Candle Making Supplies Uk Ebay

Candle making supplies UK Ebay is one of the most comprehensive and reliable online stores for those interested in pursuing candle making as a hobby or profession. With an extensive selection of products, candle makers can find all the necessary materials and tools they need without ever leaving the comfort of their own home.

From molds to melting pots, fragrance oils to dyes, this UK store has it all. They even offer tutorials to help those starting out learn how to create beautiful and unique candles.

Variety of Supplies Available Candle Making Supplies UK Ebay has an extensive array of candle making supplies including wicks, jars, molds, wax melters/melting pots, thermometers, fragrance oils, glassware & containers (such as votives and tea lights) and many more day-to-day items that are needed in the Candle Making process. They strive to provide high quality materials so that each candle is made with precision and craftsmanship.

The variety presented at this Ebay store make it easy to find exactly what you need for your finished project without having to skim through numerous listings. For those just learning the craft of candle making, there are tutorials available in the ‘Helpful Stuff’ section which provide helpful resources such as tips on pouring essential oils into wax melts for stronger scent throw throughout a large room space.

Price & Customer Service Candle Making Supplies UK Ebay offers competitive pricing with free shipping on orders over £50 within mainland United Kingdom. Customers who have questions or concerns about using particular products may contact them via email or telephone if they cannot locate their desired answers from reading through various product descriptions or tutorials provided on the website.

For those living outside mainland United Kingdom or for purchases below £50 customers will be subject to delivery costs depending on size and weight of purchase along with destination country details; any additional information regarding this will be listed at checkout before payment is complete. The customer service team works hard to ensure that each customer is confident in their order when it arrives on their doorstep.

Benefits of Shopping for Candle Making Supplies UK Ebay

Shopping for candle making supplies UK on Ebay is advantageous due to the vast selection of products available and convenience. Firstly, candle makers have a range of options when it comes to candles and scented waxes to suit personal preferences.

Ebay has a wide range of materials such as essential oils or exotics fragrances that can be purchased in different sized containers allowing for maximum value for money. Aside from being able to choose from a diverse assortment of products, consumers can save money by purchasing discounted items.

The convenience factor also plays an important role when shopping on Ebay because you can purchase anything without ever leaving the comfort of your home. The e-commerce site also offers buyers the ease of paying securely with debit cards and online banking methods instead of cash transactions.

Consumers can benefit from bidding wars, which are an excellent way to get deals and discounts since prices eventually drop due to competition among bidders. This is especially helpful if shoppers plan on purchasing bulk orders or large amounts.

In addition, eBay offers free shipping options that make it very affordable regardless of location, cutting down on delivery costs and waiting times. Furthermore, shoppers can easily find any information they need regarding product specs such as dimensions or recommended usages without having to search multiple stores or websites. This way they ensure their purchase suits their needs perfectly as well as compare prices among different sellers before finalizing their purchase decision.

Types of Candle Making Supplies Available on UK Ebay

The UK Ebay marketplace is a great source for finding all of the necessary supplies for creating your own candles. From beginner-friendly kits to more advanced candle-making supplies, you’ll find a wide selection of items that can help make your candle-making journey successful. Whether you’re new to candle making or an experienced veteran, there’s something available for everyone.


When it comes to candle making, molds are one of the most popular items shoppers look for on UK Ebay. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available ranging from simple cylinder shapes to more intricate designs with star cutouts, floral patterns, and more.

Molds can be made out of plastic or metal and they come in various sizes so you can find one that is best suited to the size of your project. It’s important to note that using the correct size mold is crucial as it will affect the burn rate and overall finish of your candle.


It’s important to have quality wax if you want your candle to turn out perfect. On UK Ebay, shoppers can find many types of wax such as beeswax, soy wax, and paraffin wax.

Each type is best suited for a certain project depending on how hard or soft you want it to be once it has been melted and poured into the molds. Additionally, some companies offer color dyes which can be added into the mixture while it is melting either in natural hues or bright colors like blues and pinks for creative decorations atop candles.

