle making. Nearly six thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese burned joss sticks made from aromatic herbs in temples and shrines to honor their gods and ancestors.

Aromatherapy is the branch of herbal medicine that uses essential oils derived from plant parts, such as flowers, branches, twigs, barks, roots, fruits, leaves, and even stalks. There are several ways to extract these essential oils but the commonest is through a process called distillation. After distillation, essential oils are formed. These are highly concentrated substances that have powerful therapeutic properties that can benefit the healthy and overall well-being.

Essential oils may be used as massage oils or as cleansers, added as key ingredients in various cosmetic products. This practice is again anchored on an ancient custom that dates back to the ancient Egyptian civilizations where herbs were used in baths to improve physical beauty. Many people also use essential oils in baths, allowing a few drops of the substance into the warm water. Carrier oils allow the skin to better absorb these oils so they are sometimes added as well.

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Essential oils are also used in aromatherapy candle making. This process is called diffusion where instead of absorbing the therapeutic properties of essential oils through the skin, you absorb them by inhaling them into the lungs. With the number of people burning aromatherapy candles at home, there is great demand out there for aromatherapy candle making.

Below are some instructions that you will want to follow for aromatherapy candle making.

Materials for Aromatherapy Candle Making

Candle wax, preferably soy candle for a more natural and environment-friendly effect.
Candle dyes (optional) for a more interesting aromatherapy candle making result.
Candle wicking
Essential oils
Heavy pot for melting wax
A suitable mold for your candle. Either a long tube, hollow at the center, or a bowl. You can even use a cup. Make sure that your aromatherapy candle making molds are flexible so that it will be easier to release the hardened candle.

Aromatherapy Candle Making: Instructions

Place your required wax amount into the heavy pan and place it on the heat. Allow the pan to heat slowly until all the wax melts. Afterwards, add your dye. In aromatherapy candle making, it is important that you add the ingredients a small amount at a time. Then, dip the wick several times into the melted wax. Next, add a few drops of essential oils into the mixture, stirring gently. Finally, pour the mixture into the mold and wait for it to dry.

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