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Candle Making Mentor Ohio is a business that provides on-site and online classes to teach people the art of candle making. Whether you are looking to start your own business, perfect your craft, or learn something new, Candle Making Mentor Ohio levels up your skills in making beautiful, high quality candles.

One customer said “I have been wanting to learn how to make candles for some time now, but never had the opportunity to do so – until I found Candle Making Mentor Ohio! Their courses gave me all the tools and knowledge I needed to get started, and their staff was always so helpful in my journey.”

Topic Overview

Working with a candle making mentor can be an invaluable experience, providing a unique perspective on the craft. Professional industry knowledge and hands-on teaching of proper candle making and assembly procedures can yield long-term success for a novice in the art of candle making. A knowledgeable mentor helps to alleviate frustration and misinformation associated with traditional learning methods or independent studying.

For those new to the craft, working with a expert mentor provides an opportunity to ask questions and gain insights that are not available through online tutorials or even basic classes. Beyond guiding students through the simple steps of crafting their first candles, mentors provide more advanced guidance on more complex topics such as how to properly mix wax types and scents, how to select wicks, how to determine burn times, and more. Additionally, professional guidance from a candle making mentor offers insight around current trends in design and packaging that may otherwise be overlooked by beginners.

The benefits of having an experienced expert on hand is incomparable to any other method or source of learning about creating beautiful candles. While various instructional books or videos may provide basics for exploring techniques for working with all types of waxes or molds, there isn’t any substitute for one-on-one instruction from someone who has developed skills from years in the field. Learning through observation offers insight into tactics employed by successful creators that often take years of trial and error by an independent learner. Moreover, individualized attention brings added confidence when implementing complex strategies while helping ensure mistakes are quickly corrected along the way ” something amateur hobbyists likely will not be able to do when tinkering on their own due to lack of understanding what works most efficiently.

Establishing a Foundation

In order to produce high-quality, unique candles, it is imperative to develop specific skills in candle making. Candle makers must understand the fundamentals of basic candle design and creation. Furthermore, it is important for a candle maker to become proficient in both wax melting and molding techniques. Therefore, the following practical steps are recommended for those who wish to become experienced in making candlesticks from start to finish:

1. Gather materials: When starting out as a candle maker, one of the most important tools needed is wax. The type of wax used should be suitable for the desired outcome ” some which may be considered include beeswax, paraffin, soy or plant-based waxes. Additionally, molding equipment like a double boiler or crock pot should be utilized; other supplies such as wicks and fragrances will also be necessary.

2. Familiarize yourself with candle making processes: Studying different methods used in creating quality candles helps ensure that each candle burns efficiently and successfully without producing significant amounts of smoke upon burning. This can be done through text books or via online resources dedicated specifically to teaching proper technique such as blogs or guided video tutorials available on various popular sites like Youtube.

Candle Making is Easy and Fun

3. Establish a good safety protocol: To minimize risks associated with any form of flame work there are certain safety precautions which must be followed during candle making sessions; these include wearing protective eyewear, using heatproof gloves when dealing with hot waxes and using appropriate ventilation systems while working with fragrant oils which could trigger asthmatic reactions in some people.

4 Useful Resources For Candle Makers:
A) Textbooks ” Such as “Introduction To Candle Making” by Alice Oglethorpe
B) Blogs ” Such as “The Candle Maker’s Corner”
C) Online Tutorials ” Such as “Candles & Melting Wax Safely” tutorial by Nature’s Garden Inc Candles
D) Suppliers ” Such as Fragrance Oils LLC for all Things Fragrance Related


Candle Making Mentor Ohio offers a variety of supplies to get you started on your candle-making journey. Depending on what type of candle you would like to make, different types of wicks are suited to making various types of candles. For instance, if you would like to make votive candles, braided cotton and paper core wicks work best. Whereas, if you want to make container candles, use a flat or square braid or block wick for the best results. For an easy way to find out which type of wick is best for the desired candle making project, Candle Making Mentor Ohio provides a wick guide that lists all the recommended types of wicks for each project. Additionally, Candle Making Mentor Ohio offers helpful advice when selecting waxes and fragrance oils/dyes. From para-soy blends and traditional paraffin waxes to beeswax and palm waxes ” there’s a suitable blend for everyone! With fragrances ranging from floral and fruity scents to musky and smoky notes, Candle Making Mentor Ohio has everything necessary for exceptional aromatherapy and air freshening creations. Furthermore, the right kind of dye can bring out and enhance the beauty of your creations! Use liquid dyes in gel containers or powder pigments to add more color with ease ” while natural sources such as spices can provide just the right splash of subtlety needed.

