Candle Making Jars And Containers


Candle making jars and containers are essential tools for any candle maker. They provide a safe place to store your wax, tarts or candles, can protect from damage due to heat or moisture and make candle creating processes much easier.

In this overview of candle making jars and containers, we will look at the different types of products used in the process, their features and benefits as well as tips on how to select the right one depending on your needs.

Types of Candle Making Jars & Containers

When it comes to candle making jars and containers, there are three main types: glass mason jars, metal tins with tight fitting lids and plastic tubs. All three come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Mason jars provide a vintage look while metal tins offer more protection against heat than their glass counterparts. Plastic containers are typically used for larger size candles but can also be used for other types of candle wax.

Glass Mason Jars come in clear or colored shades, with varying sizes best suited for different purposes such as pillar candles or container candles. The tight fitting metal lid provides additional protection against heat or spills when not in use.

Metal tins generally have a slightly rough finish to help hold the wax in place along the sides when melted down. They’re perfect for layering colors or creating “embossed” designs down side walls when lit from within by votives or floating wicks.

Plastic tubs come with airtight lids that contain a wax pour spout at one end ” great for protecting sensitive waxes such as Coco Beewax anytime you’re not actively pouring it into other containers! These often come in larger sizes that are great when needing to make large batches of candles in one go.

Benefits &Tips –

The many benefits that using these varieties of containers provides include greater control when working with hot waxes, spill proof storage options and even space-saving designs if you plan on using multiple styles throughout your projects journey! Here are some tips on how to select the right type depending on your job:

For hot wax use go with metal tin lids; these have higher heat resistances so you don’t need to worry about dealing with melting points during long projects!For standard sized molded (or “dipped”) candles opt for color tinted mason jars–that way visitors get beautiful views into colorful depths instead of just solid color inside a metal tin lid!On formulations needing acidity control always choose plastic tubs: they have excellent air seal qualities increasing aromatic concentration whilst reducing volatility over time which makes them perfect for delicate blends like Coco Beewax!

Different Types of Candle Making Jars and Containers

The type of candle making jars and containers you use is important, as it can influence the style, smell and overall look of the candles you make. Whether you are an experienced or novice candle maker, exploring different jar and container shapes, materials, and designs will give you lots of options to choose from when creating beautiful and unique candles.

Glass jars are a popular choice for making candles as they come in all shapes, sizes, designs and colors, offering a traditional yet stylish look. These jars don’t absorb the scent of the wax so your candles will always have a strong aroma that lasts for hours after burning. Glass also has a great heat-resistant property to it meaning your candles won’t be damaged once lit – an essential factor when making scented candles.

Other materials like metal, ceramic and terracotta are also excellent options when making candles because they hold scent well as they are non-porous. There is also an abundance design choices available ranging from sleek modern styles to rustic vintage pieces. As these materials tend to be heavier than glass jars, it could be beneficial to purchase lids for them too if you plan on sending or selling your handmade creations.

Wooden containers are another great alternative because they add a natural touch to any candle design and the knots in the surface mean each piece is totally unique in its own way! Birch bark containers are particularly nice too ensuring your product stands out from the crowd. They do require more effort to prepare however so make sure when cutting holes in the container cover that the lid size is appropriate so there is less risk of wax leaking out during burning time.

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Benefits of Picking the Right Container

When picking the right container for a candle making project, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. The container and size should be selected based on the wick size and type of wax being used, as well as the size and amount of wax that will be going into the candle. The container should also take into account the style and decor of the room in which it will be placed. If a flame can not easily escape from the vessel, it is important to select a material that is not flammable, such as metal or ceramic.

The right container can also help determine how much fragrance to use in your candle and how long it will last. Typically, glass containers are considered ideal for most types of candles because they allow for even heat transfer that helps maximize scent throw as warm wax melts at an even rate. A jar or tin can also add color or texture to your creation while providing protection from dust or moisture to keep your candles fresh in between uses. The shape and style of your chosen container can also aid in efficient burning; this includes ensuring proper oxygen flow above and below the burning candle flame as well as minimizing dripping or pooling wax around the edges.

In addition to protecting against dust, choose containers with larger lids if possible”this allows access when replacing candle wicks should they become clogged over time. And finally, testing out different sizes before purchase is important to ensure proper burn characteristics with all components carefully accounted for (i.e.: wicke diameter and length, the amount of wax required etc.). This may require buying multiple sizes until you find what best fits your needs!

