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Candle making has been a part of Ohio’s history for centuries. In Dayton, Ohio, candle making can be traced back to the 1800s when it was used primarily as a source of light. From a religious perspective, candles symbolize hope and light in difficult times and for many this tradition continues on today. Furthermore, candle making provides an avenue to relax, get creative and learn new skills. Whether you’re looking to make candles for fun or as a gift item, candle making classes are available in Dayton that cover the basics from choosing wax types to scenting your creations. With ample supplies and easy access to develop your skills, candle making is a great way to spend time with loved ones while creating something truly unique.

History of Candle Making in Dayton, Ohio

The tradition of candle making in Dayton, Ohio dates back to the early 1800s. The city was an important trade post for goods traveling along the Ohio River and settlers along the river helped to bring about an industrious spirit that allowed for small-scale candle makers to become a common sight within homes and businesses alike.

Back then, keeping a light source in one’s home was essential for any number of reasons, including cooking, reading and seeing during dark evenings when there was no electrical power or public lighting system nearby. To satisfy this need, many households used beeswax or tallow candles they had purchased from local markets or made themselves. Pottery merchants also sold simple molds used for making votive candles or other specialty items associated with worship activities or celebrations.

The practice of making these household staples evolved over time alongside advancements with paraffin wax chemistry and eventually led to methods that were both faster and less costly than handcrafting individual pieces. Several companies emerged within Dayton specifically catering to candle production as the industry began to expand drastically during the early 20th century. An influx of skilled craftsmen from Germany arrived in the area & set up numerous small workshops that produced everything from religious votives to decorative creations inside homes and churches across town. As demand took off so did production, leading many shops to specialize even further within a broader range of materials including natural waxes such as beeswax, soybean-based products and low melt-point paraffin blends popular today.

Today, candle makers located in Dayton produce a wide array of products for a wide range of clients ” ranging from bridal boutiques seeking custom scented wedding favors; commercial stores sourcing bulk waxes; church organizations needing ritual components; packaging companies who provide supplies needed by consumers everywhere; schools requiring special projects; businesses seeking advertising incentives; and many more! Dayton’s history with crafting some of the world’s most coveted candles continues to be seen through signature displays found at holiday shows throughout the Midwest while year-round boutiques keep the craft alive & thriving one batch at a time!

Experienced Candle Makers in Dayton, Ohio

Dayton is home to a thriving candle maker community, and much of their work can be found in local stores and online. Some of the most well-known candle makers in Dayton are Mystic Wicks Candle Co., Little Smile Company, and Atoka Manufacturing.

Mystic Wicks Candle Co. is known for its wide variety of aromatherapy candles made with natural wax and fragrances infused with lavender oils and other essential oils. The company takes pride in its handmade approach to creating candles, ensuring quality craftsmanship that’s perfect for those who appreciate an artisan touch. Little Smile Company offers soy wax candles crafted from flowers, plants, fruits, and spices that have been chosen to create pleasant smells. From orange-scented coconut oil cream scented candles to blueberry crumb cake soy wax creations, Little Smile creates special candles for every occasion. Atoka Manufacturing is a hand-poured candle maker crafting unique items like cobalt blue frosted glass luminaries filled with natural soy wax or layered coconut wax votives decorated with art deco prints all made locally in Dayton Ohio. For the eco-friendly consumer interested in soy wax products Atoka’s 100% vegan range is ideal as all ingredients are animal product free and sourced locally whenever possible.

Candle Making Course Dayton Ohio

Candle Making Classes in Dayton, Ohio

1. The Candle Making Academy – Located in Miamisburg, Ohio, the Candle Making Academy offers a variety of classes for all skill levels and preferences. You can choose from beginner classes that focus on learning safety tips, proper wax and fragrance use, basic design techniques and more. There are also advanced classes available like making your own molds or creating a scented center core candle.

2. Carroll’s Candle Supply – Located in Kettering, Ohio, Carroll’s Candle Supply has been providing Dayton residents with supplies for years. Their candle making classes cover topics like wicking waxes and additives for sinks and waves as well as scent embossing using various molds and embedding objects behind the wax.
ite – Are you working on a budget but still want to take a class? Then Creative Candles Etc is the perfect place for you! At Creative Candles Etc they offer online courses where you can learn all types of things such as how to make layer candles as well as basic design principles utilizing molds. Best of all you can watch their online videos when it is convenient for you anytime day or night!

Supplies Needed For Candle Making

For anyone interested in candle making, Dayton Ohio has a variety of supplies available for purchase. Basic supplies such as wicks, wax, coloring, fragrances, and containers can be purchased at local craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann Fabrics. Waxes can range from paraffin (best used for container candles), beeswax (natural alternative to paraffin with environmental benefits), soy wax (environmentally friendly alternative that burns slowly and evenly) to other hybrid waxes such as coconut/soy blend or palm/vegetable oil blend. Wicks come in various sizes and materials like cotton or paper, which should be paired with different types of waxes depending on desired results. Colorants are usually dyes and liquid pigments, while fragrances are either essential oils or fragrance oil blends that have been approved for use in candles (not all oil scents work). Finally, candle containers can range from glass dishes and jars to metal tins and ceramic mugs. All these items can typically be found online or at the above mentioned stores.

