Thorne Candle Making

Introduction to Thorne Candle Making

Thorne Candle Making is an art and craft practice that has long been popular all over the world. It involves melting, shaping and dying wax to create beautiful candles that serve both decorative and functional purposes. Thorne offers a unique approach to candle making which emphasizes sustainability and environmental friendliness. All of their products are made with plant-based waxes such as soy, palm and coconut oil, which are renewable resources in contrast to paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum. Additionally, unlike many other commercial candles, Thorne’s contain no toxic or unnatural additives, producing less smoke when lit in comparison to their commercially made counterparts.

Not only does Thorne emphasize eco-friendly practices in their candle production but also sustainable processes all the way through their supply chain, working with suppliers who share their commitment to minimizing waste. They use locally sourced materials whenever possible, thereby reducing transportation costs while helping out local communities. Furthermore, they upcycle old materials like glass bottles from local breweries and distilleries into candle containers so nothing goes wasted! Their goal is for each product to eventually reach zero waste status before leaving their factory, further emphasizing the importance of sustainability at every level of production.

History of Thorne Candle Making

Thorne Candle Making is a craftsmanship and tradition that has been around for centuries. The earliest evidence of candle making can be traced back to Rome in the 5th century BC, although candles have likely been used since ancient times in various forms.

The oldest surviving record of Thorne Candle Making comes from a medieval manuscript from Avignon, France, which dates back to 1292. By this time, beeswax had become the preferred wax for candle making and this technique was used predominately until the introduction of paraffin in the 19th century.

Since then, Thorne Candle Making has become an art form requiring mastery of multiple skills and crafts: rolling the wax into a cylinder with wooden boards; dipping the rolled wax repeatedly in hot liquid; hand-decorating each candle with intricate details by means of carved molds; and pouring. It requires immense patience to develop proficiency as every step must be repeated thousands of times before gaining accuracy and design cohesion over lighter colors or styles with brushstrokes.

Today, Thorne Candle Making prides itself on upholding the traditional techniques while pushing boundaries through experimentation to their limits – creating ever more spectacular end results of lasting beauty.

Benefits of Thorne Candles

Thorne Candle Making is a craft and an art that has been popular for hundreds of years. Thorne candles are handmade from carefully-selected materials and are renowned for their beautiful designs, unique scents, and long-lasting quality. These candles offer many benefits for those who choose to light them in their homes.

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One benefit of Thorne Candles is their therapeutic effects. Whether you need a quick relaxation session or an uplifting escape from the stress of everyday life, lighting a Thorne candle can be a great way to relax both your mind and body. With its calming scents, burning these candles can provide some much-needed tranquility while they flicker away any worries you might have.

Another benefit of using Thorne candles is the positive impact they have on the environment. As opposed to traditional paraffin wax candles which release toxins when burned, Thorne Candles are made with 100% non-GMO vegetable wax and lead-free wicks. This means that when lit or blown out, no harmful chemicals or toxins will be released into air that you or others breathe in your home. Additionally, because the wax used becomes liquid at lower temperatures than paraffin does, less energy is consumed when melting it down for reuse – resulting in fewer carbon emissions!

Overall, Thorne Candles are an excellent choice when selecting candles for your home due to their many benefits. From aromatherapy to environmental protection, these aesthetically pleasing creations will bring beauty as well as peace to any space they occupy!

Popular Products from Thorne

Thorne Candle Making offers an extensive selection of high quality, hand crafted candles and wax melts. Their signature collection consists of dozens of fragrances ranging from the classic staples to more exotic scents. Customers can select the type of wax they would like their product to be made from, each with its own unique scent. Thorne also offers a range of specialty collections, exclusive to their site such as fall favorites, summer refreshers, and special occasion wonders. For those looking for something truly unique, custom label design is available on all products which adds an extra special touch to an already amazing product. Each candle is lovingly poured in small batches with care and skill in order to ensure a long burning and consistent experience for customers time and time again.

Crafting the Perfect Thorne Candle

Making the perfect Thorne candle requires a combination of different elements, including safety, selection of materials, and troubleshooting. The first step should be safety: ensure that all wicks are properly secured by trimming them to the proper length and making sure the wick is free-flowing so it can draw up melted wax. Check that the area you’re working in is clean and fireproof before beginning.

When selecting materials like wax, oils, fragrances, dyes, molds, wicks, and containers for your candles, consider their quality as well as compatibility with each other. For example, make sure you’re using the correct type of wax for the size of your candle. Scented oils and natural essential oils should be blended thoughtfully to create an inviting aroma when burned properly. Dyes should be used judiciously as too much can cause clogging in your wick or affect its burning characteristics (an unsightly black smoke). When choosing molds or containers for your candles, consider not only aesthetics but also how easy they will be to work with. Your local craft store is an excellent resource for these items.

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Finally, even with proper techniques and quality materials mistakes can happen when creating candles”which calls for troubleshooting skills! Focusing on the smell and burn times of a completed candle will help indicate if something went wrong along the way; if the scent isn’t strong enough or doesn’t last long enough there may have been too little oil added while making it. If a weak flame or smoke is produced while burning then there might have been an issue with inadequate securing of the wick during initial construction or use of improper dye amounts/types when coloring. Working with a partner while crafting Thorne candles is highly recommended to double check all steps taken during creation in order to get the perfect result!


Thorne Candle Making is a great way to get involved in both the art and crafting community. They have been a great source of joy for many, providing beautiful and unique candles for special occasions and everyday life. From tall tiered tapers to large pillars, each candle is made with care and attention to detail. The Thorne Candle Making team takes great pride in their work, offering custom-scents, colors, and shapes that are sure to please anyone’s taste.

For those interested in learning more about the process of making their own candles or just getting more involved with the craft, Thorne Candle Making offers classes and events on a regular basis. Through these events one can learn all aspects of candle making such as wick selection, proper melting techniques, colors/ scents/additives blending knowledge and safety measures. Additionally, they provide customers with supplies needed to make their own candle creations at home as well as many resources on how best to do so and various tips that can help make the experience far more rewarding.

In conclusion, Thorne Candle Making provides both experienced crafters and beginners alike an opportunity to explore the fascinating world of candle making. Whether you’re looking for something special for yourself or someone else, or just want to explore your creative side further – Thorne Candle Making has it all! To encourage readers to take advantage of what this wonderful company has on offer even further ” I am giving out a 10% discount code ” 10THORNE” when purchasing supplies or enrolling in any course/ event offered by Thorne Candle Making! So don’t hesitate ” seize this opportunity today!

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