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For centuries, people have been using various materials to decorate and brighten up candles. One of the most popular materials used historically has been candle-making glitter. Initially, natural materials like mica, glass, and quartz were broken into small pieces, then shaken onto still-hot wax for a shimmery effect. As the years passed, candle-making glitter evolved and took many different forms: from sequin-like decorations made from resin or metal to artificially colored dust shakers that could impart a range of colors in a single sprinkle. In modern times, candle-making glitter has become even more accessible given its mass manufacturing capabilities and variations of color combinations available to consumers.

What is Candle Making Glitter

Candle making glitter is a type of decorative festive sparkle that can be used to add finishing touches to your candle creations. Many crafters opt for this type of glitter because it has been designed with the temperature and duration of time candles burn when lit in mind. Candle making glitter is easy to use and blends easily into wax.

Using a video tutorial or infographic is a great way to learn how to add glitters to your candle designs. Some basic techniques for using Candle Making Glitter include sprinkling the chosen color onto wet wax, rolling your candle in glitter pieces, dry brushing it onto molds for unique shapes, or creating custom transfers which allow you to create intricate and layered designs ontop of your candles. Depending on how creative you want to get with your candle designs, there are plenty of ways to play around with incorporating glitters into the mix.

Here is an example of an awesome video tutorial that demonstrates how you can useCandle Making Glitter:

Different Types of Candle Making Glitter

Metallic Glitter: Metallic glitter is made of a mylar material that is compressed into flakes and has a glossy, reflective finish. Metallic glitter adds glamour and sparkle to candles and is available in a variety of colors. Key benefits include its sparkling luster as well as its safety for use around an open flame. However, metallic glitter can be costlier than other varieties and since it can create dark flecks on candles when exposed to high temperatures the flakes need to be an appropriate size for your candle so it does not become too engulfed in the flame.

Iridescent Glitter: Iridescent glitter has a pearl-like sheen giving off rainbow-colored hues when shifted in the light. It is usually made up of materials like mica powder or pigment particles with a gloss added on top. Iridescent glitter makes for great accents on pillars or chunky canvas style candles since it creates stunning optical effects by changing color when lit. The key benefit here is that iridescent glitter remains fully intact until they’re gone whereas other glitters may develop black lines where they start to melt away with heat exposure. On the downside, iridescent glitters have less “oomph” than others -it creates more subtle looks rather than dramatic sparkles so if you’re looking for something with lots of shine capturing attention this might not be the best choice for you.

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Holographic Glitter: Holographic glitters are flatter pieces of mylar material stamped with holographic patterns over them giving off highly colorful and shiny rainbows giving off golds, blues, purples and pinks when exposed to direct light reflection! They too provide enough sparkle across all kind of candle styles from jar, tapers or columns but once again due to their thickness compared to other options their melting point is higher so extra caution needed there! The main benefit aside from providing unparalleled twinkling effects is that since these pieces are designed quite flat compared to other types of glitters they tend not to sink into the wax meaning your candles will last longer before needing replacements! As a drawback this kind can be harder than most other types to find but fortunately now there are several online retailers specializing in various kinds of holographic sparks suitable for any kind of craft project!

Where to Buy Candle Making Glitter

Online Retail Outlets:

• Amazon:

• Walmart:

• Etsy:

• Joann Fabrics and Crafts:

Local Stores in Different Cities or Regions:

• New York City: Baba’s Arts and Crafts, one of the top craft stores in NYC, offers sparkling glitter for candle making projects of all sizes in a variety of shades from bright yellows to muted blues.

• Seattle, Washington: Lou & Gusty’s Craft Store sells a wide selection of candle making products, including glitter in dozens of colors for achieving stunning effects for votive candles and festive holiday decorating ideas alike!
• San Francisco, California: Michael’s Arts & Crafts have specially designed glitter kits available perfect for creating wonderful scented candles with detailed accents that will impress your guests!

• Chicago, Illinois: Lakays Art Studio carries an array of glitters specifically designed for candle makings projects including rich tonal blends to create a unique look as well as standard solo hues!

Tips and Tricks for Working with Candle Making Glitter

Instructions for Projects Using Candle Making Glitter:

1. Prepare your surface. Begin by thoroughly cleaning your work surface, making sure it is free of dust and dirt. It’s important to keep a clean workspace to avoid introducing any contaminants into your project.

2. Assemble the materials you will need – wax, wicks, mold or container, double boiler or melting pot, and of course, glitter!

3. Melt the wax using either a double boiler or melting pot on low heat. Stir gently with a wooden spoon or other non-metallic utensil (unless expressly instructed to do otherwise by the manufacturer) until all chunks and chunks of wax have melted into liquid form.

4. Add in the desired amount of glitter to the melted wax – deposit gradually so it will disperse evenly throughout the mixture.

5. Continue stirring the mixture carefully until all of the glitters has been incorporated into the melt completely

6. Pour this warm mixture into a prepared mold/container (note: be sure to use an appropriate size mold/container as directed in your instructions)

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7. Securely attach one end of each wick securely at the base of each candle
8. Allow candles to cool completely before handling carefully – this will take several hours so patience is key! If desired additional decorations such as ribbons etc can be added while cooling
9. Once hardened and cooled trim each candle’s wick at the desired length (Note: The manufacturer may suggest specific heights). To ensure an even burning time once lit consider making all candles in one batch similar sizes with uniform dimensions

10 Lastly connect each candle with any additional decorations prior to presenting as gifts or placing around your home or venue

Finishing Touches for Enhancing Candle-Making Projects

Adding a sprinkle of glitter to a candle can give it an ethereal look and make it stand out. For example, when applying glitter on top of a black wax pillar candle, the look is instantly transformed from simple to glamorous. Before applying the glitter, the candle looks smooth and relatively dull in color (example: left image). With the addition of some gold glitter, however, the impact is instantly noticeable (example: right image). The colour pops and adds a divine sparkle that decorates and adds life to what was previously a everyday object. The addition of this decorative touch elevates and complements any room space—from bedroom to kitchen or office. In conclusion, candle making glitters bring projects alive with elegant hues and vibrancy that can’t be overlooked.

Left Image: Plain Black Candle

Right Image: Candle adorned with Gold Glitter


Candle making glitter is the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle to any candle. It can be used to enhance regular wax candles, as well as hand-poured soy and paraffin wax candles. Candle making glitter can also be used in certain types of wick fixing methods to ensure proper flame spread and reduced SOOT formation. With the variety of colors, sizes, and shapes available, there are endless possibilities for creative design with candle making glitter. As with all creative endeavours, safety needs to be factored into candle making decisions. Glitter should always be applied after the wax has hardened completely in order to reduce the risk of fire. The bottom line: Candle making glitter is an excellent way to spark creativity while ensuring safety.

In conclusion, candle-making glitter is an incredibly versatile material that can bring sparkle and shine to any type of candle craft. When using glitter in your projects, it’s important to consider its combustibility carefully, but with proper use it’s a great tool for your candle-making creations! For more information on this topic and other tips and tricks for candle-making success, make sure you do some additional research or consult an expert.

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