Best Scale For Candle Making

best scale for candle making

When it comes to candle making, a scale can make or break your process. A digital scale can help you get the correct measurements, and some even let you know what the exact weight is in grams. You can use this to create macros or even perfect your candle recipes. This scale features four accurate sensors and a low minimum weight of one gram. It also has an easy-to-read LCD screen, and multiple units.


When it comes to making candles, it’s important to know how much each batch weighs before deciding to purchase a scale. The Nicewell scale will let you know how much each batch weighs in grams and pounds. The weighing scale has four advanced weighing sensors, including a one-press tare button. Its rounded design makes it easy to hold and the weighing mechanism is made with a rubber base for durability. It measures up to eleven pounds in increments of one ounce, and there are three modes: the standard, the average and the percentage weighing.

If you want to measure fragrance oils and additives in your homemade candles, the Nicewell scale is an excellent choice. Its 9 x 6.2-inch surface is perfect for candle making and can detect small amounts. You can easily switch between pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters. The scale also features a tare button that automatically subtracts the weight of the plate or container before measuring each ingredient.

If you are a beginner at candle making, you may want to consider a bench scale for your candle-making needs. These compact scales can be used anywhere and have the perfect capacity and readability for candle making. When choosing a scale, however, you should consider how much wax or fragrance oil your candles will require and how many batches you’ll be making per day. For large batches, you’ll want a scale with a higher capacity, but if you’re making smaller batches, a bench scale will be fine.


There are a number of features to look for in a scale before you buy one. Those that measure weight should have a tare feature. This allows you to measure ingredients without having to weigh each container separately or use multiple measuring cups to determine the exact amount. This saves time and trouble in the long run. Battery-operated scales are the standard in the market today. They are convenient to use and have portability. However, they tend to let go quickly and can produce inaccurate figures.

Adam Equipment’s Highland Portable Precision Balance is a popular bench scale with many useful features. Its sturdiness makes it ideal for stacking. Its percentage weighing capability can speed up the process of adding ingredients to your candles. And it also has checkweighing capabilities, so you can ensure that every candle weighs the same. Finally, its ShockProtect feature ensures that the scale is protected against knocks and overloads.

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Another feature to look for in a candle making scale is a tare button. This will allow you to convert from one measurement to another without the risk of being off by a few grams. If you don’t need a lot of precision, a tare button will do the trick. A tare button will allow you to weigh a candle without getting out the measuring spoon. Similarly, a tare button will be useful for ensuring that each batch of wax is the correct weight.


The LEVIN candle making scale is a great way to accurately weigh your wax melters, pouring pitchers, and other materials used in candle-making. It has an oversized platform that measures 5-3/4 inches wide and enables you to weigh large items without the worry of tipping them. This scale is easy to clean and can even be stored on a hook. The scale comes with an LCD display and weighs items in grams, ounces, milliliters, and pounds.

A digital display and auto-shut feature are other features of the Escali candle making scale. The scale’s function area has a spill-proof cover that prevents moisture from damaging the buttons. The scale is also backed by a lifetime warranty. The battery-operated scale requires two AAA batteries. The low battery indicator allows you to use it when it’s low. This feature is great for beginners and hobbyists.

When shopping for a candle-making scale, make sure to consider its price and features. While most scales are designed for general kitchen use, candle-making involves using specific features. It’s important to have accurate measurements and avoid wasteful ingredients. It’s important to choose a scale that offers 0.1-ounce accuracy. It also allows you to make candles with equal weight. With the right scale, you can create perfect candles every time.

Highland Portable Precision Balance

The Highland Portable Precision Balance is a popular bench scale. It combines many useful features into a single, lightweight unit. This scale’s sturdy design makes it perfect for stacking, while its percentage weighing feature speeds up the process of adding ingredients. In addition to its precision weighing, this scale also includes checkweighing capability. This feature helps you check that your candles are all the same weight, and its patented ShockProtect feature prevents knocks and overloads.

Candle making is a popular hobby and small business, and using a scale is essential to getting it right. It is important to have an accurate scale because you’re not using the same metrics each time you make a candle. Using a scale properly will prevent you from wasting ingredients or money by measuring them incorrectly. Luckily, it is easy to find a digital scale. If you’re not a techy, you can always opt for a traditional bench scale.

A scale for candle making should be accurate, so that it can accurately measure ingredients and ensure the correct ratios. Candles made with the wrong proportions of fragrance oil or wax will smell a little too strong or unstable. Accurate measurement will help you make the right decisions for your candle making business. A bench scale can also be helpful in smaller batches. Ensure that the scale you choose is suitable for the size of your candle-making operation.

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Highland Metal Bowtie Style

If you’re looking to buy a bench scale for candle making, the Highland Metal Bowtie Style scale is an excellent choice. This type of scale features a compact design and rechargeable battery for easy transport and use. It also features a percentage weighing feature for adding ingredients quickly. Additionally, it features a checkweighing feature that helps you ensure that all of your candles weigh the same amount. This scale comes with a patented ShockProtect feature that protects it from knocks and overloads.

A weighing scale is a key piece of candle making equipment. These tools allow you to measure ingredients such as wax, fragrance oil, additives, and other ingredients. Without an accurate weighing scale, you could end up with candles that smell bad and are unstable. Using an accurate scale will ensure you don’t waste ingredients and ensure that you get the right amount of wax or fragrance oil. Once you’ve purchased your scale, you can begin making candles.

Highland Digital Scale

When it comes to candle making, a digital scale is one of the most important tools you need. It’s crucial for measuring the weight of ingredients like wax and fragrance oil, as well as the scent. While you can use a ‘ruler’ to estimate weight, it’s impossible to be totally accurate. When choosing a scale, make sure to consider the following factors:

First of all, determine how large your operation is. If you plan to make many candles, you’ll need a larger scale than a hobbyist or a small business. If you plan on making several batches a day, you’ll need a larger scale. If you’re making small batches, however, you don’t need a huge scale. When it comes to choosing a scale, make sure it has the capacity and readability you need.

Second, consider how much your candles weigh. You need to know how much wax is equal to how much fragrance oil. Candles with too much or too little fragrance oil are unattractive and have a low scent throw. Therefore, an accurate weighing scale is essential. A good scale should be able to handle up to 10 pounds of weight and provide accuracy down to 0.1 ounces. The accuracy of the measurements is very important for making the right candles.

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