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Candle Gel Candle Making is an art form that involves the creation of fragrant and attractive candles using a wax base. It is an interesting process that requires the use of special techniques such as using molds, scents or pigments to give the finished candle a unique finish. The most popular wax used in this type of candle making is gel wax, which has excellent adhesion and clear translucent qualities. To begin, a well-ventilated room is needed since any combustible material should be properly handled with care. Furthermore, all materials used for candle making must be non-toxic and safe for human contact. To complete the project, various tools like wick holders, thermometers and measuring spoons are required along with a variety of gel dyes, additives, fragrances and containers. With patience and practice it is possible to create beautiful candles that add beauty and aroma to any décor.

History and Popularity of Gel Candle Making

The art of making candles dates back to ancient times, and in recent years, the popularity of gel candle making has increased significantly. Initially thought of as a niche craft, gels offer a range of colors and can be used to make a variety of shapes, colors and designs that regular wax cannot replicate. With the right ingredients, creative ideas and some expertise, gel can create truly beautiful works of art.

Gel candle making has become even more popular over the years because it provides versatility to those who want to make custom candles with precise details. Along with creating interesting shapes and colors, gel also creates effects that regular wax cannot achieve such as bubbling and floating lights without having to worry about smoke or residue. Furthermore, gel has the advantage of being both heat resistant and safe for indoor use due to its low flame point. For these reasons, gel candles are becoming more widely used by hobbyists, crafters and even professional candle makers alike.

Another great aspect about gel candle making is that it is relatively easy for newbies to pick up and create stunning pieces quickly. Gel comes premixed so there’s no need for any additional steps like melting or pouring which often intimidates beginners from entering into the hobby. Additionally, specialized molds make it easy for beginners to create intricate designs that otherwise would take a lot of skillful hands-on experience with other types of materials such as wax or plastics. Finally, due to its low flame point compared to traditional wax candles gel is safer around kids than regular candles which further adds to its appeal among novice makers

Advantages of Gel Candle Making Over Traditional Candle Making

Gel candle making is a great way to switch up your traditional candle making. It offers many advantages that traditional wax candle making does not have, including increased brightness and safety. Gel candles are made from a clear gel instead of wax, which, when lit, has a much brighter flame than a regular waxed wick. Because the gel is see-through, it allows for interesting shapes, colors, and effects to be seen from within the candle once it is lit. Additionally, candles made from gel tend to burn very slowly and evenly so you don’t have to worry about it burning too fast or leaving behind any excess wax on its surface. The gel also cools much faster than traditional waxes so you don’t have to wait a long time before handling or moving your newly created candle projects. Finally, because the gel won’t produce as many hazardous fumes as regular paraffin-based candling materials do, more people are able to enjoy their creative pursuits while also feeling safe and secure in their homes. So if you want something new and exciting in terms of candle making projects then consider trying out gel candle making – you won’t be disappointed!

Materials Needed to Make a Gel Candle

Making a gel candle requires relatively few materials, but they’re essential to get the job done. The primary components of each gel candle are a jar or container of some sort, gel wax, a wick, and dye or fragrance to personalize it.

To begin your project you’ll want to gather the the chosen container for your gel candle, gel wax, a wick with tab (usually made of cotton or wood), and any decorations you may wish to use such as dye and/or fragrance. Before pouring the melted wax into the container make sure it is clean and that no water droplets remain from washing it. This can be avoided by simply wiping it down with a lint-free cloth.

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Next, place the pre-tabbed wick in the center of your desired container. You will also want to add anchoring weights designed for candles so that your wick does not become off balance while using it; these weights help ensure even burn when lit. If you plan on adding dye or scent to your candle make sure these are mixed into melted wax before starting this process as direct contact with liquid wax may degrade them quickly. When all these components have been gathered and prepared correctly then you can start melting the gel wax until it’s completely liquified in an appropriate melting vessel such as double boiler, electric double boiler or microwave.

Once liquified and tempered to its intended temperature, slowly pour the molten gelled wax into your desired jar making sure not to rush or disrupt placement of weighted wick and submerge into fragranced/dyed moldable state instead of laying atop surface awaiting hardening process prior occurring otherwise will cause enduring problems leading up eventual discarding entire project process has been completed fully let thoroughly cool at room temperature before handling covering storing

Step by Step Guide to Gel Candle Making

Step 1: Gather Supplies. You will need a double boiler, wax pot/mold, scent, essential oil or fragrance oil droppers, vegetable or mineral oil coloring gels for candle making and flat wooden craft sticks.

Step 2:Using the double boiler on medium heat, melt down your wax (soy wax is suggested). Add drops of essential oils or fragrance oils to the melted wax to create a pleasant scent. Stir this mixture with a wooden craft stick.

Step 3: As the wax begins to melt even more, begin adding food-grade colored gels in small quantities while continually stirring. Be aware that color will darken over time as the candle cures so use caution when adding too much gel at once!

Step 4: Once desired coloring is achieved and all components are mixed together – remove your double boiler from heat and carefully pour into mold/tin of choice.