Different Types of Candle Making

Container Candle:

The container candle is arguably one of the most popular types of candles. It is created inside an enclosed container, usually glass, and poured in layers to create a multi-dimensional look.

Step 1: Gather Supplies. You will need wax, a candle thermometer, pre-tabbed or pre-wicked containers, fragrances and dyes, as well as a double boiler or melting pot.

Step 2: Prep your Containers. Place labels on each container and prepare your wicks by tying them to wick bars for each container you’ll be using. Polyurethane glue can also help secure the wicks to the bars and bottom of the containers.

Step 3: Melt Wax & Add Scent/Color (if desired). Heat wax according to manufacturer’s instructions in a double boiler or melting pot for about 30 minutes until completely melted. Then add dye, fragrance oil and/or essential oils if desired. Stir until evenly blended.

Step 4: Pour Your Wax. Test pour a small amount of wax into another bowl to ensure proper consistency before pouring into your containers of choice. Allow adequate time between each layer you pour in order to get layering effects that turn out beautifully!

Step 5: Cool & Cure Wax. Let the candles cool overnight before removing from molds or containers with care! Allow 24 hours before burning so they are fully cured and offer optimal burn times during usage!


Air bubbles:

Air bubbles in candles can occur if the wax is melted too quickly or if it is poured while still too hot. To troubleshoot this issue try heating the wax in short bursts of time and at a low heat to prevent it from getting too hot. When pouring wax into the molds, use slow, even movements and be sure not to pour directly onto a cold surface as this will cause an instant drop in temperature, causing air pockets to form.

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Crystallization can sometimes occur when wax has been melted too quickly or has become over-saturated with additives like dye or fragrance oils. To avoid this issue when melting, ensure that the heat is low so that it does not reach its flashpoint before all the ingredients are properly blended together. Additionally, fragrances and other additives should be added gradually and stirred thoroughly until completely blended with your melted wax before pouring.

Color bleeding:
Dye bleeding occurs when there is an overlap between colors as a candle cools. This occurs because dyes have varying cooling points which can affect how they interact with each other during hardening of the wax. To avoid color bleed, mix your dyes thoroughly with the wax before you pour your candle molds and use only enough dye to achieve your desired hue so that it does not separate easily from the wax once cooled down. Additionally, you can use gel colors specifically formulated for candles instead of liquid dyes as these hold their pigmentation at higher temperatures more effectively than liquid dyes do.

Taking it Further

1. Experiment with different types of wax. Choosing alternative styles of wax, like soy, paraffin, or beeswax can provide exciting and unique looks to your candles that regular wax cannot give.

2. Incorporate color and scent. To create something completely off the wall, mix scents together or try adding a few drops of food coloring to add a vibrant pop of color to the candle.

3. Embellish with texture! Add ornamental layers to your candles by simply sprinkling petals, herbs, or glitter on them before they cool.

4. Create special effects with fire-resistant decorations. Secure seasonal objects onto your candle so they can be lit up when in use for extra visual stimulation.

5. Give them away as gifts or sale them at local shops/markets! Create custom designs for people as a thoughtful gift or visit local markets and offer creative selling points for consumers to take advantage of!


Customers who have used Candle Making Mentor Ohio have given some amazing reviews on their products. They praise the attention to detail, creativity and high-quality of their candles, citing them as a great way to give as a gift or for a special occasion. Others highlight the ease of working with Candle Making Mentor Ohio, stating that it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience to make their own candles despite their inexperience. Many customers remark how fun it is to experiment with new materials, colors and scents and to create unique, one-of-a-kind candles they’ll enjoy for years to come. Even experienced candle makers find value in the mentorship available to help refine their skills and broaden their horizons. From amateur craft makers to experienced business owners looking to expand into candle making, everyone can benefit from using Candle Making Mentor Ohio!

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