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Candle making is the art of transforming wax into a light-giving or decorative object. It is an ancient craft, which has been around for centuries and has been used in cultures throughout the world. In Johannesburg, candle making has been practiced for many years, mainly by Zulu people who use it to make traditional lampshades. Candle making is a popular activity amongst Johannesburg residents due to its long cultural lineages and its hands-on nature. Johannesburg’s candle makers have perfected the skill of creating candles from a variety of natural sources such as palm oil and beeswax to provide locals with the most beautiful, functional and affordable candles possible. Additionally, these candle makers are creative in utilizing herbs and spices to add scent and fragrance to their candles. Furthermore, more modern methods are being adopted such as electric candle warmers which can come in various shapes and sizes to better appeal to customers seeking fun additions to their homes or special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

A Look at Johannesburg’s Top Candle Makers

When it comes to candle making, Johannesburg’s top candle makers have some of the best and most unique ideas. From vintage scented candles in mason jars to natural beeswax products, the choices are endless. At Bricklane Candles, you can find a wide selection of hand-poured soy wax candles made with essential oils for an all-natural glow in any living space. They also offer private classes for those who want to learn how to make their own candles at home. Another popular option is The Aroma People, which specializes in creating private labeled soy wax jars and custom logos to create the perfect gift for family or friends. Their candles can be found in various sizes and designs with all-natural fragrances like lavender, sandalwood, and lemongrass for a truly unique aroma. For something even more special, you can head to Charmy Candle Studio where Julie guides students through the process of creating their own work of art with hand dipped and decorated candles. Aspiring creators have the opportunity to choose their favorite colors, shapes and scents before getting started on their masterpiece

Exploring Different Varieties of Candles Available in Johannesburg

Candle making in Johannesburg is a popular craft. There are many different varieties of candles available, from scented to unscented, tall and thin to short and thick; each candle has its own distinct look and feel. Some popular choices for buyers include beeswax candles, soy candles, votives, jar candles, gel wax, palm wax, and paraffin. Depending on the style of the candle or desired scent, you can find something suitable to your needs in Johannesburg.

Beeswax candles are made from natural beeswax which emit a sweet smell when burned. They last longer than other types of wax while burning cleanly. Soy candles are manufactured from hydrogenated vegetable oil so they don’t produce any soot once lit and provide an aromatic experience when burned; they also have a long burning time compared to paraffin wax candles. Votives come in small glass containers and burn for several hours with little smoke or residue left over them. Jar candles come in various shapes – globes, squares or cubes – and sizes which provide a subtly romantic glow when lit; they look beautiful clustered together at home or used as favored centerpieces at events. Gel wax comes in sheets that are placed round an LED light source during manufacture which provides an eye-catching display when illuminated; the range of color options make it easy to tailor gel wax according to the atmosphere created by surrounding décor items. Palm wax produces stunning effects as molten beads sparkle like diamonds when exposed to light due to their crystal-like patterning but offer a low melting point compared to other types of wax; these make beautiful decorations around the home or used as gift wrap components for special occasions as gifts. Paraffin is probably the most common form of candle available in Johannesburg because they burn rather quickly but emit a pleasant smell whilst providing great value for money being cheaper than all others.

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Tips for Selecting the Right Candle Maker in Johannesburg

When selecting the right candle maker in Johannesburg, it is important to consider a few things. Firstly, ensure that you are dealing with an experienced candle maker who has been making candles for a while and can provide references if asked. Secondly, evaluate the types of materials they use and make sure they are of good quality so that your finished product won’t burn too quickly or emit unpleasant odours when burning. Thirdly, consider the variety of styles and scents available as well as any customisation options offered by the provider. Additionally, research their customer service policies including their return policy in case of an unsatisfactory product. Finally, read reviews from other customers to gain an understanding of their level of customer satisfaction before making your purchase. By doing ample research before committing to a provider, you can be sure you will receive high quality candles from them each time!

The Unique Style and Aesthetic of Candle Making in Johannesburg

Candle making in Johannesburg is a unique art form that has been practiced for centuries. A range of traditional methods and materials are used, creating candles with amazing textures, shapes and colors. The vast majority of candle makers use beeswax as the main material, often harvesting it from their own hives. Other natural materials such as tallow, linen wax and bayberry wax are also used to create an array of products.

One of the most interesting aspects of candle making in Johannesburg is the sheer variety available. Everything from traditional African candles featuring beautiful designs to breathtakingly intricate works can be created by expert candle makers in the city. Visitors to Johannesburg’s diverse neighborhoods will find many different types of candles made using a range of materials and techniques; some items take days or even weeks to complete! Candle workshops throughout the city offer educational experiences where participants can learn how to make candles while browsing galleries displaying some truly incredible examples of this craftsmanship. Another unique feature of Johannesburg’s candle making scene is that residents are very passionate about what they make – competition can be fierce between competing creative artists! As such, there is always something new and innovative to discover on your journey through this vibrant city’s distinctive style and aesthetic when it comes to candle making!

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Benefits of Shopping Local for Candle Making Supplies in Johannesburg

Shopping local for your candle making supplies in Johannesburg has many benefits. When you purchase from a local store, you have the assurance of knowing the source and authenticity of your items, meaning that you can be sure you are receiving quality products. Additionally, when you shop locally, you have the convenience of being able to pick-up your items quickly and easily without having to worry about paying for delivery or waiting for shipping times. Furthermore, shopping locally also helps support small businesses and encourages economic growth in your area as well as enabling jobs to be created in the community. Finally, purchasing from a local retailer is an eco-friendly choice since it reduces carbon emissions associated with transporting goods long distances over roads and airways.


The craft of candle making is an ancient art form, and Johannesburg is proud to be part of the thriving candle-making industry. From scented candles made from natural aromas and extracts to classic wax candles, artisans in Johannesburg are crafting top-quality products that people love. Many candle makers are passionate about their creations and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with others.

As the popularity of handmade candles grows, more people are seeking to learn the skill of creating beautiful candles for special occasions or for everyday use. Organizations such as the Candle-Making Association of Johannesburg provide invaluable resources and guidance for those wishing to explore this fascinating product. Through workshops, demonstrations, mentorship programs and educational opportunities, members have the tools they need to create masterpieces.

Candle makers in Johannesburg continually strive to hone their skills while respecting traditional values and changing trends alike. Whether it’s supplying wholesale stores with bulk orders, teaching classes or opening brick-and-mortar shops, these industrious individuals remain dedicated to promoting creativity and pride within their trade. Through expert knowledge and skillful craftsmanship, along with friendly customer service and an enviable selection of supplies not found elsewhere in Africa, Johannesburg’s candle making community is supporting a strong placement in the global market while celebrating wonderful local talent.

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