Candle Making Factory Macjinr

Located in the Capital City of Miami, Candle Making Factory Macjinr is a premium, family-owned business that has been making quality candles for over 25 years. Their mission is to provide eco-friendly and affordable home decorating solutions through their extensive selection of unique and luxurious candles from around the world.

Since opening in 1993, Candle Making Factory Macjinr has strived to create exquisite candles that are handmade with natural ingredients with an emphasis on safety and sustainability. They believe that each candle they craft serves as a source of warmth, comfort, and joy for those who use them.

At Candle Making Factory Macjinr, they are committed to providing the best possible experience for all their customers by offering a wide assortment of innovative candle-making products including waxes, wicks, fragrances, dyes, molds, decorations, labels and packaging for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you’re looking to add a soothing ambiance to your living room or create beautiful custom wedding favors as gifts – Candle Making Factory Macjinr can help make your vision come alive.

In addition to regular candle manufacturing services you would expect from such a company – such as special bulk order pricing options – Candel Making Factory Macjinr also provides custom label printing services so customers can uniquely customize the appearance of candles with their own logos and branding or personalized messages. Furthermore, their customer service team is available 24/7 to assist with questions regarding product selection or shipping details.

Candle Making Factory Macjnir has established itself through its commitment to quality – specifically its focus on handcrafted products made using natural ingredients and processes that have minimal environmental impact – as well as its dedication to creating customized experiences that offer genuine value for their loyal customer base.

By delivering exquisite handmade scents and designs along with superior customer service in every aspect of the business – the organization continues strive towards its goal of being an admired leader in the luxury candle industry.

Candle Making Process

The candle making process begins with the selection and combination of waxes to create an ideal formulation. At Macjinr factory, they use a proprietary blend of paraffin and soy wax for their production process. The differences between these two wax types are that paraffin is transparent, while soy wax has a characteristic matte finish. For scenting their candles, Macjinr utilizes only pure essential oil extracts to ensure a natural, non-chemical aroma.


Once the wax is selected, the containers must be cleaned and dried thoroughly to ensure that the wicks adhere properly in later steps. Additionally, anchors are placed at the bottom of the container to hold the wick in place securely during the filling step.


The next step is for employees at Macjinr factory to fill each of the containers with melted paraffin and soy wax by pouring it into each vessel from an automated dispenser machine. This ensures a consistent product quality throughout all products. After all containers are full, any additional materials such as pots are attached to enhance product design as needed.


Soon after filling stage, workers move onto cooling stage – where metal racks of filled vessels are left alone at room temperature for 2-4 hours until completely cooled down and solidified into shape. During this process anomalies such as discontinuity or excess air bubbles form which need to be dealt with accordingly by quickly scooping out the liquid and sorting out defected candles before final packing.

Variety of Candles Available

The Macjinr candle making factory is infamous for their wide selection of unique and custom-made candle designs. With their range of different waxes, they can create a variety of styles for the perfect gift or home decoration. They are well known for creating both aromatic and unscented candles, as well as figurine candles, to bring personality and elegance to any space.

At Macjonr’s factory, there are several types of scented and unscented candles available in an array of shapes and sizes. Their finely crafted scented candles are created using organic vegetable waxes rich with essential oils that provide an unmistakable aroma while giving off a pleasant soft light. From their classic beeswax varieties to their soy and coconut blends, all of the scent from these candles last up to 10 hours.

Aromatic Candles

For those who enjoy a more imbued fragrance, Macjonr’s aromatic candles release more intense aromas into your home or salon setting. These highly fragrant options come in multiple colors as well as various wicks for that just-right look. Whether it’s a romantic rose petal or refreshing lavender aroma, you can dependably light up any room with these warm and inviting scents.

Stillwater Candle Making

Figurine Candles

In addition to traditional waxes used to make scented and unscented candles, craft artisans at Macjonr’s can embed special shapes such as animal figurines into the finished product making it truly individualized; perfect for decorating special moments or gifting creative ideas. Special attention is paid to detail when sculpting molds for each artwork, so images come out exquisitely shaped every time – dolphins, birds, elephants; just about any design imaginable can be shaped into the poured contours.

These luminous sculptures also feature up to eight color shifts when exposed to enough heat allowing colors to rotate through within each piece creates a fun visual experience.

Special Features of Candle Making Factory Macjinr Products

High Quality Wax and Materials Used

Candle Making Factory Macjinr products are renowned for their high quality materials. The factory uses top of the line waxes in order to craft premium candles for customers. These waxes contain pure components that bring out a warm and inviting atmosphere when burning in addition to aiding in the delivery of scent. Furthermore, these waxes provide a smooth texture that are long lasting while remaining easy to clean if spills occur.

Non-toxic and Natural Scent Oils

The company is also committed to creating scented candles that are natural and non-toxic. As such, all scented candles made by Candle Making Factory Macjinr feature essential oils that have been systematically selected as well as tested to ensure they contain no harmful contaminants.

In addition, customers can choose from an impressive selection of essential oils ranging from floral and citrusy aromas to woodsy, spicy flavors. This range ensures that customers may find the scent they desire in an organic way making sure everyone is satisfied with their purchase.

Customizable Candles

For those wishing for something more, Candle Making Factory Macjinr offers a variety of customization options allowing them to create the perfect candle suited exactly for their needs. Customers may choose from an array of different styling elements such as container type, wick type, shape and size to truly personalize their purchase.

Furthermore there is staff on hand helping with such customization ensuring that what clients gain at the end is a unique one of a kind item which serves as an expression of themselves through the medium of light and scent.

