Australian Candle Making Supplies

Introduction to Australian Candle Making Supplies

When it comes to candle making, the options are endless! To help you get started, let’s break down the different supplies available in Australia.

Wicks are usually made from cotton or linen, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They provide stability to the flame as it burns by drawing liquid wax up from the pool at its base, allowing for an even burn.

There is a huge range of containers to choose from when making candles. Options include jars, tins, teacups, glasses ” anything that can hold wax! The size and shape of the container will determine how much wax you can put in and how many wicks you need to fit in the container.

Dyes are responsible for the colour of your candles! Many dyes are naturally-derived and specifically designed for candle making. For pastel shades, simply blend white dye with your chosen hue instead of using more intense colours.

Finally, fragrances give your candles that extra special touch” whether they’re sweet florals or calming aromatherapies. Fragrance oils are usually added during a cooling process after pouring hot wax into the container but some manufacturers incorporate them directly into the wax whilst melting to create their own products.

Types of Waxes Used in Candle Making Supplies

Paraffin wax is the most popular and widely used wax for candle making by beginners and professionals in Australia. Paraffin wax has a low density, meaning it burns longer than other types of wax. It has a melting point range of 47-65 °C, which allows it to burn at a consistent rate and produce minimal soot or smoke. As paraffin candles burn, they usually form a white coating known as crystallization or bloom over time; this is due to the crystals formed when the complementary ingredients cool down too quickly during manufacturing.

Soy Wax is another common wax choice for candle making in Australia because it is made from renewable plant sources (soy beans) and produces very little soot or smoke while burning. Soy wax has a high melt point between around 50-90 °C, allowing it to hold scent well, compared to paraffin wax which only holds scents with added binders from other materials. When using soy wax for candle making, many suggest adding 1-10% beeswax as an additive; this will increase the hardness of the resulting blend and reduce shrinkage and warping of container candles as they cool ” especially something like Cymbal Wax which was developed specifically for Australia’s climate.

Beeswax is favored for its natural honey scent and unique texture when molded into candles; it has an extremely high melting point at 144°F (62°C). While beeswax candles can be tricky to work with due to their firmness, they are often preferred by premium candle makers because they produce very little smoke or soot while burning and they have a long burn time if crafted correctly. Beeswax blends manufactured in Australia may include small percentages of carnauba wax or shorter vegetable based fatty acids such as palm oil.

Soy Candle Making Troubleshooting

The process of creating pillar style candles typically starts with placing preformed wicks made of cotton or wood pulp coated with metal core inside molds which usually feature a 0-5% draft angle; above 25% may cause problems later on if poor quality material was used during manufacturing. The surrounding molds are then filled with molten beeswax before being poured into metal containers such as jars when just starting out in candle making. After allowing adequate cooling time (~2 hours), excess trimming (to remove excess metal core from wick/s) followed by curing can take place prior utilizing any freshly created pillar candle safely at home!

Sourcing Australian Candle Making Supplies

Australia is a great place to buy candle making supplies. There are a variety of shops and online stores that offer an extensive range, meaning there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding what you need. When purchasing, there are some considerations to make in order to get the best quality supplies. Firstly, it is important to check if the supplier offers guarantees and warranties on their products ” this will be an indication of how reliable they are as a business. Additionally, find out how long shipping times are and whether returns are accepted for any reason; again reliability is key.

To help narrow down your search for candle making supplies, here’s a list of the top suppliers and retailers in Australia: Candlesupply by Bickmore, Sudz Candle Supply, Sugar & Spice Carousel Craft Supplies, Botanica Candle Supplies and Early Moontide Candle Supplies. All of these businesses manufacture and distribute their own unique waxes, wicks, dyes and oils for candle making. Furthermore, each offers fluctuating discounts for bulk orders plus reward systems which can be beneficial for those buying large amounts of supplies in one go! So if you’re looking for quality candle making solutions in Australia – these are definitely worth checking out!

Benefits of Using Australian Candle Making Supplies

One of the main benefits of using Australian candle-making supplies is the assurance that these are products made ethically with respect for sustainability. In this day and age, customers demand more transparency and assurance about the production process behind the items they purchase, and Australian candle-making supplies are a great example of ethically produced goods. As much as possible, all candles are made with materials which are either native to Australia or highly sustainable in nature, helping to preserve our environment.

Furthermore, purchasing Australian candle-making supplies also means customers can be sure they’re receiving high quality goods. Local manufacturers have strict standards when selecting the ingredients and inspections thoroughly test each batch of candles before further distribution in order to guarantee excellence. This intensive quality control process empowers shoppers to trust that they will receive items that not only last but also keep their promises in terms of fragrance, colour, and other characteristics.

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Finally, customers enjoy a convenience factor when buying locally made supplies since they don’t have to wait for imports or worry about delivery delays from overseas sellers. Since Australian suppliers strive to use only local ingredients wherever possible so there isn’t any concern about import tariffs or long transportation times ” something especially important if customer needs turn out urgent!

DIY Candle Making with Australian Supplies

When it comes to making your own spectacular custom candle creations using high-quality Australian candle making supplies, the possibilities are almost endless! However, for those who are new to DIY candle making, it is important to learn the basics first and get an understanding of which techniques and supplies will serve you best for creating whatever type of candle you desire.

One popular technique to consider when crafting your own unique candles is layering different colors and scents. This tends to work particularly well with pillar candles. To add scent, one of the most effective methods is called ‘cold scenting’. This essentially involves mixing the fragrance oils with a liquid wax before pouring them into your moulds so that they don’t evaporate during burning. You may also want to sprinkle natural powders into each layer as you pour for an impressive color effect.

Of course, all this requires the right types of Australian candle making supplies, such as quality waxes, wicks and molds in various sizes and shapes plus a selection of fragrance and essential oils. You can then leave your finished masterpiece to rest while the wax sets allowing you to appreciate its beauty and aroma if desired. With many suppliers offering online shopping options throughout Australia, obtaining high-quality candle making supplies has never been easier!


In conclusion, Australia’s wealth of candle making supplies provides a variety of ways to create beautiful, unique candles. Australian stores offer a wide selection of waxes, wicks and scents, as well as other tools and accessories to make crafting an enjoyable experience. For the most value, bulk purchase your supplies whenever possible. Additionally, watch for sales in local craft stores to save on top quality waxes and more. Lastly, remember that the best way to get the most out of the supplies is practice; With a bit of experimentation and creativity you can create some truly one-of-a-kind projects!

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