Tips When Shopping for Candle Making Jar or Container

When shopping for candle making containers and jars, it is important to keep a few key factors in mind. To begin, you need to consider the size that you will require as this will have a direct impact on the amount of wax and wick material needed to make your candles. It is important to measure your planned wax pour before purchasing containers so that they will fit correctly. Additionally, if you are pouring larger amounts of wax then the correct size container with a substantial base is necessary for stability.

Furthermore, take into account the type of wick you plan to use as this will assist in determining how long and wide the opening needs to be in order for it to fit comfortably within. Wax also contracts during cooling which can cause some containers or jars with tall sides and small openings to become too confined for your wicks when complete.

The type of material should also be taken into consideration when selecting candle making container or jar. The most common consumers choices are glass and metal but other materials such as ceramic can be used depending on the aesthetic you trying obtain. Glass provides advantage such porosity properties whilst metal offers increased durability although they may be more prone to heat if burning too close too surfaces not suitable fire proofing surfaces.

Finally, some candle makers seek an aesthetic look when creating their scented paraffin or soy candles requiring a certain kind of colour scheme or decorative designs printed onto glass mason jars or tins while others opt simple white containers without decoration as they don’t wish eye-catching colours draw away from scent chosen within their creation

How to Extent the Lifespan of Your Candle Making Jars

To ensure that you get the longest possible lifespan from your candle making jars and containers, proper care and maintenance are essential. Here are a few tips to help you extend the life of your candle making jars and containers:

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1. Always make sure to clean the jars and containers thoroughly before each use. Any leftover wax residue can easily cause a flame or fire hazard. Make sure that all debris and wax off has been removed prior to lighting the wick.

2. Store unused candle making equipment away in a cool, dry environment away from extreme temperatures which could weaken or damage them over time.

3. Inspect every jar before use for any visible cracks, chips, or other signs of wear and tear that could damage the structural integrity of the container when in contact with heat or flame. If you find any potential issues with a candle making jar or container, do not attempt to light it as doing so could lead to an accident or dangerous situation.

4. When filling the base of your candles with melted wax, pay attention to how full it is so that the jar does not become too heavy Once melted wax has cooled down, carefully break away excess wax from its sides using a knife as necessary – this will ensure even burning and better quality candles..

5. When working with flammable objects such as these., always monitor your work area for any possible sources of sparks or open flames which could cause accidents if left untreated.. Last but not least – make sure that even when doneworking on it, your work station is clean – this includes removing any wicks, spills, wax shavings etc which could become hazardous if in contact with heat sources accidentally

Additional Line

If you’re looking to make your candle making jars and containers more visually appealing, you may want to consider some decorations. Decorating a jar or container adds an extra special layer of beauty and personalization that can make your candles stand out. For example, you could use a marker or pens to add interesting designs or words on the glass. Glitter is also an option if you want to add pops of color or texture. You could also get creative by adding lace or other scrapbooking materials around the outside of the jars for a vintage feel. If you are feeling especially festive, try adhering colorful ribbons, gems and/or feathers for a more eye-catching look!


Choosing the right candle making jars and containers for your projects is a very important step in candle making. Of course, there are a lot of materials that you can choose from and the possibilities are almost endless. With a little bit of research and experimentation, you should be able to find the perfect combination for your needs.

The key to finding the perfect combination of materials for your project is to make sure that it fits into your overall design aesthetic, meets safety standards (if required) and will accommodate the type of wax or fragrance you are working with. You must also consider aesthetics ” this means looking at what shapes, sizes and colours will combine to create a beautiful product. Additionally, you will need to think about budgeting when selecting jars or containers ” pick ones that fit within your price range while still meeting whatever safety certifications they may require. Making sure that the container can hold enough wax or meltable material so that it produces an acceptable size candle is also crucial. Finally, if needed, researching guidelines on jar sizes used in other candles similar to yours will help if unsure about what size best suits your project.

After considering all these factors and doing research on different containers and jar types available, take some time experimenting with different materials before deciding on which one fits best with your project goals. Now that you have laid down every detail during planning and researching stages of creating projects with candles, you are ready to move forward!

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