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Fragrances can easily add a unique touch to any homemade candles. Fragrance oils are primarily used when adding scents which range from floral notes like lavender or jasmine to earthy tones such as sandalwood or cedarwood.

Making sure that you choose the correct fragrance oil with matching colors will even further enhance your finished product; however, keep in mind that too much fragrance oil could cause sooting which could ruin your project entirely. It’s best practice to start off by just using 5% fragrance oil as this should be plenty enough scent for any candles.

Candle Making Supplies Shopping Tips for UK Ebay

When ordering candle making supplies on UK Ebay, it is important to do a bit of research and be mindful of the product you are purchasing. Candle making supplies can range from wax to wicks and dyes, so it’s important to read the descriptions carefully before selecting items. Additionally, buyers should pay attention to what measurements they receive when they purchase together numerous materials; for instance multiple 100g packs of wax versus one large 1kg block.

Researching Products

Luckily, UK Ebay has a selection of reviews and ratings about most listings, allowing shoppers to gain an idea of the products quality if they are considering more than one seller. It’s also beneficial to figure out if vendors are professional or not – check their user feedback scores as well as find out their time in business on their site page.

When doing this legwork ahead of time, it will save plenty of head ache in the long run if something were to go awry with your order down the line.

Checking Pricing

The previous point aside – another golden rule is ensuring an item is priced correctly before you click “buy now.” Double and triple check reputable sources for suggested & reliable pricing benchmarks since sometimes sellers can offer too-good-to-be-true deals that aren’t really in fact deals at all.

Remember there’s no shame in shopping around a little more even after you’ve found something you like – who knows how much better a deal elsewhere might be waiting for you?

Researching Mail Art Companies

Lastly – make sure that shipping costs or mailing/carriage fees have been taken into account with any order where possible; research various couriers available beforehand since postage charges can vary significantly with certain carriers & different methods when sending items internationally. To make life even smoother – consider using mail art companies such as Shiply or Parcel2Go which gives control over setting delivery preferences and ways to negotiate prices directly with drivers prior to purchasing anything.

Top Brands of Candle Making Supplies UK Ebay

Searching for candle making supplies on Ebay UK? You’ll be spoilt for choice with the wide range of high-quality supplies available. From waxes and wicks, to colours, scents and decorative embellishments, you can find everything you need to create unique, handmade candles. Among the many quality brands available on eBay UK, here are some of the top contenders.


Drops has one of the most comprehensive ranges of candle making supplies on eBay UK. Their wax selection features conventional paraffin wax, as well as ecologically friendly vegetable and soy wax varieties in various melt points and flow characteristics.

A top seller on their list is their Decopauge Wax which when combined with fabric or paper creates eye-catching designs that are sure to set your candles apart from the rest. Their range also includes pre-made containers made from a variety of materials – perfect for those new to candle making who want to get started right away.


Wax Wicks & Moulds offers an extensive selection of premium quality wicks specifically designed for various types of wax. With over thirty different sizes available in both natural and treated cotton varieties, these specialist wicks are perfect for achieving consistent burning patterns and ensuring optimal results every time. On top of this, they also stock a range of moulds – ranging from small tins to larger boxes – which makes creating custom shapes quick and easy.


Finally, Melts & Creations have an impressive collection of colours, dyes and scent oils specifically created for use with wax-based candles. Whether you’re looking for traditional aromatic smells like fruity sandalwood or something more exotic like Indian jasmine powder incense oil – each scent comes highly concentrated so just a few drops will do.

Alongside their fragrance range is an equally exciting array of brightly coloured powders suitable for use in dyeing large blocks or smaller melts which give off vibrant hues once melted down Combined together these two products allow even beginners to easily produce beautiful multi-coloured creations every time.

Prices of Candle Making Supplies UK Ebay

When it comes to purchasing candle making supplies in the UK, Ebay can be a great resource. Not only does the site offer a wide variety of items for competitive pricing, but it also allows buyers to easily compare prices between suppliers. The products available can be anything from aromatherapy oils and wicks, to fragrance oils and molds – perfect for both beginner and experienced candle makers.

