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Introduction to Candle Making in Nashville, TN

Candle making is an ancient craft with a long history in the Nashville, TN area. People used to use crude candles made of animal fat or beeswax to provide illumination and warmth. Today, candles are made with all kinds of natural waxes and man-made materials providing safe, pleasant lighting and aromas.

When learning how to make candles in Nashville, TN, there are several popular methods including hand dipping, molding, rolling and squeezing. Often a mixture of waxes is used such as paraffin, soy or one other more specialized type of wax. The most important part when making the candle is choosing the wick and size required for the specific method being used. Once the wick has been selected, melted wax is either carefully poured into molds or hand dipped multiple times into a pot of hot liquid wax with a base for stability. The dipped or molded candles usually need some adjustments like trimming the wicking before they can be used. Other decorations such as colored dye can also be added as desired along with various fragrances.

Candles offer many benefits including creating atmosphere in any room with their light and scent while also promoting stress reduction by having a calming effect on the body. Making your own candles can even give you insight into the inner workings of chemistry and physics while expressing your creative side! There are endless options when it comes to designing a unique candle; whether it’s colorful or plain, fragranced or not – there’s sure to be something enjoyable for everyone!

Steps to Creating Your Own Candles

Necessary Tools and Supplies for Candle Making in Nashville, TN

A candle-making kit that includes wax, wicks, fragrances or essential oils, thermometers, molds or containers, and a double boiler. You may also want to purchase lamp oil if you intend to make oil lamps or torches.

Techniques for Making Different Types of Candles:

When it comes to making different types of candles you can choose from tapers, pillars, votives, tealights, container candles, figural candles and wax melts. Knowing which techniques are best suited for the type of candle you will be making is key in producing quality results. You can use various techniques such as dipping (taper), layering (building up your pillar) , molding (container) and melting (wax melts)

Scent & Color Variations:
Candles can hold a variety of scents from floral notes to musky base notes ” an excellent way to create your own signature blend. Along with scent profiles ” adding color gives a wide range of options for either monochromatic looks or striking rainbow combinations ” allowing for even more creativity.

Safety Tips:
Before beginning any candle-making project always review safety concerns such as staying organized with your supplies and workspace, not leaving unattended melting pots on heat sources, watching out open flames when burning candles and never leaving a lighted candle unattended. Also be sure all children present in the area follow some basic safety rules when dealing with still hot materials or flame sources.

Candle Making Classes and Workshops in Nashville, TN

In Nashville, TN, there are a variety of options for those interested in learning the art of candle making. From local artisan classes to hands-on workshops, you can find a class to suit your interests and budget. Classes and workshops range from beginner lessons for those who want to learn the basics, to more comprehensive courses that focus on advanced techniques and allow students to explore their creativity in candle design. Many of these classes also offer supplies or kits so you don’t have to worry about purchasing everything you need before attending.

How Do You Stop Dipping In Candles?

Instructors in Nashville specialize in different aspects of candle making such as aromatherapy candle practice, crafting unique creations with embedded images, sculpting candles into creative shapes, developing ways to make natural wicks, plus special effects like layering colors or drips. Students come away from the experience with glimpses into the various processes and techniques used in creating candles; all while having fun doing it!

Workshops typically last anywhere from two hours up to several days depending on what you’re looking for. Basic tuition costs generally start around $30 per person but may vary depending on class length and added materials. For further details on what courses are available near Nashville TN please contact participating instructors for updates or ask questions about specific classes when signing up – often times the course website can provide additional information as well.

Where to Shop for Candle Making Supplies

Local Shops: Nashville, TN is home to numerous shops that carry all the necessary supplies for candle making. The Antique Candle Company and Candle Makers Supply are two of the best shops in the city. The Antique Candle Company specializes in vintage-style candles and offers a wide variety of scented candles, waxes, and containers, while Candle Makers Supply carries a selection of essential oils, wicks, dyes, and other items specifically designed for candle crafting. Both stores also offer helpful classes, workshops, and private tutorials on candle making.

