Candle Making Moulds In Chennai


Candle making is an art that has been practiced since ancient times. In Chennai, there are several types of candle making moulds available at local hobby and supply stores. These molds come in various shapes and sizes, from traditional round shapes to modern ones with intricate designs or unusual shapes. They can range from affordable DIY molds to high quality professional-grade materials.

The main purpose of a candle making mold is to give the molten wax a shape as it cools. This makes sure that the final product looks exactly the way you want it ” whether round, square or something more decorative. The shape helps determine the character of your candles and so does the type and colour of wax used in its construction. Waxes vary in terms of hardness, brittleness, melting point and other qualities ” all of which contribute to the overall look and performance.

Apart from practical uses, candle making molds have plenty of decorative applications as well. From ornate sculptural displays in lobbies and living rooms to contemporary designs fitting any modern décor, these molds let you express your creativity without investing too much time or energy. Candles with intricate 3D designs can easily be created by using multiple molds stacked together; this further extends their possibilities even beyond everyday decorations into artworks! Moreover, they are also incredibly durable compared to normal foil or plastic alternatives; so if you’re looking for something more permanent ” a set of quality traditional candle moulds is definitely worth considering!

History of Candle Making in Chennai

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu has a long history of candle making. This tradition dates back to the reign of the Nawabs in India when numerous artisans began making candles for lighting homes and churches. Over the years, candle-making facilities have been set up at various shrines and temples in Chennai, as well as many small businesses that specialize in making elaborate decorative candles that are used for religious ceremonies, festivals and weddings.

The different types of candle makers across Chennai range from traditionalists who specialize in crafting quality handmade designs to smaller stores who mass produce more affordable versions using labelled moulds. Many of these artisans take pride in their specialty and create strikingly unique pieces with intricate filigree patterns or edging made using wax presses resembling crochet hooks or wooden moulders that shape molten wax into various sizes and shapes. While all the ingredients and processes remain virtually unchanged over time, the variety they offer is quite vast ranging from classic frost-finish varieties to modern art-candles hand-painted with unique 3D characters or floral motifs.

Apart from this, Chennai is known to also boast stories of several inspirational craftsmen and women blazing trails as pioneers in the field. One such amazing story comes from Jayalakshmi Menon, an informal sector entrepreneur who was instrumental in reviving the production of traditional handcrafted candles by going door to door around villages with her makeshift moulds which earned her recognition from the Government of India along with certification under National Geographic Artisan & Craft Initiative (NCAI). In addition to this we also have Mrs Kasturi Nair’s iconic candle shop ‘Maxim’ located near Egmore station offering homemade perfumed candles crafted according to customer requirement as part of her wholesome business for over five decades now!

Popular Types of Candle Making Molds

Candle making in Chennai has different types of molds, ranging from basic to speciality molds. The most popular type of candle making mold is the metal block mold. This type of mold is made from aluminum or steel and forms the candles’ main cylinder shape. Wax or plastic liners are inserted into the metal block molded candles before the wax is poured in. These molded candles can be used for either votive, taper, tealight, pillar, or ball-shaped candles. The advantage of using a metal block mold is that it produces detailed and intricate designs due to its construction.

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Another popular type of candle making mold is the silicone one. These silicone molds are commonly available in Chennai as they provide clean and non-stick surfaces to easily form perfectly round, hollow speckled designs that work beautifully for votive, pillar and tea-light candles. The flexibility of silicone molds also allow for more complicated shapes when combined with tubes or formers which gives more complexity to your design process.

The third major type of candle making mold is a container category that comes in various sizes and shapes including glass jars, tin cans or ceramic containers which can hold waxes like soy, paraffin or beeswax with added scents and dyes. Using a container allows you to create unique assorted patterns as well as larger pillars by pouring several layers at once giving wonderful scent releases when lit up! Furthermore the excess wax can be recycled into other projects such as balms and lotions providing further value for your investment!

Benefits of Candle Making Molds

Candle making molds are an ideal way to create candles of any desired shape and size. They allow the user greater control over the design and look of the candle than would be possible with a simple wick and wax method. With molds, intricate designs such as flower petals, knots, stars, and even text can be re-created upon the candle’s surface.

The use of these molds is also beneficial in that it significantly reduces the preparation time for making candles as well. When compared to manual carving or hand-shaping methods, using a mold eliminates extensive sculpting which can require more skill and time. This is especially helpful if many of the same kind of candle are going to be made. Set up cost is often much lower with molds too.

