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At Candle Making Mass Ave, we know that creating beautiful and unique candles is an art form. With the right tools and supplies, you can make gorgeous candles crafted to perfection. Our in-depth look will teach you the art of candle making from the beginning stages of gathering quality ingredients to finishing with a stunning candle display.

We will provide you with invaluable insights on what equipment and materials to use for each step of the process such as wick selection, scenting, and pouring wax as well as helpful tips for troubleshooting should any issues arise. Additionally, we’ll let you in on secrets that professional candle makers employ to produce top-quality results. We’ll also arm you with information about techniques like layering colors or adding decorations so that each candle is truly unique and exquisite. You’ll also learn all about caring for your finished pieces including proper storage and maintenance.

Ready to start? Let’s jump in ” it’s time to make something beautiful!

The History of Candle Making Mass Ave

Candle Making Mass Ave is a historic business in Indianapolis that has been around since the 1940s. Started by an immigrant family, the store initially specialized in making paraffin candles and selling them in its small shop on Massachusetts Avenue. Over time, Candle Making Mass Ave expanded its product range significantly to include wax-based items such as scented candles, tapers, blocks, pillars, votives, and more. Additionally, the store now harbors a wide selection of candle supplies including glassware, fragrance oils and dyes, wicks, and molds. The family-run shop also provides a variety of services to customers such as custom scent mixing or fast shipping on orders for those who can’t make it into the store.

Throughout its 75+ year history Candle Making Mass Ave has furthered its commitment to providing quality service through careful selection of products and maintaining good relationships with suppliers. This enabled them to provide steady work to their employees while ensuring customers received high quality products they needed at all times. In recent years they’ve shifted their focus more towards stocking modern materials like soy wax but still carry traditional items like beeswax for long-time craftspeople looking for a nostalgic feel in their projects. Whether customers need supplies for basic candle-making or fancy containers and accessories for decorative purposes or holiday gifts, Candle Making Mass Ave has something for everyone!

Types of Wax Available at Mass Ave

At Candle Making Mass Ave, you will find a wide selection of waxes suitable for crafting your own candles. From traditional paraffin wax to more modern soy and beeswax blends, you have options to choose from depending on the type of candle you are making. Paraffin is often seen as the most economical option and can come in various formulations, such as smooth glossy, frosted or textured. The softness of soy wax makes it ideal for blending with other waxes and can also be used on its own for a unique style. Finally, beeswax is known for producing beautiful scented and long-burning candles, although it is much more expensive than other types of wax. Depending on the look and feel you are going for, Candle Making Mass Ave has the perfect wax to get started with your next project!

The Benefits of Crafting with Candle Making Mass Ave

Candle Making Mass Ave is a great store for those who are looking to create their own unique and beautiful candles. Not only can one explore the wide range of scents and colors they have in stock, but they also offer customers the chance to craft their own candles with a little guidance. Crafting with Candle Making Mass Ave allows customers to express their creativity and make personalized candles that can fit the needs of any occasion. Along with being able to customize the scent and shade of wax, customers can choose decorative accessories such as glitters, beads, stars, and more that will add additional flair to each individual piece. Candle Making Mass Ave also offers guidance on candle-making techniques such as molding, wax infusion, cutting, blending different fragrances together, and more. The end result of all of this is an incredibly unique handmade candle that holds personal significance for its creator. Crafting with Candle Making Mass Ave brings peace into many homes by allowing customers to make one-of-a-kind items that truly reflect their style and personality!

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Different Candle Making Techniques at Mass Ave

At Candle Making Mass Ave, there is a variety of candle making techniques for individuals to explore. Some common methods include the pillar or standard candle style, container candles, and layered candles. For container candles, the traditional method involves pre-purchasing melted wax from a supplier and pouring it into commercial or handmade containers. Layered candles involve multiple colors being poured in stages to create an interesting pattern in the candle as it burns. Pillar and standard styles involve purchased or homemade candle molds with wax poured around a pre-made wick into shapes such as round or square forms. There are many variations that one can explore like adding dried herbs, essential oils, glitter, and other decorative elements before pouring the wax. In addition to more traditional techniques like dipping, beeswax sheets are becoming more popular and allow the user to form a variety of shapes commonly used in the making of balloons. There is something to learn for everyone at Candle Making Mass Ave!

