Cocopin Candle Making Set


The Cocopin Candle Making Set is the perfect product for people of all skill levels who are interested in making candles. Whether you’re a novice, a professional, or somewhere in-between, this set has everything you need to make your own beautiful and unique candles. The set comes with an easy-to-follow guide for learning how to craft candles as well as eight fragrances and dyes that can be used to create a personalized wax blend. It also contains wicks and molds for creating various shapes and sizes. With these tools on hand, you can create any type of candle imaginable including pillars, tealights, container candles, or tapers. The kit even includes materials such as wax warmers to melt wax and thermometers to monitor the temperature of your work space. Additionally, there is detailed advice within the instructions on how to safely work with wax and other materials while seasonally changing scents throughout the year! All in all, with its simple instructions and versatile components, the Cocopin Candle Making Set is sure to bring out your creativity when crafting beautiful, unique candle pieces.

Benefits of Making Your Own Candles

Making your own candles with the Cocopin Candle Making Set is a great way to save money, express yourself and bring positive energy into your home. Although the initial cost of the candle making set may seem high, once purchased it is a great way to make multiple candles at a fraction of what ready-made ones cost. By eliminating service fees and markup on store-bought candles you can make your own custom scent that is specific to your home without breaking the bank.

The ability to customize your own creation also allows you to express yourself in new ways. Using different shapes, sizes, scents and colors gives you the opportunity to create something uniquely yours; something special just for you. Not only that but pouring the wax and creating something with your thoughts and energy will further infuse it with Your energy, enhancing its pleasure and power.

Finally having control over your environment by introducing positivity through warm light brings soothing presence as well as helps to set intention in whatever space it’s lit up in. Candlelight has long been associated with positive energies, protection from harm and serenity during meditation or prayer. Breath in some of these positive energies by filling any corner of a living room or bedroom with pleasant light.

Features of the Cocopin Candle Making Set

The Cocopin Candle Making Set is an excellent way to make beautiful and creative homemade candles. It is perfect for those just getting started or experienced candle makers looking for a new challenge.

The set includes a 1-pound bag of pure beeswax, 10 Wicks with sustainers, 10 popsicle sticks, 10 rubber bands, and a plastic pouring pitcher. This set provides all the necessary tools so you can easily make colorful two-toned layered candles without having to buy separate items.

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To make candles using this set, simply melt the beeswax in the pouring pitcher on your stovetop and then pour it into your mold while using the popsicle stick and rubber band to hold the wick in place. The wick with sustainer makes sure that you get a perfectly centred wick placed in each candle base. After it cools down, pop out your perfectly shaped candle!

Furthermore, with this set you can also add natural essential oils to create different scents if desired or even mix colors of wax pellets for added variety and creativity. In addition, you can use other molds such as coffee cans or glass cups to get creative shapes like dome tops or cylinders.

By providing all the essentials needed plus enough materials for up to ten candles at a time ” this set simplifies and streamlines candle making for hobbyists of all levels – from beginners to experts alike!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Rolled Candles

Rolled candles are one of the simplest to make. Start by melting the wax pellets in a double boiler on the stove; use a thermometer to gauge when it has reached 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Once melted, dip an unbleached cotton wick into the wax and then quickly transfer it onto a board covered in newspaper or butcher paper. Once cooled, wrap the hardened wax around the wick several times, forming a soft cylinder shape. Trim off any excess and allow the candle to cool and set overnight. Advantages of rolled candles include that they’re quick and easy to make, require only minimal supplies, have no mess associated with them, and can be customized easily with molds. Disadvantages include that rolled candles often don’t burn evenly due to insufficient heat distribution along their length and also may eventually collapse on themselves if not secured properly with hot glue or stabilizing cream.

Container Candles

Making container candles is slightly more complex than making rolled ones but yields better results in terms of smoother burning for longer periods of time. Begin by pouring melted wax into an appropriate heat-resistant vessel such as a glass jar or metal mug. Attach an unbleached cotton wick affixed to sustainers at each end ” one placed in bottom center of the container before pouring wax and one attached at the top afterwards ” using hot glue or taped firmly in place with waterproof adhesive tape such as duct tape around its base at both ends.. Leave 1/8 inch between where the wicks meet up in order for them to rest flat at their center without touching or moving during cooling (securing this connection point is important). Wait 4-5 hours for your wax mixture to cool down; once cooled you can trim your containers accordingly if desired and enjoy your creations! Advantages of container candles include that they burn much longer than rolled ones do because their heat is more evenly distributed throughout the wax layers in their vessels, they usually emit pleasant scents over extended periods of time due to their wax consistency stabilizing with formation of crossed crystal structures within respective vessels, plus custom additions such as dyes or embedded objects can be included for decorative appeal also!. Disadvantages include that these projects tend to take longer from start finished finish compared rolleds as there are more intricate steps involved in preparing containers prior adding liquid wax layers

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Tips and Tricks

Temperature is an essential element when it comes to making quality candles with a Cocopin Candle Making Set. If the temperature of the wax is too hot or too cold, it can affect the consistency of the finished product and lead to potential issues such as cracking, bubbling, and deformation.

For best results, you should cool the wax for 3-5 minutes before attempting to remove it from the mold. This will ensure that the wax has hardened and does not deform as it’s extracted from its setting. It is also essential that you properly heat your melting pot during the initial stages of candle making. The temperature should remain steady at 140° – 145° degrees Fahrenheit or 65° – 64 ° Celsius while pouring additional layers of wax into molds. You should not exceed these temperatures in order to avoid excessive bubbling and deformation in your final product.

Additionally, when it comes to scenting your candle, make sure that you do not put in any more than 10-12% concentration as this will cause additional bubbling due to overheating or burning of scent oils. This also helps balance out any potential scents that could overpower one another in close proximity together. Lastly, wax cools pretty quickly so make sure to monitor your temperatures throughout each stage of production for optimal results!


Making candles can be a fun and creative outlet, but it’s important to remember a few essential tips to ensure success. The most common candle-making mistakes include using too much or too little wax, not measuring fragrance or dye accurately, or using incorrect wick sizes. It’s also important that all safety precautions are followed while melting the wax and ensuring that any wick is properly secured when pouring in the melted wax. To help prevent these mistakes, there are many helpful tutorials available online for novice candle-makers as well as experienced ones. Resources like YouTube videos, instructional books, and tutorials from established candle companies are all excellent options for anyone looking to learn more about making candles at home with the Cocopin Candle Making Set.

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