Online Resources: There are multiple websites providing helpful resources for those interested in learning about or purchasing supplies for candle making. Wicks & Wax offers tutorials, advice blogging from experts in the field, lists of national stockists of wax and kits, as well as information on online shops that sell specialty items like fragrance oils and custom molds. Wholesale Candles is an online shop dedicated to selling bulk quantities of all kinds of products needed for candle making projects ” from beeswax blends to containers like glass jars and tins to powders for coloration.

Essential Supplies: To make a quality candle at home requires certain supplies such as wax (paraffin or natural), wicks (often cotton or wood), pourable container (glass or metal tin), fragrance/essential oil additive(s), fragrances with flashpoints over 110°F so they can be added to melted wax without harming it, dye powder or liquid (optional) to add coloration if desired, double boiler or similar set-up along with suitable heat source (a stovetop works fine). A beginner could get creative with easily accessible ingredients such as vegetable oils like coconut to make their own unique blend using a double boiler.

DIY Ideas to Enhance Your Work

If you want to make your handmade candles even more special, there are some creative ways to decorate and display them in a unique way.

– Arrange your candles on a decorative platter or plate for a stunning visual effect. You could even use different sizes and shapes of plates to offer a unique look.

– Hang multiple candles from strings or ribbons for an eye-catching mobile.

– Mark the lines between each candle with string, wire, twine, or lace for easy separation and dynamic contrast.

– Create texture by embossing logos into the wax with rubber stamps.

– Stack various shapes of candles together to make interesting structures that can be used as centerpieces or party decorations.

Candle Making Supplies Maryland

– Twist colorful yarn around each candle of the same color group for a cool ombré effect that makes your candles look fashionable and contemporary.

– Incorporate natural elements such as leaves, pine cones, and wood slices into the display of the candles to bring an organic feel.

– Place votive and tea lights in wall sconces or cupcake holders for an elegant nightlight, perfect for accentuating any home décor

Recipes to Make Specialty Candles

Candle making in Nashville, Tennessee is an enjoyable and creative activity. To create specialty candles, you will need wax, wicks, molds, additives and tools. Begin by melting the wax over a double boiler. After the wax has melted completely you can then decide what type of scent to add in. The more drops of essential oil you use, the stronger the scent will be. Add any color dyes or sparkles to give your candles a unique look. Depending on if you are wanting an aromatic candle or a visual one this is where you mostly change it up and make it completely your own!

Next, take the wick and secure it to the bottom of a mold using a wick holder or stickum as its base for easy removal once cooled down. Pour some wax into the mold and around the edges; then move onto threading your wick through a metal support long enough for use with larger molds seen with pillars etc. Make sure this support is adjustable so that when pouring subsequent layers are leveled later on.

If your desire is to layer different colors and scents try something called “rolling” which will produce stripes when additional layers are poured slowly against the edge of an existing layer slowly rolling around in circles; this technique requires patience as timing is key here! Once finished let it sit until completely cool and hardened approximately 8 hrs-24 hrs before removing from mold/container; after being removed gently peel away remnants of holddown like used before while inserting wick to avoid damage. Your distinctive candle masterpiece should now be ready for display!


Candle making can be an incredibly rewarding and unique experience in Nashville. By taking the time to create something special with your own two hands, you can stoke your creative energies and find a new enthusiasm for expressing yourself. As such a popular craft, there are plenty of resources available in Nashville to help you start creating candles that you love and makes a statement about who you are ” whether it is through the colors and fragrances used in the candles or by constructing or decorating various specialized designs! The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to just explore what candle-making has to offer. Beyond providing an outlet for creativity and expression, candle making is also an opportunity to give out special home-made gifts perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s Birthdays, Christmas, or housewarmings, homemade candles will make any gift extra special as each one is personal and comes from the heart! Therefore, no matter its purpose; candle making offers everyone in Nashville great opportunities to both express themselves freely while connecting with others around them!

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