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The art of candle making in Columbus, Ohio has a long history. Dating back to the early nineteenth century, German and other European settlers would make candles from beeswax and tallow and sell them to neighboring communities. Later, naturally harvested Michigan bayberry wax became more widely available, adding a subtle and sweet scent to the finished product. From candle holders made of sandstone or brick, to difficult-to-make chandeliers made with dozens of individual beeswax candles, hand crafted Columbus candles were appreciated far and wide.

In the mid twentieth century, production of wax shifted away from natural ingredients like beeswax to less expensive paraffin. As time passed, new technologies emerged which allowed factories to mass produce and shape candles into many sizes and varieties that once could only be dreamt about by previous generations. Despite advancements in technology however, there is still something special about a handmade candle made with natural ingredients that can only be achieved by traditional methods; an art form that was first pioneered byColumbus candle makers centuries ago. Today modern day Columbus candle makers are able to create unique, inviting products for customers in their stores located all over Ohio.


The Candle Making Place in Columbus, Ohio is one of the best places to visit for a unique and fun experience. Whether you’re looking for a great family outing or just want to create a special gift, this place can offer something for everyone!

When you arrive at The Candle Making Place in Columbus Ohio, you will be greeted with a warm, friendly atmosphere and plenty of local knowledge. The friendly staff will provide you with all the supplies and instruction needed to make your own candle. You have the choice of more than 100 professionally-blended scents that can be used to customize your own creation. Visitors also have the chance to explore their color options by mixing and matching dye chips. After creating your perfect scented candle, it will be poured into a ready-to-gift container that is customized with your name or message. For those who want something even more unique, they can participate in special classes on seasonal crafts and techniques that are offered throughout the year! The Candle Making Place also offers an impressive selection of candles and gifts made by local artisans. It’s the perfect place to find that one-of-a-kind item for any occasion or recipient!


Joining this Candle Making Place in Columbus, Ohio can be very beneficial. Firstly, there are great educational opportunities in the form of classes and seminars which will help members develop their skills in the art of candle making. Learning the basics and more complex techniques can help those interested become proficient with creating unique quality products. Secondly, this Candle Making Place offers socializing opportunities where members can meet other like-minded individuals who share a passion for candle making. Finally, members gain access to a wide variety of supplies including waxes, scents, containers and molds which can be used to create beautiful candles that can be enjoyed as gifts or as decorative pieces.


The candle making place in Columbus, Ohio is staffed with knowledgeable and experienced instructors. The current instructors are:

-Katherine Keane has been a lead instructor at the candle making place since it opened in 2013. She has fifteen years of experience as a professional chandlery, including nine years teaching and mentoring people in the art of candle making.

-Jake Riggwid has been a visiting instructor for six months now and is bringing a wealth of knowledge about the science of candle making to his classes. Jake holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Ohio and previously owned his own exclusive line of high-end candles.

-Cody Vroman has been an instructor for two years, having taught both novice and more advanced classes for beginners and enthusiasts alike. He’s gained significant experience over that time, by working closely under Katherine Keane before she retired recently this year. Cody is also certified in fragrance design and aromatherapy through Aromatic Fragrances Incorporated (AFI).

Soy Or Beeswax For Candle Making

Previous instructors include Audrey Morgan who taught with us until April 2014 when she began her own business full time crafting specialty wax products along with custom scents. Lastly, Debbie Reynolds was with us until December 2012 when she moved on to pursue her passion as a freelance chandlery consultant.


At the Candle Making Place in Columbus Ohio, you can learn all there is to know about the art and science of candle making. The course offerings are designed to give students a comprehensive look at the entire process, from selecting fragrances and waxes, to coloring and scenting candles. Everything you need to know to get started as a candle maker is covered in these courses.

The Candle Making Place offers two levels of courses. The introductory level is open for anyone seeking a basic understanding of the craft, while the advanced level offers more advanced techniques like wicking of container candles, using molds, embedding objects into your candle, working with pillar waxes, building special effect shapes and much more. Each class covers topics such as choosing materials and supplies, safety tips and instructions on basic construction processes. The classes are limited to six participants per session so that each student receives adequate guidance during their hands-on experience.

In addition to the in-depth course offerings, those interested in gaining even more knowledge can take one of several workshops offered throughout the year. These workshops teach some of the trade’s trickier aspects such as creating textured designs or adding special effects to candles that flicker or swirl with color. Participants leave equipped with new skills for both gathering ideas for future projects and executing them successfully.


