Making Candle Holders Modge Podge


Modge Podge is a popular craft material used by many crafters to create DIY projects or to decorate various items. One of the most creative ways to use Modge Podge is for making interesting and unique candle holders.

One of the main benefits of using Modge Podge for making candle holders is that it adds a beautiful glossy finish, which makes them look much more beautiful than if they were not coated in the glue. You can use different types of Modge Podge depending on what kind of finish you are aiming for, from a matte finish to a high-gloss finish. Additionally, due to its waterproof properties, it helps prevent water damage and chips in your product and also makes it much easier to clean up spills.

Another great advantage of using Modge Podge when making candle holders is that you can get really creative with your designs! You can easily combine different fabric materials, paper, ribbon and other accessories together in order to create eye-catching holders perfectly suited for your needs. You could even combine old metal pieces with fabric flowers or ribbons trimmed around the metal edges!

Moreover, because Modge Podge dries relatively quickly (usually within an hour), you’ll be able to get your holder completed in no time at all. This allows you do complete lots of creative crafts in one day instead of having to leave it alone overnight waiting for it dry – so no more waiting!

In conclusion, making candle holders with Modge Podge has many advantages – from the waterproof layers protecting your surface from water damage and chips; versatile design options; quick drying times; and its attractive glossy finished look – this glue definitely a must-have for any aspiring candle holder maker!

Gather Your Supplies for Making Candle Holders Modge Podge

Before you can begin making your own custom candle holders, you’ll need to gather the necessary supplies. You will need modge podge, paintbrushes, images printed on card stock paper (ideally, the images should complement each other but have a slightly different size), tape to hold down the image onto the surface, glass votive holders or bowls of any kind, and some optional scrapbooking items like stickers or small charms for decoration. In addition to these items, you’ll need basic items like scissors and an X-Acto knife for cutting out shapes from your paper as well as a bowl for mixing up modge podge.

Prepare the Candle Holders for Modge Podge Application

Before applying the Modge Podge to your candle holders, you should ensure that they are prepared properly. Clean the surface of the holders with a damp cloth and then let them air dry completely. If there are any dirt, dust or debris stuck to the holders, use a soft brush to carefully remove it. After you have done this, sand the surface down with a fine grit sandpaper or a steel wool pad in order to create a rough texture for the Modge Podge adhere to. Once you have finished sanding, wipe away all dust with a dry cloth and then apply a layer of primer designed for glass surfaces if the candle holders are made from glass. Allow this primer to dry before continuing.

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Learn the Various Steps Involved in Applying Modge Podge

Modge Podge is an excellent way to customize and create a unique home decor item, such as candle holders. It’s easy-to-use and dries quickly, making it perfect for projects with a quick turnaround time. To begin this project, first gather the materials needed: Modge Podge, a foam brush or fabric roller, decorative paper or items to apply to the candle holder, scissors and a pair of protective gloves.

Start by cutting the decorative paper or items into small pieces to fit onto the candle holder. Once all of the pieces are cut out, take one piece and start lightly spreading Modge Podge onto it using the foam brush. Carefully place the paper on top of the candle holder and then coat it with more Modge Podge over-top until all of its surface area is covered. Continue repeating this process for each piece of decorative paper until you’ve completed covering the entire candle holder in Modge Podge. Allow several hours for it to dry before handling any further and enjoy your new custom candles!

Add Some Personal Touch To Make Your Candle Holders Unique

Modge Podge is a great way to make your own personalized candle holders. First, find a design or pattern you want to use—it could be anything from pictures of your family, your favorite animal, or the colors of a sunset. You can also opt for just plain craft paper with no designs, if you prefer something more subtle. Next, cut the images into strips and apply them to your candle holders with Modge Podge. Allow each side to dry completely before applying the next coat of paste. Once finished, you should have beautiful candle holders that show off your unique design preferences. You can even add additional decorations such as glitter or faux gems to give it an extra sparkle when lit. Whatever type of design you decide upon and no matter what finish you choose for your project, these customized candle holders will certainly be one-of-a-kind!

Finishing Touches To Make the Candle Holders Durable and Long-lasting

When making candle holders using Modge Podge, it is important to give them a few finishing touches in order to make them durable and long-lasting. First, apply two thin layers of Modge Podge to the entire surface of each candle holder. Allow each layer of Modge Podge to dry completely before adding the next layer. After you have applied two thin coats, add one generous coat of Modge Podge over the entire surface that will be exposed when the candle holder is fully assembled. Once this layer has dried completely, seal it with a coat or two of clear sealant for extra protection and durability. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the Modge Podge and sealant layers to dry completely before use for maximum benefits.

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Show Off Your New Candle Holders

Making candle holders Modge Podge is an easy and fun craft to do. You can find items around your house or you can go to the store and buy items that speak to you. First, you will need to gather some plastic or metal items like cups, cans, mugs, plates, flower pots and whatever else strikes your fancy. Next, clean the item with soap and water and let it dry completely. After that, paint the object in a color of your choice using acrylic paints. Then it’s time for the Modge Podge which is a versatile glue that can be used on almost any surface. Simply spread it over the surface of the object and begin arranging pieces of tissue paper over it until desired design is achieved. Once finished, seal off each piece by brushing more Modge Podge over them. Let the item sit overnight so that everything dries properly before adding a tea light candle to create a warm ambiance inside your home. Finally, show off your new candle holders at dinner parties or other social events!

Expert Advice and Tips on Getting the Best Results with Modge Podge

1. Make sure the surface you are applying the Modge Podge to is clean, dry and free of dust and debris before you start. This will ensure a smoother finish and make the finished product look much better.

2. Mix together equal amounts of Modge Podge and water in a bowl or container. You may need to adjust these measurements depending on how thick or thin you want your finished candle holder coats to be.

3. Apply the mixture liberally with a foam brush, making sure to get it into all of the small crevices of your candle holder’s design.

4. Allow each coat to dry for several hours before applying a second coat if desired, repeating until you reach your desired thickness.

5. Once all coats have dried, apply a clear sealant such as spray-on lacquer or urethane over the top which will give your candle holder an extra layer of protection and help it last longer in humid environments or when exposed to heat from burning candles.

6. Make sure to read all instructions thoroughly on any product you use in your project as well as safety guidelines for proper usage and clean up afterwards so that no harm comes to yourself or others while crafting!

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