Candle Making Boise Idaho


Candle making in the Boise, Idaho area has a rich history and culture associated with it. The tradition of candle making in the area dates back to the late 1800s and has evolved significantly over time. Candles were initially used for both functional and decorative purposes in early pioneer homes, as a source of much-needed light and heat. They also served a cultural role, creating a backdrop for many traditional family gatherings and celebrations. Today, there are several local businesses in Boise that specialize in crafting handmade candles using traditional methods combined with modern safety standards. These unique candles both celebrate Boise’s heritage and serve to connect past generations to current ones in the vibrant community of this beautiful city.

Candle Making Practices

Candle-making is an art form that has been around for centuries and continues to delight the senses of all who appreciate the craft. In Boise, Idaho, some of the best candle makers come together to showcase their skillful techniques. They take pride in their craft for producing unique, quality candles that are sure to lighten up any room in your home or office space. Local artisans can be seen creating scented hand-poured soy wax candles with beautiful designs and scintillating aromas. Additionally, there is a range of customizable options available such as colored glass jars, unique wick styles, and even non-toxic organic waxes used in their creations. There are also an array of gorgeous tart melts with fragrances like tropical escape, white tea and sweet pea blossom waiting to tantalize your senses. By visiting local artisans you are able to discover the many enjoyable ways you can enjoy the traditional candle making practices used in Boise while supporting small businesses passionate about their work.

Benefits of Candle Making in Boise

One of the greatest benefits of candle making in Boise Idaho is the personal connection that you can create with the local culture. You can take inspiration from its natural beauty or from the people and stories that make up the community. Whether you do this through learning traditional techniques or experimenting with different scents, colors, and decorating ideas, each time you make a candle, it’s an expression of your passion for the city.

The joy of creating something so lovely cannot be understated either. As with other types of crafting, when you’re done, there’s a sense of accomplishment and pride to look back on your work and admire the finished product! There are also practical benefits to making candles at home ” they make great gifts, they light up a room with a special aroma and cozy atmosphere, and they add charm to any décor simply by placing them around your house. Furthermore, it’s so much more meaningful to have a handmade item as part of your home rather than something mass-produced!

Supplies and Processes

Candle making in Boise Idaho requires a variety of supplies and processes. To get started, candle makers will need wax, wicks, molds, and containers. In addition to the materials, candle makers may also require tools such as melting pots, thermometers, rulers, and measuring spoons.

Candle Making Tool-Thermometer

The steps for creating candles can vary depending on the type of candle being made. The most common method is called warm-bead pouring where molten wax is poured into a mold or container at temperatures between 135 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. From there, wicks are added either manually or with an automatic wick inserter. After that the candles are left to cool until they reach their optimal hardness before they are removed from the mold.

Traditional dipping can also be used as an approach to candle making. This involves placing the pre-made candles into melted wax and allowing them to soak up the liquid until they have reached the desired thickness or size wanted by the creator. Candles then would then be taken out of the wax bath (or pot) with tongs and placed onto a cooling rack so that it can harden over time.

No matter which techniques are used for creating candles here in Boise Idaho all will share similar principals; Materials such as waxes and wicks must be chosen carefully, temperatures must be monitored accurately during each stage of creation from melting and pouring to cooling, sizing must meet both aesthetic and safety requirements for proper burning and stability -all culminating in beautiful works of art!

Types of Candles

Candle making in Boise Idaho is a thriving craft industry with a variety of candles available for purchase. Traditional wax candles are offered, such as tapers and pillars, as well as more modern designs such as decorative jars with various colors and scents. There are also options for hand-dipped, natural beeswax candles which feature a soft honey aroma. Scented soy candles come in an array of fragrances including floral, herbal, and sweet aromas. For the larger spaces in your home or business location there may be container candles in festive shapes and sizes with distracting inspirational quotes embedded on them. And finally, special occasion candles with floating wicks may be found to create a glowing romantic atmosphere. Whatever kind of candle you’re looking for chances are high that Boise has something close that meets your needs.

DIY Candle Making

Candle making is a fun and rewarding activity for those looking to create unique and beautiful decorations for their home. Boise Idaho is home to several high quality DIY candle making suppliers providing everything from starter kits to special waxes and fragrances needed for custom creations. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced crafter looking for new techniques and materials, there’s something for everyone here in Boise.

For beginners, it’s best to start with a starter kit containing all of the necessary components needed to make your first candles. These kits come with step-by-step instructions that will walk you through the entire process from wax melting down to finishing touches. Most starter kits also come with wicks, scent oils, dyes, molds, and other tools required. Experimenting with different scents and colors can be amusing as well as educational ” allowing you to explore your own creativity while learning about basic candle making principles. This can be an excellent opportunity to introduce children to the basics of crafting!

Intermediate level crafters may want to try more complex recipes such as those using different wax blends or double-wicking techniques. If you’re interested in these types of projects then consider investing in professional grade waxes, fragrances, and tools from a local Boise supplier or online retailer. Once you’ve mastered the finer points of DIY candle making let your imagination take you on a creative journey into realms yet unexplored! Your friends and family won’t believe what lovely artistry lies within you!

Candle Making Dyes And Fragrances

Shopping for Candles

One of the best places to purchase candles in Boise, Idaho is The Candle Making Place. Located downtown and open seven days a week, they have a variety of scents and sizes in both jar candles and votive-styleholders. Their pre-filled jar candles are an easy and festive way to bring a pleasant scent into your home or office. They also offer custom blending services for those looking for a signature scent or seasonal fragrance combination.

For those who prefer shopping online, Doolittle’s Candles is another excellent option. They offer free shipping for orders within the United States, so you don’t even have to leave your house to get fantastic smelling candles! They have both traditional wax candles as well as soy blend options – all made with top quality fragrances and essential oils.

Finally, Solid Rock Candles, another Boise-based business located in the North End neighborhood, also has an extensive selection of natural wax candle jars with hand-picked essential oils and high-quality waxes like coconut and beeswax that produce unique scents sure to uplift your mood.

Community Events

Every year, citywide candle making workshops and festivals take place in Boise, Idaho. These events bring together local candle makers to share their knowledge and learn more about the craft. The highlight of these workshops and annual meetings involve wick-dipping parties where attendees can watch experienced candle makers demonstrate their skills with molten wax. Talk of any new developments within the industry is also discussed during these events and even watching is an experience in itself as a mesmerizing symphony of wicking, dipping and spinning takes place right before your eyes. Popular amongst both professionals and amateurs, the nearby marketplace creates an opportunity to purchase locally made candles and gain insight from other artisans in the presence of cheerful music and colorful visuals. People not only come equipped with knowledge but are also exposed to advanced techniques that fine-tune their outlook on what goes into creating quality candles.


Candle making in Boise Idaho is a unique and fulfilling craft that has been enjoyed by residents, visitors, and artisans alike. It allows us to express ourselves through creative interpretation while introducing us to the culture and history of the region. Candle making in Boise also encourages economic resilience by providing local businesses with an income stream through the sale of handmade products. As more people take part in this age-old art form, we can help build stronger communities where the celebration and appreciation of handmade creativity lives on.

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