Popular Candle Making Techniques In Dayton, Ohio

Common candle-making techniques used by local candle makers in Dayton, Ohio generally involve crafting candles out of various waxes such as beeswax, paraffin and soy. Generally, two methods can be employed when making candles in Dayton ” dipping or pouring the melting wax into a molding form. Additionally, candle makers will often dye their candles using dyes or pigments specifically rated for use in candle making. Many local craftsmen also opt to add scents such as fragrances oils to produce unique combinations and aromas. Finally, wicks are then inserted into the wax mixture and allowed to cure for several days before being cut into desired shapes and sold.

Benefits of Candle Making

Candle making is an enjoyable craft that offers mental and physical health benefits. The creative process of candle-making encourages mindfulness and allows crafters to find joy in the simple pleasure of creating something new. Crafting also gives the feeling of accomplishment that can boost self-esteem and increase focus. Physically, this craft can provide a space for relaxation and reflection as well as encourage creativity and dexterity as one manipulates wax and colors in order to make unique candles.

Decoratively, candles are a great addition to any room in need of a warm glow or scent. With so many shapes, colors and scents available, there’s truly something for everyone who chooses to make their own candles in Dayton Ohio. Not only will you have a decorative accent piece created from your own hands, you’ll also have the added benefits of enjoying the aromatherapy or creating relaxing atmosphere with your beautiful creations!

Finally, making your own candles can be financially beneficial! In addition to saving money by avoiding store-bought options, many people actually go on to use their candle crafting skills as a source of income by selling their handmade goods at local farmers markets or through online shops, such as Etsy. Allowing yourself to explore this craft could open up possible paths that you might never have even dreamed possible!

Grow And Make Review Diy Candle Making

Tips For Successful Candle Making

1. Choose high-quality paraffin wax: Paraffin wax is the most popular choice by candle makers because of its clean burning characteristics and low soot formation. The higher quality paraffin wax typically burns longer, holds more fragrance and has a smoother finish.

2. Consider different wick types: Wicks are made from cotton or paper and come in different sizes based on the purpose they serve ” container candles, pillars, votives and tapers all require specific sized wicks for optimal performance. To properly select the right size wick, consider the type of wax you’re using as well as its melting point (MP).

3. Understand fragrance oil measurements: Fragrance oils are essential to providing a great scent to your candles. Don’t use too much or too little — always follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for measuring out your fragrance oils for the proper scent throw and performance when making candles in Dayton Ohio.

4. Take into account container materials: Containers used for candle making come in various materials such as glass, metal, ceramic and plastic materials like resin or acrylics ” each of these materials provides different levels of heat retention which will impact how quickly the candles burn through their wicks while they melt down the surface pool of wax during burning use in Dayton Ohio.

5. Measure temperature accurately: Temperature is crucial when making simple single-pour candles as it determines how quickly your liquid wax cools and sets following pouring ” if it doesn’t set correctly, your candles won’t hold their shape when lit, resulting in poor results in Dayton Ohio. Use a thermometer to measure temperatures precisely throughout the entire process, including when heating your wax to liquefy it before pouring, cooling it after pouring and curing between pours if creating layered designs with multiple colors .

6. Ensure adequate ventilation: Candle making requires extreme amounts of heat energy being released from hot wax mixtures ” not only does this create noticeable odors that linger around your work area, but can also create a fire hazard inside confined spaces such as kitchens or basements if components reach extremely high temperatures over prolonged usage periods in Dayton Ohio . Therefore , always ensure you have sufficient fan ventilation in place to safely release any excess heat created from candle making processes throughout operation time frames .

Creative Candle Making Ideas

1. Use mold-able wax such as beeswax to create unique figures and shapes before the wax sets (such as animals, geometric shapes, or abstract designs).

2. Make your own scented candles with essential oils and other natural fragrances.
3. Incorporate dried flowers into your candle tins for a rustic look.
4. Insulate a candle with colorful yarn and/or wool for a cozy, yet stylish touch.
5. Create pillar candles with custom designs by using various colors of wax in layers and textures.
6. Incorporate glitter, textured sticks and twigs into the design of the candle for an unusual display piece.
7. Create scented tealights in different shapes by using silicone molds – stars, hearts, etc..
8. Dip candles in warm colored wax for an ombré effect that stands out both on the shelf or lit up on your table setting for that special occasion night at home!


Candle making in Dayton, Ohio has a long history of being an important part of the community. Over the years, crafters have continued to show their passion and skills by creating unique and beautiful candles that reflect the local culture and history. The craftsmanship involved in candle making has been passed down from generations to generations, providing a timeless tradition for residents to enjoy and cherish. By supporting local businesses, customers can contribute to the preservation of Dayton’s craftsmanship and expertise in this field. It is evident that candle making is an integral part of Dayton’s rich cultural heritage and should be treasured for many years to come.

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