Candle Making Molds Wholesale


Candle making molds wholesale are a great way for businesses to easily manufacture the candles they need for their products. Purchasing these kinds of molds provides companies with the ability to mass produce their own custom designs, in larger quantities and at reduced costs. This can save businesses time and money as well as reducing unwanted waste. With candle making molds wholesale, companies can create candles in any size or shape that fits their needs and aesthetic desires, giving them a lot more freedom over the appearance of their products. They also come in a variety of materials such as metal, silicone or rubber. All of which provide different features such as heat-resistance, or durability that can be beneficial depending on the usage that each individual business requires from its molds. Furthermore candle making offers many opportunities to be creative with your product designs, allowing you to truly make your products unique.

Benefits of Buying in Bulk

When considering buying candle making molds wholesale, there are a number of advantages to be gained compared to buying retail. Firstly, buying wholesale allows you to take advantage of bulk discounts and cost savings. This can prove extremely beneficial for cash-strapped businesses or buyers on a budget who can buy larger quantities at cheaper prices per mold than any retail outlet could ever offer. The larger amounts purchased also mean fewer orders placed, reducing delivery costs and making refurbishment easier.

Secondly, buying wholesale leads to easier access to a wider range. By going through wholesale suppliers rather than individual retail stores, the selection is far greater allowing buyers to source the exact type of molds they require. Furthermore, as competition increases between wholesalers, quality often improves; with more competitively priced products available due to higher volumes of production leading to cheaper costs and a better choice in product types and designs overall.

Finally, purchasing in large quantities ensures that owners have enough supply on hand when needed without fear of running out – reducing the hassle associated with restocking when unexpected demand exceeds supply. This gives owners added peace of mind when choosing specific candles for their needs as mistakes are less likely and customers receive regular access to different options in terms of style and design.

Material Types

Wax: wax molds are one of the most popular tools used in modern candle making. They are usually made out of paraffin and come in a range of shapes and sizes. The heat from the melted wax is transferable, which helps create intricate candle designs when combined with other materials. Wax molds may be re-used many times with proper maintenance, making it a cost-effective option for those looking for repetitive designs or quantities of candles.

Aluminum: Aluminum molds are extremely durable and suitable for large scale operations that require unique shapes or sizes. The aluminum material is highly resistant to warping or damage so there’s no need to worry about cracking or other air bubbles during the pouring process. Aluminum molds may also have small holes inside to allow excess air to escape without compromising the wax seal surrounding your candle statement piece.

Plastic: Plastic molds are lightweight and malleable, which provides great flexibility and customization options depending on what you want out of your candle design. With plastic, you can expect reasonable pricing while achieving shorter cooling times due to the thinness of the material. While some plastic molds may warp after continual use, they usually will keep their form as long as they are properly cared for during production.

Cement: Cement molds are easy to make yourself and provide a stylish look due to their strength and matte finish. Because cement has great fire resistance qualities (as well as being able to hold heat), it’s perfect for candles that need a longer burn time than usual ” especially outdoor candles made with citronella oil! Because this material is porous, however, you must take into consideration drying times before reselling any type of concrete-made candle product.

Silicone: Silicone materials have been gaining popularity recently due to its durability and versatility ” perfect for molding detailed items such as stars, snowflakes, animals or flowers! Since silicone is more expensive than other materials, wholesale prices may vary depending on size/quantity purchased; however higher quality brands can produce multiple batches at once while remaining affordable too! Silicone can also hold onto scents much better than other materials, making it an ideal option if candles need an extra oomph!


Gloss Finish: The glossy effect of a candle making mold is the most popular and widely used type of finish. It offers high aesthetic value and provides greater brightness when lit. However, gloss finished molds are more difficult to clean as they easily show smears and fingerprints; on top of that, they must be professional polished after every pour.

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Frosted Finish: Frosted candle making molds are great for giving candles a soft and subtle look. The frosting is easier to maintain since it does not reveal fingerprints, however it is also much less reflective than the gloss finish. Although this makes them ideal for suble appearances, the drawback here is that this kind of finish often doesn’t show off the beauty of asymmetrical designs as strongly as its glossy counterpart.

Matt Finish: Matt finishes provide exceptional detail along with a soft but deep color that evokes an antiquated feel. That being said, matt finished molds often require extra care during cleaning due to their porous surface that can easily retain grease and moisture. On top of that, the process for achieving a matt finish is considerably longer than with either frosted or glossy molds due to repeated micro-pouring techniques used to apply pigments onto the mold cavity itself in order to make small contours stand out.

Popular Shapes

Tealights: Tealights are small, cylindrical candles that are used in holders to provide soft light. They measure approximately 1.5 inches wide and 1.25 inches tall and typically contain between 10-12 grams of wax. Their wicks are generally centered in the mold so they burn evenly each time they’re lit. These molds are typically sold in boxes of twelve or more and make an economical choice for candle makers due to their smaller size. Tealights typically make a terrific compliment to larger candle designs, such as pillars or votives.