Candle making classes at the Candle Making Place in Columbus Ohio have been receiving positive reviews from previous students. Those who have taken a class or two say they were intuitive, informative, and fun. The staff were helpful and knowledgeable, helping even the slowest learner pick up tips and tricks for different candle-making techniques. They provided answers to any questions that arose throughout the course, so everyone felt comfortable with their projects. Many students said they had improved upon their candle-making skills after the course was finished and had gained valuable insights into the art form. In addition, students appreciated the amount of creativity they were allowed to express when creating their own unique candles.

Sign-Up Process

1. Start by visiting our website to get registered for a candle making class.

2. Choose the specific class that you would like to attend, sign up for the date and time of your choice, and enter any applicable dates or discounts that may apply.

3. You will then be asked to provide contact information such as your name, address, phone number, email address, etc.. We will not share this information with any other organization.

4. Next we’ll need payment information in order to secure your spot in the class. We accept all major forms of payment including credit cards, debit cards and even cash payments if necessary.

5. Once your spot is secure you will receive an immediate confirmation email letting you know exactly which class you have signed up for and a reminder concerning the start date of the class.

6. On the day of your class arrive at least 15 minutes prior to check-in so that we can guarantee your spot in the candle making lesson. We recommend that you also bring along water bottle so that you can stay hydrated throughout the session!

7. At this point you are ready to make some amazing candles! Our experienced staff will walk you through all of the steps necessary for creating beautiful pieces with your newfound skills!


1. Choose the right wax: The first essential tip for successful candle making is to choose the right wax. Soy wax and paraffin wax are two popular options that can be found at most craft stores in Columbus, Ohio. Consider what scent, color, temperature tolerance, and burning time you want before selecting a wax.

Basic Candle Making Book

2. Prepare your work environment & supplies: A clean workspace and all of the necessary materials and tools will help ensure success when starting your project ” things like wicks, molds, containers, melting pot/container, thermometer, fragrance oils or essential oils are must-haves. Make sure you also have protection from heat (e.g., oven mitts) and eye protection like safety glasses or goggles when working with hot materials.

3. Follow step-by-step instructions: There are many tutorials online for making candles ” each having its own unique set of instructions ” which can make it easier to learn how to make beautiful creations in no time! Read through the tutorial so you’re familiar with the steps before starting your project to save yourself time and ensure success.

4. Practice proper safety: Safety should always come first when crafting candles as they involve hot liquid wax as well as other flammable materials like wicks and wooden sticks. Ensure that good ventilation is available by having fans circulating air around your workspace area; try not to wear synthetic fabrics like fleece around hot objects; always wear protective clothing (long sleeved shirt/pants); extinguish all flames before leaving the room; never leave heat sources such as pots unattended; avoid overfilling containers; keep away from any open flames/oils/combustible items; never use flammable liquids near open flame sources; never leave lit candles unattended for long periods of time..

5. Have fun!: Candle making should be an exciting experience for those interested in transforming their creative ideas into gorgeous pieces of art! Enjoy exploring the many different types of art that can be created with candles ” from soothing scents to vibrant colors ” take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to get lost in your creative talents!


Q1: Does your candle-making facility offer beginner-level classes?

A1: Yes, the candle-making facility in Columbus Ohio does offer beginner-level classes. These include lessons on wax types and melting processes, working with different wick sizes, hand pouring basics and other tools required for making candles. We also discuss scenting tips to create unique fragrances. All our classes are tailored to help the student understand the process of making candles easily.

Q2: What type of materials do you provide during your classes?

A2: During our classes, we provide all necessary materials including wax, wicks, fragrance oils, candle containers as well as other tools that are needed for candle making. Additionally, we also provide instruction books and posters to ensure easy learning for all participants.

Q3: Are your classes suitable for kindle makers of all ages?
A3: Yes! At our facility we believe age is not an obstruction when it comes to having fun and learning new things. Thus, we welcome kindle makers of all ages into our classroom with open arms!


The candle making place in Columbus Ohio is a wonderful, vibrant spot for those looking to express their creativity through candle making. It offers a wide range of different supplies and scents to mix-and-match from when creating any number of unique custom candles. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, a helpful resource for anyone starting out or needing more advanced advice. Furthermore, the shop offers classes for individuals on all levels of experience; whether you are just beginning or more experienced in making your own creations! Overall, this place is an excellent spot in Columbus Ohio for any candle enthusiast and is definitely worth a visit!

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