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Economy of Scale

The prices offered by candle making supplies UK Ebay vary depending on the quantity purchased. Generally speaking, the larger the purchase made, the more economical price will be achieved. This type of discount is commonly known as an economy of scale – whereby increasing the quantity of an item purchased leads to savings in both time and money. In some cases, Ebay sellers may even offer free shipping when bulk-buying huge amounts of stock.

Comparing Prices

It’s essential that buyers compare between different sellers on Ebay before they make their purchase decisions. Items may appear at first glance to be identical in terms of supplier or description material however upon closer inspection significant differences may become apparent including content quality, size or packaging as well as cost variations.

This comparison is so important that some Ebay sellers have incorporated automated tools into their user interface that allow users to compare prices side-by-side before finalising any purchases.

Sourcing Suppliers

It’s also beneficial for buyers to spend time researching into different suppliers on Ebay before committing to one particular seller. Although this process may take up some extra effort and attention initially; once completed customers can feel assured that their chosen supplier offers both high quality standards but also competitive market rates – ultimately helping them save money in the long-term too.

It’s not uncommon for customers who do decide to research certain sellers beforehand spending less time waiting for their goods than those who don’t bother with such efforts at all.

Delivery Options for Candle Making Supplies UK Ebay

Candle making supplies UK Ebay offers customers an extensive stock of a variety of candle-making supplies. All supplies are available with same-day shipping and different delivery options depending on the purchaser’s location. The most common options include:

  • Standard Delivery: Customers can select this option for items that need to be delivered within 2-3 working days.
  • Express Delivery: This delivery option is suitable for customers who need their item quickly as it will arrive within 1 or 2 working days.
  • Next Day Delivery: This is ideal for those in need of immediate delivery of their supplies, as the product will arrive the next day.
  • International Delivery: This delivery option enables customers from other countries to purchase products from Candle Making Supplies UK Ebay.

To ensure customers get their orders on time, Candle Making Supplies UK Ebay offers reliable tracking technology. Customers receive tracking information directly to their mobile phones or emails. Tracking services range from basic to door-to-door tracking services depending on the customer’s preference. The company also provides complimentary gift wrapping on orders over £20 as an added bonus for the special requests of its customers.

The ordering process at Candle Making Supplies UK Ebay is designed to be convenient and straightforward. Customers select desired products and then confirm order information before payment is completed through secure PayPal checkout system or bank wire transfers. A confirmation page linked with company’s website or email confirms successful completion of payment and informs the customer regarding the status of their order including estimated time of arrival.


If you’re looking for candle making supplies in the UK, Ebay is an excellent choice. With its abundance of inventory and competitive pricing, it’s a great place to shop. Shipping is easy, too, with international delivery often available at a reasonable cost. Plus, Ebay offers customer protection policies designed to give buyers peace of mind that their shopping experience will be secure.

Beyond the convenience of shopping online with Ebay, the store also offers a wide range of items specifically for candle making. For example, waxes are available in various colors and scents – perfect for creating your own unique candles. There are also molds for those who want to take things up a notch and make shaped candles such as stars or hearts.

In addition, there are dye-blocks as well as fragrances which can add new dimensions to your creations. And don’t forget the wicks. A variety of cotton wicks can be found on Ebay ideal for both regular candles and container models.

As if all these benefits weren’t already enough, customers also benefit from the competitive prices on offer at Ebay; candle making supplies on offer tend to be much less expensive than buying them separately from dedicated stores or suppliers.

What’s more; every so often amazing deals pop up in the form of discounted kits or bundles containing everything necessary for successful candle making projects – allowing even beginners to get started quickly without blowing their budget completely out the water.

Of course this is assuming that you have the time and patience to browse through each item before selecting one that appeals to you most – though once this first step has been completed along with adding desired items to your cart you’ll be good to go.

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