Ohio Candle Making


Ohio has a long and varied history of candle making, beginning with the American pioneers who colonized the region. Many of these early settlers were religious dissenters and farmers, who had to be resourceful in order to survive in their new homes. Making their own candles was one of the common practices they adopted to provide illumination during dark winter evenings. Soon, candle-making as an art form was embraced by many Ohioans. Today Ohio is home to some of the greatest candle makers in the world, and their works are available for purchase all across America.

From shopkeepers diligently crafting stock for sale at local markets to artisans creating pieces for display in galleries and boutiques, candle-making is alive and well in Ohio. For those looking to create custom candles from home or as a business venture, there are plenty of resources available throughout this great state”from small businesses offering supplies and services to seasonal classes teaching basic techniques for beginners. With just a few essential supplies, anyone can make beautiful and fragrant candles that will light up any occasion!

Historical Context

Ohio is steeped in candle-making traditions that span centuries. Originally, Native Americans created candles from bear fat and wood shaving to provide light. During the Revolutionary War, Ohioans dipped tallow candles to conserve beeswax, which was then being used to make ammunition.

These early candle traditions slowly gave way to industrialization with the rise of factories that made molded candles using steam as a power source. In the late 19th century, paraffin technology enabled larger-scale production creating cheap and efficient candles made from animalfat and wax scraps.

Today, modern Ohio candle makers create beautiful handcrafted scented candles using more complex mixture of paraffin waxes, natural essential oils and beeswax. Artisans draw on the state’s rich history of craftsmanship to produce items such as traditional taper candles with intricate designs or metal base lanterns filled with intricate patterns of colorful glass chips. Additionally, these artisans also reinterpret long-standing philosophies behind smelling good and hygienic use by offering various scents for mood enhancement such as lavender for relaxation or orange for an energy boost.

These skilled craftsmen continue a proud tradition of Ohio candle making that has been passed down through generations ” providing those who seek them out with beautifully crafted scented products made from natural ingredients and superior craftsmanship. Through archival photos or illustrations, we can gain further insight into this proud history ” offering us a visual reminder of how far we have come in both technique and design while still maintaining appreciation for the craftsmanship that started it all many years ago.

Popular Candles

Ohio candle making has become increasingly popular in recent years. From whimsical shapes and eye-catching colors to highly decorated designs, these candles are crafted with precision to captivate any onlooker.

There are many creative possibilities when it comes to candle design. For example, common designs include spiraling tealight holders that can be repurposed as centerpieces or decorative wall pieces, scented jar candles with intricate shapes and colors crafted into the exterior surface, and layered pillars with distinct colors for each layer.

Candle Making Supplies

Other popular designs include beeswax tapers for a rustic aesthetic that make for perfect dinner party decorations, stackable mugs down which a candle is pushed through the center of each mug for an intriguing effect that shows off the inner layers of colors from the various candles used, and hand-dipped jelly jar candles designed with complete originality in mind – from mix-and-match colors to intentionally placed embellishments around the exterior surface of the glass jar.

The individuality found in Ohio handcrafted candles make them incredibly enjoyable accent pieces for homes and festive occasions alike. With so much potential at your fingertips, consider giving Ohio candle making a try!

Important Locations

Ohio has had a long and colorful history of candle making, dating back hundreds of years. Focusing on this unique craft can be an informative experience for passionate hobbyists as well as those in the industry who may be looking for expert advice. By interviewing experienced candle makers with intimate knowledge about Ohio’s candle-making history, it is possible to gain valuable insights into the art that cannot be found elsewhere.

Some of the most renowned locals for Ohio’s candle making heritage include places such as Torch Wear Candles in Strongsville or Cloud & Divider Candle Studio in Oberlin. Both locations feature master candle makers with decades of experience and offer workshops that teach the fundamentals of working with wax while also providing other educational experiences. For those wishing to delve further into Ohio’s candle-making legacy, there are several notable historic sites throughout the state including Harrisons Candle Factory Museum in Warren and Columbus Candles in Mount Gilead which offer visitors a fascinating glimpse into the past through displays and artifacts from decades ago. These invaluable resources provide an opportunity to connect with experts and gain an understanding about how Ohio’s candle-making style has evolved over time.

Innovations and Techniques

Ohio candle makers have developed a number of innovative tools and techniques to help them craft the perfect candles. For instance, a common tool used by Ohio candle makers is a double boiler. This type of pot has two even sides, one side of which ranges in temperature while the other is kept cold. This enables the wax to reach the right consistency when being melted down for dipping and molding purposes. Additionally, many Ohio candle makers specialize in dipping candles, a technique in which hot wax is poured into a wooden container with several consecutive dips creating evenly distributed layers of color and texture. Finally, many Ohio candle makers utilize molds for pouring candles as this allows for an even shape to form once upside down after cooled both saving energy and time. Ultimately, these specialized tools and techniques enable Ohio candle makers to create quality handcrafted candles that can be enjoyed by customers near and far.

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Legacy of Candle Making

The candle making industry is an important part of Ohio’s history. The state has been known for its production of quality wax and paraffin candles since the early 1800s as more people moved to the area seeking opportunities in industry and agriculture. As a result, the candle industry in Ohio flourished and created many career opportunities for generations of candle makers in the region.

One such individual is Marc Sims, who had been working in the candle-making business his entire life before moving to Ohio over 50 years ago. While Marc was still learning the ropes of candle making, he was already passionate about creating each perfect piece with his own two hands. During his lifetime, Marc has seen every aspect of candle making from starting with raw materials to design, creation, wax coloring, scents, packaging and shipping. His work has been featured in multiple shows and craft fairs across Ohio and he continues to be a mainstay supplier for local businesses throughout the state even today. He credits his success to growing up learning how to make candles from some of the greatest artisans in Ohio at that time.

Ray Johnson is another example of someone whose life has been impacted by Ohios candles making industry. Ray began hand-making scented soy candles back in 2001 out of pure passion fueled by nights spent sharing stories around campfires with friends as a child. His unique photography skills have enabled him to incorporate beautiful images into every label he creates while spending countless hours perfecting his fragrances in order to give customers excellent home décor pieces they can enjoy all year long. Ray currently assists Candle Artisan Studios with their product development and continues working diligently each day inspiring other budding entrepreneurs with his knowledge and skillset acquired through years of experience within this trade.


Ohio’s candle making has had a considerable impact on the local economy and other aspects of Ohio culture. It has provided job opportunities to many, giving them a reliable source of income while providing quality products to the consumers. Additionally, as a result of this industry, countless small businesses have been established in the state, stimulating entrepreneurship and contributing to Ohio’s business sector. Furthermore, contemporary candle makers in the region are producing traditional hand-crafted and unique candles with unique fragrances, wicks, and waxes that contribute to an ever-expanding variety of different smells and ambiances. Finally, Ohio’s candle industry has also become an important part of Ohio’s cultural identity and heritage as locals have passed down their knowledge from one generation to another for centuries.

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