Essential Tools and Supplies for Crafting Candles at Mass Ave

To craft candles at Mass Ave, you’ll need a few basic tools and supplies. Start off by investing in a good set of candle making supplies that includes an array of wicks, moulds and containers for your candle creations. You will also need wax, dyes, fragrances and other additives such as beeswax or coconut oil to personalize your candle-making experience. In addition to these basic items, you may want to invest in a double boiler or a wax melter/burner to melt down the wax before pouring it into the containers. If you want to make shaped candles, consider buying some clamshell molds or rollers for manipulating the melted wax into various shapes and sizes. Finally, don’t forget some essential safety equipment like heat resistant gloves, glasses and aprons! With the right tools in hand, you can now start crafting beautiful candles at Mass Ave!

Popular Candle Making Projects at Mass Ave

Candle making is a popular craft activity at Mass Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana. It allows visitors to learn the basics of candle-making and have fun creating pieces to take home with them. Popular projects include soy candles, masquerade lamps, and layered mason jars. By taking part in one of these classes people can gain an understanding of the materials and techniques used so that they can make their own creations at home. For soy candles, people can choose a mold or pour their selection into any glass jar or mug they have on hand. Masquerade lamps consist of two wicks laid across alternating layers of colored wax to create colorful decorations when lit. Layered mason jars are created by dripping melted wax of different colors into a Mason jar until they’re filled to the brim with a rainbow of hues. With these three popular projects, anyone can easily learn the basic principles behind candle making. These activities are both educational and entertaining and will hopefully inspire many to try more intricate designs with their newfound creativity!

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Ideas for Creating Unique Candles at Mass Ave

1. Try scented candles: Experiment with unique scent combinations such as lavender and lemon, rose and almond, or peppermint and bergamot.

2. Add dried flowers: Place a single flower or mix a variety of petals around the wick to create an eye-catching presentation.

3. Personalize with decorations: Attach ribbon or fabric, sprinkle glitter, or glue gemstones to your candle jar for that extra touch of personalization.

4. Color it up: Take advantage of Mass Ave’s wide selection of wax to craft vibrant and colorful candles with special dyes, or add multiple wicks for intricate designs.

5. Use molds for fun shapes: Fill food-safe silicone molds with your favorite scented wax mixture to create trendy geode candles, fantasy shapes, and more!

6. Make aromatherapy candles: Blend essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, and cedarwood together to alleviate stress (and make your home smell amazing!)

Where to Buy Wax and Supplies for Candle Making Mass Ave

Candle making Mass Ave provides the perfect destination for candle-making enthusiasts of all ages. Here you’ll find an incredible selection of waxes and supplies, perfect for creating your own unique candles at home. Choose from natural beeswax, paraffin wax and soy blend waxes in different colors so that you can create candles with mesmerizing designs and smells. You can also pick up essential supplies such as wick tabbing, molds, dyes, fragrance oils and additives to give your candles a professional touch. For inspiration and guidance, get tips from the friendly staff who are passionate about the art of candle making and will be more than happy to help you create your own masterpiece. Candle making Mass Ave is the perfect stop on any candle-making journey – start exploring now!


Candle Making on Mass Ave is something special. People from all around the city flock to this area to see what magic lies within the store front windows, and many find a unique candle-making experience that captures their imagination and brings delight to their home as they create delightful scents and beautiful crafts. From the knowledgeable staff to the wide selection of supplies, Candle Making on Mass Ave can truly be said to be magical. Whether it’s for a gift or just for oneself, making candles on Mass Ave will never fail to leave its mark. With numerous retailers offering different types of waxes, fragrances, wicks, molds, jars, and supplies; visitors are guaranteed a positive experience that will last forever. For those looking for a more lasting impression candle maker classes are also available in which you can learn how to make your own custom creations with practical hands-on instruction of expert mentors. Whatever your intent may be with candle-making on Mass Ave there’s no denying that it has become a popular attraction and is considered by some to be an enchanting way to relax or even start one’s own small business adventure with potential growth opportunities down the line. So if you’re feeling like crafting something new with an eventful twist then take a trip down Mass Ave today”you won’t regret it!

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