Narrow Pillars: Narrow pillar molds are usually rectangular in shape with slightly tapered sides for decoration. This type of mold requires a good pouring technique as some paraffin waxes need to be allowed time to cool before moving on to the next layer until the mold is filled completely full as well as nicely centering the wick into the center of the night before pouring. Pillar molds can be purchased singularly or in sets of two or three matching sizes allowing you to create stunning stacks of candles when grouped together. The narrow version of this type of mold generally holds between 8-14 ounces of wax making it a great size for gifts or larger decorative displays when used with color aesthetics and scent combinations.

Wide Pillars: This style candle is also rectangular but with an increased width compared to its narrow counterpart allowing up to 22 ounces of wax filling each one up 100%. Wides pillars were especially popular during days past with manufacturers making them rather large requiring specialized stands just for viewing! Due to their greater thickness these types tend to benefit from extended heat time after pouring, however stated curing times must be observed for both narrow and wide pillars alike when present in order to ensure a proper quality finish on each product post-inspection prior shipping out finished goods from successful batches too customers worldwide!

Votives: Votive molds come in various shapes from round tapers all the way down into traditional intricate offerings; overall carrying a slimmer volume compared against other options like pillars where each vessel will only take roughly 1/4 ounce per votive cavity on average making them perfect for gentle table lighting scenarios inside restaurants, bars etc plus ideal samples given out sample packs being loved among consumers looking specifically tailored scents upon these shorter burn cycles rather than larger periods associated with larger pillar sizes accordingly filling rooms faster through stronger fragrance profile rise.. These smaller sized items can much lighter weight materials allowing easy transportability when going places during holiday season specials vying shoppers attention while experiencing festive atmosphere within best way possible – naturally entertained atmospheres constructed using beautiful handcrafted smelling wares selling purposely at discounted rates just ahead every Yuletide season year ending back ‘Round January once again where retailers start anew thinking forward plan strategies involving earning better returns following same success gains achieved previous 12 months since inception..

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Picking the Right Moulds for You

When it comes to choosing the best moulds for your candle-making business, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, you need to carefully consider the long-term value of the moulds you choose. Investing in high-quality moulds will not only result in better-looking candles, but they’ll also last longer. So, be sure to invest in quality molds that will stand the test of time and make your candles look great.

In addition to considering quality, it is also important to think about space constraints when selecting molds. This is especially true if you are operating from a limited amount of workspace or have storage limitations as many of these supplies can take up a lot of room. So be sure to select molds that fit into the dimensions of your workspace or warehouse before committing.

Finally, make sure that you select molds which are easy to use and work with comfortably. Inexperienced candle makers may need more user friendly and simpler designs while proficient crafters may require more intricate shapes and styles. With so many types of candle making molds available on the wholesale market, there should be plenty of options available regardless of your skill level – just keep comfort and ease in mind when shopping around!

Finding a Reliable Wholesaler

Researching candle making molds wholesale providers is a great way to find the best options for your business needs. Start by comparing the features of different solutions, looking at customer reviews and recommendations from other businesses. A good provider should have a variety of ready-made and customizable molds that cater to all levels of candle craftsmanship. The customer should be able to find complete mold kits along with individual parts for constructing unique projects. A reliable supplier will provide detailed information about each product line, including measurements, available colors and other technical details. Additionally, a quality provider should be able to accommodate orders quickly, giving you or your customers access to what you need as soon as possible.

When researching wholesale providers, it’s important to take into consideration their reliability and credibility in the marketplace. Positive customer reviews are a good indicator that others have had successful experiences dealing with them in the past. Additionally, word-of-mouth referrals can provide insight into the level of service provided by specific wholesalers. You may also benefit from consulting industry publications for information about reputable vendors in your area or that specialize in candle mold crafting supplies. Finally, investigate different warranty levels and return policies before committing to an agreement with any potential business partner. Finding a reliable wholesale supplier with favorable terms is essential to ensuring you get top quality products when dealing with intricate and specialized materials like candles molds and wicks.


Buying candle making moulds wholesale can have numerous benefits such as increased savings, higher quantity orders and cost efficiency. Purchasers of candle making molds often experience an increase in profits due to more affordable materials. By remaining aware of market trends and the variety of options available, buyers are better positioned to make advantageous choices when it comes to purchasing these supplies. It is important to compare prices between online outlets and consult with manufacturers on their costs in order to ensure a competitive rate when buying in bulk. Additionally, creating an effective base stock policy can be beneficial for stocking what has been purchased and needed on a regular basis for maximum cost-efficiency benefits. With careful consideration, purchasers can take full advantage of the additional savings made by purchasing candle making molds wholesale.

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