Additionally, some materials used in production can be difficult or near impossible to work with by hand due to their temperature sensitivity. Waxes or resins with high melting points such as paraffin or polyethylene may require specific temperatures in order to soften and take on shapes easily. By using molds designed to fit these kinds of materials, novice hobbyists can produce professional looking products quickly and inexpensively. The investment into these reusable molds means that whenever a new shape or design occurs you have all the necessary supplies at your disposal already!

Where to Buy Candle Making Molds

The best place to buy candle making molds in Chennai would be at local crafting stores or hobby shops. These stores would have a variety of mold shapes and sizes available, as well as the materials needed to make the candles. The staff would also be knowledgeable on the different types of wax that is most suitable for candle making, as well as other helpful tips to ensure your project is successful. For larger orders, ordering online may also be an option as many stores offer special discounts for bulk orders.

Aside from stores specializing in crafting supplies, there are also websites that specialize in selling candle making molds which offer reviews and ratings from customers who have purchased the same product. By reading some of these reviews, you can find out more about the quality of particular models and brands before purchasing. It’s important to do research on any product you buy online to make sure it’s made with good materials and will last through a lot of uses over time.

A third option could include searching flea markets or marketplace sites like eBay where you might come across used or vintage molds that could work just as well. Be careful when buying secondhand items though; always inspect them first or read other customer feedback and comments that they might provide with their listing so you know what condition they are in beforehand.

How to Make Candles Using Molds

There are many different types of candle-making moulds available in Chennai, India. The most popular type is the one-piece mould, which comes with tops and bottoms that can be easily connected and disconnected to create multi-level shapes such as tapers, pillars or votives. These moulds can be used for making candles of any shape or size with a range of materials, including waxes, paraffin, and soy wax.

Candle Making How To Keep The Wick Straight

Once you have chosen the mould that best suits your needs, it’s time to get started on your project! First prepare the supplies: a heat source such as a double boiler, thermometer, melting pot, wax pot (if needed), wick tabs (recommended for votive and pillar candles), wick centering device or clips (optional but helpful), wick sustainer tab (required if using wooden wicks) and fragrance/colourant is desired). Before pouring the wax into the molds ensure they are clean and dry; otherwise they may not release properly once the candle has hardened.

Next measure out the correct proportions of wax according to the instructions given. Most recipes use a 1:8 ratio ” one part pigment/colourant to eight parts wax by weight. This will give you a strong candle colour while still allowing enough wax to properly fill up the mold and harden appropriately. Make sure all ingredients are at roughly the same temperature before mixing them together; this ensures an even distribution of colour throughout your candle(s).

Once everything is measured out then you need to melt down your specified ingredients over low heat. Be patient because it can take some time! Once melted, pour slowly into each mold until it reaches approximately 1/8” from the top. Then let cool completely before attempting to remove from molds. Depending on what type (taper vs. votive vs. pillar) of candle you’re making this could take anywhere from 30 minutes – 3 hours for ideal results.

Finally finish off your candle by trimming away excess wick or adding ribbon embellishments if desired and enjoy! Now that you know how to make candles using molds in Chennai you can create beautiful & unique pieces anytime you like!

Design Ideas for Candle Making Molds

Painting: When it comes to painting on your candle molds, there are endless possibilities! Paint a bright and eye-catching design with bold colors, use stencils to create intricate patterns, or simply paint the inside of the mold for a more muted and subtle look.

Embossing: Embossing is another great way to add detail and texture to your molds. Get creative etching shapes into the surface for unique candle art.

Laser Cutting: Laser cutting allows you to create intricate designs in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. This method is perfect for those looking to keep their designs simplistic while still achieving beautiful results.

Using Different Waxes: If you’re looking for something a bit different than just your typical paraffin wax, there is actually quite a selection of waxes available that can be used to make candles. Some popular choices include beeswax, soy wax, coconut wax, palm wax, and others. Each has its own distinct melting point and color that can help you customize the end product.


Candle making molds are an essential tool for any aspiring candle maker. Not only do they provide a cost effective and easy way to create unique candles, but they also offer a wide variety of creative design options. With the right molds, you can create anything from simple votives to intricately designed pillar candles. In Chennai alone, there is a vibrant candle making industry with both commercial and small scale operations taking advantage of the different mold types available. In conclusion, using candlemaking molds gives the average person the opportunity to design their own candles without spending too much money or needing any specialized tools – all you need is imagination and quality molds!

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