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Candle making is an excellent way to create beautiful and unique decorations for your home. Not only can candle making bring a sense of artistic satisfaction through personalising items, but you can also save money by creating homemade products that are often more attractive and much higher quality than mass-produced commercial candles.

eBay Australia is an ideal place to purchase supplies for candle making. Shopping online with eBay offers numerous benefits yet has the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home. The selection of products and supplies offered is fantastic as you get access to both international and local suppliers as well as items made by smaller independent business owners.

Whether you want traditional wax candles or modern ones with essential oils, there’s something for everyone on eBay Australia. Another great advantage of using eBay Australia is that it offers superb return and delivery policies ” customers can easily return items they are not satisfied with while shipping costs are kept low compared to most other retail outlets. This means you have greater control over your budget while enjoying highest quality in both product and service standards. Shopping within the secure environment of eBay Australia ensures that both your hard-earned money and time are spent wisely!

Wax and Wick Considerations

When selecting wax and wick for candle making, it is important to consider the size, shape, and type of candle you are making. For instance, if you are making a tall, skinny taper candle you’ll want to select a harder wax that will hold its shape. If you are making pillar candles or container candles then a softer wax may be better suited. Additionally, choosing the right type of wick is just as important as it needs to match the characteristics of the wax to ensure proper burning. If you use too large a wick with a softer wax, the wick will burn too quickly and can cause problems such as tunneling or mushrooming (the ‘blooming’ of carbon around the flame). To prevent this from happening choose a wick that is sized appropriately for your project ” typically this means using thinner flat braided coreless (lead-free) wicks when working with softer or low meltpoint waxes. You also have to make sure that both the candle wax and wick need to have compatible melting points so they both burn properly. As an example, paraffin wax typically holds up best when used in combination with hemp/cotton coreless braided wicks whereas soy wax typically performs well when paired with wood-based crackling-style wicks. Properly pairing these elements can make all the difference when crafting elegant finished products!

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Mold Selection

When selecting the right molds and holders for candle making supplies it is important to consider a few things. First, what material is best suited for the type of project you are undertaking? Different materials have their own benefits and drawbacks- for example, metal molds may be preferred for robust projects that require a more sturdy construction, but may also rust in certain environments. Alternatively, plastic molds provide an easy to use and relatively inexpensive option, but may be less durable than metal or ceramic molds.

Furthermore, size matters when choosing the right mold. For most projects it is important to find the perfect mold size so that your candle will burn correctly without dripping or smoke. It is also vital to consider other factors such as if the desired shape will fit within the space allotted in your holder. Buying molds with custom shapes can also help make candles stand out and look attractive. To ensure you get the right sized mold for your project you should review Ebay Australia’s candle making supplies selection and take measurements of holders to know exactly how they fit together before purchasing them.

Accessories and Colorants

When it comes to candle making, layering colors, fragrances and other elements is the key to creating beautiful and unique candles. With Ebay Australia’s Candle Making Supplies you can purchase many kinds of colorants and accessories to help you achieve this goal.

These accessories range from dyes for coloring wax which provide vibrant colors and vivid effects, to glitter for giving candles an extra sparkle. You can also combine these items with specialty fragrances to create interesting combinations – either ones that are popular on the market currently or unique blends of scents created by yourself with different extracts.

By using both colorants and accessories in your candle making process, you can create stunning results no matter your skill level. Additionally, practical advice on the best ways to use these items together is available via Ebay Australia’s website as well as other sources if needed. The combination of various elements is a great way to make sure your candles stand out!

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Packaging and Delivery

When shopping online for candle making supplies on Ebay Australia, it is important to ensure that the items are well packaged in a secure box or envelope, preferably with bubble wrap. Make sure the items cannot move and cause damage during transportation. Connect with your shipment provider and find out what they recommend as the best packaging option for sending candles safely, as some carriers may require specific measures to be taken before shipping.

To optimize delivery fees when shopping online for candle making supplies, choose an economical carrier service such as Australia Post or Asendia Parcels and make sure you select the appropriate shipping rate for the weight and size of your package. It is also worth considering using combined postage discounts when ordering multiple items from one seller ” this often results in cheaper overall costs. Additionally, opting for regular mail over express services can help reduce delivery fees significantly.


In conclusion, using eBay Australia for candle making supplies is a great choice. You can find a range of supplies easily and at a reasonable price. It is also very convenient since you can access it from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, you do not have to worry about an item being out-of-stock or not being able to find what you need – there is always something available on eBay. To make your candle making projects even more enjoyable, try experimenting with new scents and colors, or transforming everyday items into candle holders such as teacups or small pots.

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