Making Candle Holders With Mod Podge

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Mod Podge is a decoupage medium and sealer originally created back in the 1960s. The original Mod Podge was a matte-finish, all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish. Now available in many formulas for different projects, you can select the perfect Mod Podge for the job based on your desired finish (e.g. matte, glossy, sparkle) and special features needed (e.g. glitter or fabric-friendly).

Many of these Mod Podge formulas still provide an all-in-one solution for decoupage projects such as making candle holders with Mod Podge. You simply start with one layer of Mod Podge to cover your desired surface or glass item in cutouts from decorative paper or tissue, then apply additional layers of Mod Pod over the design until it is completely sealed and secure. Finish off with an additional coat of your preferred formula of Mod Podge to protect against humidity damages while also providing a smooth surface perfect for displaying!

Add Decorating Options

Candle holders made with Mod Podge provide a unique, creative way of displaying candles. With the right materials and supplies, making a beautiful candle holder is simple and fun. Once you have your candle holder base made, there are several ways to decorate it and make it your own. You can add beads, ribbons, fabric scraps, paint, and more to give your candle holder a personalized touch. To get started with adding your personal decoration touches to the candle holder:

1. Place beads on the sides or surface of the candle holder for an eye-catching effect. Match up different shapes and sizes for an interesting look that complements the entire creation.

2. Cut thin strips of colorful ribbon and layer them around the base of the holder in a spiral pattern or just glue one strip to the middle of vertical parts of the holder for an easy touch of decoration.

3. Add fabric elements by cutting out pieces from scrap fabric and gluing them on with Mod Podge onto different sections of the candle holder in an abstract design or even one image repeated multiple times around it as if it were wallpaper border.

4. Paint special details such as stars or mood messages like “relax” or “love” onto sections of slits on vertical parts with craft paints for a 3D illusion when lit up by candles light inside them at night time!

Expand Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 ” Gather Materials:

• Mod Podge glue in your choice of finish (matte, glossy, or sparkle)
• Candle holders of your choice. These can be found at craft stores or thrift shops.
• Decorative wrapping paper or tissue paper
• Foam Paintbrush
• Scissors
• Optional: Non-permanent glue gun and glue sticks

Step 2 ” Prepare the candle holder:
Clean the candle holder with a damp cloth to make sure there is no dust or residue on it before you start applying the adhesive. Alternatively, you can lightly spray the surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt.

Can I Use Essential Oil for Candle Making

Step 3 ” Cut wrapping paper or tissue paper into strips that are approximately 1 inch wide and long enough to fit around the circumference of your candle holder.( It helps to measure each one against the height of your candle holder).

Step 4″ Apply Mod Podge glue to one side of the wrapping paper strip using either a foam brush or a piece of card stock folded over a few times for an even application. Use more glue for thicker wallpaper for extra coverage; use less for smooth patterned papers. Be generous but not excessive as you don’t want drips down the side of your candle holder once it is dry.

Step 5″ Stick the strip onto the candle holder, pressing it firmly so it adheres well and paying attention to where it overlaps so that seams are neat and tidy (you may need to trim off some edges here). You can also add extra smaller strips around base or carve designs into them if desired. Finish by applying a top layer of Mod Podge over all strips carefully making sure that all pieces are sealed properly and there are no gaps between them; this will give your new décor piece an even finish when dry!

Step 6- Allow your finished project to dry overnight before you light any candles in them! For best results use unscented tea light candles as they have been specifically designed for use in decorated holders like these, as scented ones could potentially react with Glitter ModPodge glue used in this project exposing you to hazardous fumes.

Include Photo Examples

Making candle holders with Mod Podge is an easy and fun craft project that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike! This can be a simple yet creative way to add a cozy homey touch or a decorative item to any space.

First, start by gathering the supplies you will need: Candle holders of your choice (ceramic, glass, etc.), Mod Podge in the finish of your liking (matte, gloss, etc.), Scrapbook paper (patterned/textured), scissors, paintbrush/sponge.

To begin creating your candle holder designs, measure the circumference of the holder and cut out a scrapbook paper in that size accordingly. Apply some Mod Podge onto one side of the holder using either a brush or sponge. Place your paper on top of the Mod Podge-covered surface and then apply more glue on top as well as at the edges for extra protection from moisture. Make sure to do this with care so it even out most of wrinkles or air bubbles that might have occurred while placing it onto the surface. Allow it time drying time before adding another layer if desired. If a second layer is added, make sure to apply glue on both surfaces before placing them together

How To Make Candles

Now you’re ready to display your newly created candle holders! When using images such as pictures and scrapbook paper, there are endless possibilities for unique homemade items! Check below for photos examples of great looking candle holders made with Mod Podge:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Offer Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having difficulty applying the Mod Podge to the glass containers, use a medium-sized foam brush for improved control and even application. If your Mod Podge is too thick or too thin, adjust the consistency by adding more water or glue as necessary. You may also encounter some problems with bubbles appearing on the surface; this can be solved by applying thinner layers of glue and allowing those layers to dry completely before adding another layer. Make sure your candle holders are fully dry before lighting the tea lights to prevent any damage from heat.

Follow Up

Have you ever wanted to explore more projects with Mod Podge? Whether you’re a beginner or a crafting expert, there’s no doubt that adding a bit of creativity and fun to your home décor is always a great idea. If you’re looking for creative ways to use Mod Podge, then this blog post is perfect for you.

One of the coolest things about Mod Podge is that it can be used to make a bunch of different crafts, especially useful when decorating stationary items such as candle holders. Perfectly suited to DIY projects, here are some awesome ideas using Mod Podge:

• Design Pillows – Create striking pillows with fabric scraps from old clothing or quilts, combined with Mod Podge glue! Use fabric paint for added texture and colourful patterns.

• Reuse Glass Jars – Spice up boring glass jars by adding cork coasters to the bottom and decorate them with craft paper and finger paint in fun shapes and patterns. Once it’s dry, coat it all with Mod Podge for an extra shine.

• Decoupage Frames – Give plain frames new life by cutting out photos from magazines or artwork from children’s books, creating mini masterpieces with the help of decoupage glue!

• Bottle Top Wall Decor – No bottle-caps should be thrown away; they are perfect materials for collages with pictures or phrases on the inside lid. Just secure everything together using Mod Podge once each element is placed in its right position.

These are only some ideas featuringModPodge since its countless possibilitiesareendless! Start redecorating your home while having some DIY fun using this amazing crafting tool today!

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