Candle Making Jobs In Pune

What Is Candle Making?

Candle making is an art and craft that dates back centuries. It takes skill, imagination, and creativity to create beautiful, aromatic candles that not only look attractive but smell great too! Candle making jobs in Pune, India, are a great way to get into the craft and make a living.

Benefits Of Working As A Candle Maker In Pune

There are many benefits to working as a candle maker in Pune. Here are some of the advantages of being a candle maker in the city:

  • Flexible Working Hours: Since the demand for candle makers in Pune is high, you can flexibly design your own work hours. This means you can work as much or as little as you like.
  • Creative Freedom: You’ll have plenty of creative freedom when it comes to making your own candles. You can experiment with different decorations, materials, textures, and scents.
  • High Demand: As the demand for candles in Pune is so high, you’ll never have a shortage of clients.
  • An Economic Opportunity: Working as a candle maker will provide you with an economic opportunity and the opportunity to work from home.

Necessary Requirements For Taking On Candle Making Jobs

If you are looking to start taking up candle making jobs in Pune, there are certain requirements that you need to meet. Here are a few of them:

  • Candles: You’ll need to have a variety of candles available to accommodate the needs of your clients.
  • Materials: You’ll need to have all the necessary materials, such as wax, wicks, and dyes, to make your candles.
  • Tools: You’ll need the proper tools, such as molds, cutters, and melting equipment, to make your candles.
  • A Camera: A good-quality camera will help you take high-quality pictures of your candles for your portfolio.
  • Knowledge: You’ll need to have a good understanding of the materials, techniques, and processes involved in candle making.
  • Patience: You’ll need to be willing to put in the time and effort to perfect your candles.
  • A Business Plan: A good business plan will help you stay organized and maximize your profits.
Non Toxic Candle Making

Ways To Make Money With Candle Making Jobs In Pune

Once you have the necessary requirements, there are several ways to make money with candle making jobs in Pune. Here are some of them:

  • Private Parties: You can take up private parties and make custom candles for them.
  • Selling Your Candles: You can create and sell your own candles at craft fairs, stores, and online.
  • Workshops: You can offer workshops to teach others the art of candle making.
  • Freelance: You can also offer candle making services on various online platforms.
  • Creating And Selling Kits: You can also create and sell candle making kits for those who want to make their own candles.


Candle making jobs in Pune offer a great opportunity to make a living while pursuing a rewarding craft. With the right tools, knowledge, and materials, you can easily start making candles to make money.

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