Step 5: Let cool until the wax has hardened and remove your newly created gel candle!

Tips for Making Custom Gel Candle Scent Blends

Gel candles are a popular choice for many as they have a more diverse range of colors and shapes than traditional wax candles. Create unique scented candle blends by incorporating various essential oils into your finished product. There are several tips to keep in mind when making custom gel candle scent blends. First, you’ll want to begin by deciding what type of essential oils you would like to use for your blend. Consider the aroma you’re trying to achieve and experiment with a variety of aromas until you find the perfect combination that works for you.

Next, it is important to know how much of each oil to use in order to avoid overpowering the blend. A general rule of thumb is two drops per tablespoon of melted gel wax; however, this can vary depending on the strength of each scent used. To start off, add just a few drops at a time and then increase as desired. You never want one scent to dominate the blend ” you want them all to work together harmoniously! Additionally, consider diluting each oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or almond oil before adding them into your blend. This will help reduce any strong odors that may be present without taking away its delicately appealing aroma. Lastly, always make sure that your chosen essential oils are safe for use with a gel candle as some can be harmful when heated or burned directly from an open flame source such as a candle.

Decorating Ideas for Gel Candles

Gel candles can be an exciting, fun, and creative project for adults and children alike. Not only are they great for creating unique gifts and items for special occasions, but the possibilities of decorating gel candles is almost endless. Here are some interesting ideas to get you started on your own candle-making adventure:

1. Layer different colors to create a marbled effect. Start by pouring a light colored layer into the mold and let it cool before adding a darker shade right on top of it. Once the two layers have cooled and solidified, use a craft blade or skewer to swirl them together to achieve an interesting tie-dye pattern.

2. Incorporate some dried botanicals into your design while the wax is still liquid. A sprig of lavender or rose petals will look gorgeous when preserved into the finished product, plus they give off a soothing scent that complements the aroma of your chosen wax fragrance perfectly.

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3. Use fabric decorations such as sequins, glitter, sparkles or ribbon to customize your candle’s exterior design. When poured correctly, these embellishments should adhere to the cool gel surface and stay in place as time goes by.

4. Place charms ” beads or small trinkets like seashells or starfish ” into the cooling liquid wax before hardening them permanently inside the candle itself!

5. Embracing modern technology by adorning your candle with special LED lights which glow through its transparent shell and make it stand out even more in its mesmerizing glory!

Creative Uses for Gel Candle Projects

Candle gel candle making is an increasingly popular hobby that allows you to explore and create unique shapes, sizes and fragrances. Gel candles offer some advantages over regular wax candles as they can last 3 times longer than a traditional wax candle. They are also not prone to dripping and the gel burns at a lower temperature, allowing for safer placement of certain decorations inside the candle such as shells or glitter.

Gel candles allow for endless creativity when it comes to personalizing the finished product. With a wide range of colors and scents available, gel candles can be customized to suit any preference. To add a unique touch to your candles, consider using items such as seashells, pebbles or dried flower petals. These decorations can be added to both store-bought and homemade candles, providing extra texture and color. For nights in with friends or family, why not try adding essential oils for aromatherapy purposes? You could even dye the gel with natural ingredients such as beetroot juice or matcha green tea powder if you’re going for subtle earthy tones or brighter shades of red or green respectively. Alternatively, use glitters of various colors for extra sparkle ” these will look especially beautiful in sunlight! Or for something truly individualized how about designing your own wicks? Make sure you look up safe instructions on how to do this as it might require special zinc materials depending on your design choice. If you’re feeling adventurous why not make several different sized pillar candles forming an impressive centerpiece? The possibilities with creating candles in gel form are practically limitless!!

Tips for Storing and Maintaining Gel Candles

Storing gel candles is key to maintaining their condition and keeping them looking good. Gel candles should be stored away from direct sunlight, heat, or moisture to prevent the wax from deteriorating or cracking. If left out in a hot environment, the candle may melt and lose its shape. It’s also important to keep the wick trimmed, as it will burn faster if it is exposed to any source of heat such as a window or radiator.

When not in use, gel candles should be kept in an airtight container or bag in a dark, cool place. This will help protect the candle’s color and scent as well as keep it free of dust or debris. Additionally, wrapping the candle in plastic wrap can help reduce any fading or discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight or high temperatures. Gel candles should also be turned every few months so that they will not begin to lean towards one side due to gravity which can result in uneven burning. Finally, make sure to inspect your candles regularly for signs of damage like cracking and discoloration before using them and discard any damaged candles.


Making candle gel candles may have seemed like a daunting task at first, but now you have all the skills and knowledge needed to create beautiful and unique candles. By understanding the various components of a candle gel, including the different waxes and additives available, you will be able to make custom candles that meet your individual needs. With this knowledge in hand you can now start trying out a variety of techniques such as embedding objects within the wax or making multi-layered candles. Additionally, by creating your own scent mixes with essential oils, fragrances, or dye colors you can make your own signature candle products. With practice and patience anyone can make beautiful and creative candle gel products for any occasion or season.

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