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Candle making with glass containers provides several unique benefits, both to the craft of candle making and to the environment. Not only can you enjoy creating your own custom-made designs, but glass is recyclable and reusable”meaning your creations can minimize waste and bring beautiful pieces of art into your home. In addition, working with glass offers unique design possibilities”you have complete control over what type of container you select, and how you arrange the wicks and waxes to create one-of-a-kind designs.

Glass container candle making requires special tools, techniques, and a basic understanding for achieving success. To successfully make candles this way, it’s important to understand which wax types work best in combination with certain container sizes or shapes and which wick materials are ideal for different projects. Additionally, many other elements come into play such as the correct amounts of wax needed based on temperature conditions or the recommended temperatures for pouring hot wax. Furthermore, some containers may require using stabilizers or adhesives to maintain shape integrity during cool down times. Removing correctly cooled candles from their containers can sometimes prove challenging as well! With all these aspects considered, careful steps must be taken when selecting supplies and crafting your perfect candle creation so that successes far exceed failures every time.

Advantages of Using Glass

Making candles with glass provides many advantages and possibilities. Glass lets you create a stunning array of candles, which can be customized simply by changing the shape and size of the glass. Glass is also a great option for making scented and unscented candles since it does not absorb odors or impact the scent of the candle. You can also choose from various colors, sizes, shapes and styles of glass to create the perfect look for your candles. Finally, using an appropriate glass container when making your candles can help to prevent wax from pooling on one side or melting too quickly along the sides. This ensures that your candle will burn evenly and last longer. With all these options, you can create beautiful and unique candles for any occasion!

Shopping for Glass Candle Containers

When shopping for candle-making glass containers, it is important to understand the types and styles of glass that are available. For example, some of the more common types you will find are pressed glass containers, kiln-fired dichroic vases and jars, and hand-blown glass vessels. Pressed-glass containers are usually symmetrical and have a uniform thickness, which helps to give the bottle a regular shape. They often come in a variety of colors and patterns, so there is something for everyone. Kiln fired dichroic vases are beautiful multi-colored creations which have been fired in a kiln to create unique designs. Hand-blown glass vessels offer an artistic and sophisticated look with their smooth curved surfaces and organic shapes. With these containers come different sizes such as votives, tumblers, hurricanes and tealights which can make for an exquisite centerpieces or decorative accents in any home or office. Additionally, many of these containers also come with pins around their base to help them sit tightly on surfaces while burning candles. This can be very helpful in avoiding potential accidents due to carelessly placed candles or wax spills leaving permanent marks on delicate surfaces beneath them. Overall, by exploring the wide range of candle-making glasses available, you can easily create the perfect vessel to fit any style you may desire!

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Preparing Glass Containers for Candle Making

When it comes to candle making, using the right type of glass containers is an essential part of the process. Candle making glass has been specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures without compromising its integrity. Here are some key steps you’ll need to take in order to ensure that your candles last as long as possible:

1. Clean Your Glass Containers: Before you use your candle making glass for your creations, make sure you clean them inside and out with warm soapy water. Take care when washing the outside to avoid any scratches or damage which could compromise their structural fortitude in the future.

2. Use a Wax Adhesive: To help prevent leaks and heat escape, apply a wax adhesive around the insides and out of your glass containers before adding in any kind of wax or wick material. This will also provide an extra layer of protection against environmental elements, such as humidity or pests that may disrupt your work.

3. Test Out Multiple Wick Sizes: When it comes to finding the right length, thickness and composition of wicking materials for your candles, experiment with different sizes until you find a combination that works best for your candles. Different sizes may react differently with different formulations of wax, so keep trying until you’ve found what works!

4. Make Sure It’s Not Too Full: Pouring too much wax into your containers may cause issues when cooling and settling; leaving excess air gaps between the solidified liquid will prevent any problems from arising in the first place. With this advice, we recommend keeping all poured items below at least two inches from reaching the brim edge!

These four steps will help ensure that your candle making glass containers last long enough for you to create lasting pieces with brilliant colors and gorgeous scents bursting from within them!

Candle Making Tips & Tricks

When it comes to candles, glass makes the perfect material for your candle creations. Not only does it give candles a more aesthetic appeal, but it also creates a safe and secure candle. Here are some tips & tricks to make sure you get the most out of your glass candles:

1. Make sure to cut the wick to the desired length before inserting into the wax. A wick too short can not burn evenly, and a wick that is too long will easily create soot.

2. Always trim away any blackened or charred parts of your wick after each use of your candle. This helps ensure that future burns are clean and hopefully smokeless!

3. Consider using an old pot to melt your wax when you make multiple batches at once. Never pour hot wax directly into the container you are going to be using as this could crack or even shatter your beautiful glass holder!

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4. Consider experimenting with different types of glass candles, such as frosted or etched styles, for a unique look! You can get really creative with this part as there’s no limit on what you can do with your glass candles!

5. If you are making a layered candle with multiple different colored waxes, pour each layer slowly over one another and wait until the prior layer has hardened before adding the next color on top; this will help prevent bleeding between the layers and keep up its distinct color look.

Finishing Touches

Once you have chosen the candle making glass and poured your wax, it’s time to give your creation a personalized look. One way to decorate glass containers for a custom look is to use decorations such as ribbons, labels, and charms. Ribbons can be applied using a hot glue gun or double-sided tape if an adhesive is not desired. Labels can be chosen to match the theme of the candle or to simply add some cool design elements. And charms are always a fun addition; they are available in a range of colors, shapes and sizes that will add distinction and personality to the finished product. Adhesive mounting putty can be used to attach the pieces for fastening. Paint pens are another great way to customize candles with names, special dates, or quotes that can easily be wiped away with some petroleum jelly when changing designs. Embellishments like beads, shells, sequins, glitter, sandpaper and fabric scraps also can be adhered with various craft glues or all -in-one sealer products depending on the materials you are working with. Finally, consider spray painting the outside of your votives and jars for a more opaque finish in colors that will complement your décor. Have fun experimenting with these ideas


There is no doubt that candle making with glass containers produces a truly stunning end product. From the vibrant colors to the elegant shapes, the options are practically endless when you craft candles with glass. Not only can you make dazzling works of art, but you can also create something truly unique and personal with customized designs. Furthermore, as you experiment and gain more expertise, you may decide to add different touches such as colorful wax ribbons or wickless double-wicked candles. Finally, should any unfortunate accidents occur while handling hot wax or other materials, glass won’t react like some other materials which makes it a much safer option for those new to the craft. With all these factors in mind, one thing is certain: anyone looking to decorate their home with an impressive piece of DIY art need look no further than crafting homemade candles from glass containers!

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