Candle Design Inspiration

The Candle Making Factory Macjinr offers a wide range of candle designs from its unique line of products. Located in the heart of downtown, it has become known for its creative and innovative ideas, as well as its top-notch customer service.

This factory provides a wide selection of candles to meet any budget or style preference. Not only do they offer conventional jar and taper candles, but also custom designed centerpiece candles, decorative votive holders, and emerging trends such as the ever popular tea light display boxes.

In terms of design inspiration, the Candle Making Factory Macjinr takes pride in making aesthetically pleasing candles. For instance, during a visit to the shop you could be mesmerized by their ornate line of floral arrangements and glassware used to craft uniquely modern candle designs.

Additionally, they always have an array of colors available to create memorable pieces that are sure to make any room look special. With their belief that all homes should have some scope for creativity and uniqueness, Macjinr proudly showcases visuals in their store windows to represent stylish moods with which customers can identify with so that they can incorporate these into their own homes or design concepts.

One of the key aspects that makes the Candle Making Factory Macjinr stand out from other candle suppliers is their dedication to innovation and sustainability practices across all areas related to how each piece is crafted – from raw materials purchasing through production until final delivery.

With this comes ecology consciousness through supporting local craftspeople who produce fairtrade products, providing eco-friendly packaging options as well as ensuring safety throughout each candle making process – both for themselves and for clients using natural ingredients over synthetic ones when suitable alternatives are available wherever possible.

Above all else this means meticulous attention is paid during the selection process for raw materials with no compromises being made on quality or subtleties between different design aesthetics.

Advantages of Choosing Candle Making Factory Macjinr

  • High quality: Macjinr offers customers an extensive selection of handmade candles crafted with the highest quality from 100% natural beeswax. The wax used is paraffin-free and free of any harmful chemicals, making each candle perfect for creating a safe and beautiful atmosphere in homes.
  • A wide range of styles: Macjinr offers candles in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. From specialized themes to unique personalized options such as monograms, Macjinr can create a custom piece for every customer’s individual needs.
  • Unique scents: With a range of over 80 unique scents, customers can choose precisely the type of scent they want for their house. Each scent is created with precise attention to detail to give customers the exact smell they desire.
Making a Candle With Liquid Paraffin

The company also offers high-quality wicks made from all-natural materials that are sustainably sourced – guaranteeing that all candles supplied burn consistently and safely throughout their entire use-life. Additionally, Macjinr provides vegan-friendly options upon request – catering even further to its diverse customer base.

In addition to meeting customer needs on an individual level, Macjinr proudly donates 5% of each purchase towards charitable causes around the world – something that is truly commendable. To further demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices and environmentalism, all packaging is made using recycled cardboard materials whenever possible.

MacJinr puts immense effort into ensuring sustainability in every aspect of production – from strictly limiting emissions during production processes due to only using energy-saving LED bulbs in their factories-to using eco-friendly packaging materials when delivering products to customers. This way customers can be assured that not only are they receiving a high-quality product but that it was also made responsibly.

Creative Uses for Candle Making Factory Macjinr Products

  • Dinner Table Settings: Candles from Candle Making Factory Macjinr can be used to provide the perfect ambiance for a dinner or special occasion. Customers can place the candles around their table for a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Outdoor Parties: Customers may love to light up their outdoor gatherings with colorful candles from this company. Strategically placed tapers and tea lights can beautifully light up a night time gathering outdoors.
  • Interior décor: The exquisitely crafted candles of Macjinr make attractive decorative pieces themselves, with no further effort required. Customers may use them to create dramatic effect for any room in their house, either as centerpieces on tables or by lining shelves.

Candles have been used for centuries to create the perfect atmosphere in homes and businesses alike, and the products of Candle Making Factory Macjinr are no exception. Their range of different colors, shapes, textures, fragrances ensures that customers will find a candle to meet any need they have. From simple votives to three-tiered towers, there is something available from this factory for all customers’ needs.

Another great benefit to using these candle products is that they won’t take away from the atmosphere inside a home; rather they will add beauty with their flickering flames and pleasing scents without overwhelming the senses. Additionally, because of the variety available in these products, customers are able to match any existing interior design effortlessly and blend multiple pieces together with ease.

The delightful waxed decorations from this company also make lovely gifts – both personal and corporate – so much so that customers are sure to find something suitable amongst its wide selection of candles and related items such as tea lights and tapers. Furthermore, Macjinr offers personalized customer service should clients wish to have custom orders made according to their specific tastes or requirements allowing total satisfaction right down the line.

Additional Services at Candle Making Factory Macjinr

The Candle Making Factory Macjinr prides itself on offering customers an extensive range of services. Not only can customers purchase all manner of candles from the main store, but there are also offers available for those wishing to have custom orders or repairs made. Custom orders allow you to create your own unique candle – choose the colors, sizes, and scents you love. Take advantage of Macjinr’s expert team members and get the perfect candle tailored for you.

The Repair Service from Macjinr is designed to make sure that all purchased candles still look great even after being used for some time. All repairs are done in-house and come with a full warranty for total peace of mind.

The team at Macjinr use their years of experience to complete each repair efficiently, making sure nothing gets damaged during the process. This is just one way in which they go above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction.

For those who wish to stock up on candle supplies as a business investment or hobby, bulk ordering is also available at Macjinr. Choose between sizes small or large to cater to different needs, be it for home décor or special events rewards alike. From waxes of varying colors and scents, wicks of different lengths, and various other accessories – enjoy unbeatable value with bulk purchasing through this specialized store’s quality products.

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